Until Death

To See You Again

Sesshoumaru had a very solid memory of his mother. Her hair had been coal black and her eyes had been as blue as the night itself. She had spent her whole life being groomed to become the mate of his late father- just as much as his father had been schooled in how to rule her lands. His mother and father had loved one another as much as two arranged to marry at birth could be. They lived in harmony, though each had rooms they frequented, and had little In common with one another. It was not largely known that the kingdom Sesshoumaru now ran was once the territory of his mother. His father had been the one to take complete control of it after her death; his mother's family had gifted it as a dowry, fully knowing that their daughter, as a woman, would be unable to control the land herself.

It was Sesshoumaru who had found her by the lake right outside the walls of the castle that day. The scent of bandits filled the air and coated her beaten body. Her white and pink layered kimono splattered beyond repair with the blood of her body, he could still remember clearly the pain in her eyes…it stood out even more than the tears. It had been the only time his mother had cried or at least the only time he had seen her do so.

"My boy, my sweet, sweet child." Were the only words that left her lips.

Sesshoumaru had been twelve at the time, still a child by any means, and he couldn't tear his eyes away as he watched his mother fight for breath, a shaky, bloody hand gently placed upon his cheek. Then she was gone. His father had been visiting a neighboring village. Sesshoumaru had sat there, unable to pry his heated body from her own rapidly cooling one. She was gone and he was alone.

It hadn't been long before his father found his way back to the castle and pulled Sesshoumaru from the corpse. He hadn't said a word as he carried him back. There had been a very brief period for grieving the loss of the Lady before Inu Tashio brought the human female, Izayoi in as her replacement. Sesshoumaru loathed her presence…but stood by and watched passively as her scent filled the halls, covering the halls that were bathed in his mother's scent irrevocably in her own.

The sun streaming through the windows had been what finally roused him from the cleansing sleep. It had been so long since Sesshoumaru had dreamed of his mother in such detail. It had been a welcome release from the severity of the previous night. He stared, his honeyed eyes hardened by the memory of his own mother's death, at Kagome's body before him.

Had it been more than a dream? Sesshoumaru closed his eyes, the warmth of the sun through the window made the feel of his mother's hands running though his hair seem that much more real. He felt fresh as he stood up, and a sense of hope, but for what?

It was only then that he noticed the child tucked under Kagome's arm; she had burrowed under there at some point in the night. The lump of hair and bright kimono trembled, and Sesshoumaru knew she had woken from her broken sleep and was mourning the miko much as he had when she had drawn her last breath.


The single word seemed to echo through the room, cutting through the silence that had held for so long. All in the room had found their breathing hitched in sorrow, Sesshoumaru included. He clenched his teeth, his throat involuntarily fighting back the prickling sensation around his eyes. It had been long since he had shed tears; the last time he had cried had been to mourn his mother. The image of her death jumped to the forefront of him mind. It shocked him to realize how truly sad he was at this moment.

After all she had done, it didn't seem right that she would die so young. He realized the tear stained face of Rin was staring up at him, her eyes swollen and red with all the tears she had shed. A pang of an unknown emotion had the mighty lord wishing he could grieve so completely.

"Go clean up and get some sleep. Tell Jaken you are to rest today. I do not wish to see you fall ill."

I do not wish to lose the last of my loved. He thought as the child nodded her understanding and shuffled tiredly from the room, her sniffles bouncing off the walls as she attempted to pull her frazzled emotions back into her body.

Alone again, save for the body before him, Sesshoumaru shifted his gaze back to the woman that had him so completely turned around. He reached out a hand to touch her cheek, only brushing his fingers across her skin before pulling away as if burned. She was pale and cold. Her body was bereft of breath, the life completely drained from her, but Sesshoumaru could see a sudden glow, pure and white, that was slowly engulfing her body. It seemed to stem from where his skin had come in contact with her own. Within seconds her body was softly illuminating the room. His hand tingling, Sesshoumaru looked down in surprise as the same light, but a dark shade of blue instead made its way up his arm, leaving a slightly burning sensation in its wake.

He closed his eyes as he felt like his body was drifting away. He wasn't scared, but instead, surprisingly calm.

"There is so little time."

A small smile found its way to Sesshoumaru's lips as he opened his eyes, only to find his body surrounded in a black haze. The woman before him was as he remembered as a child. She still wore the white and pink patterned kimono, though she looked to be in perfect heath as opposed to the last time he had seen her.

"Mother." The words left his mouth unbidden.