Title: Momma Dean

Rating: K+ I think.

Summary: Every little boy needs a mom.

Length: 610

Spoilers: Something Wicked, Skin

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural in any way, shape or form. I had hoped to acquire the Winchesters as part of my world takeover by now, but c'est la vie. Supernatural still belongs to Eric Kripke and the CW.


Dean is a mom.

Sort of.


When Sammy was four he decided that since his mom was in heaven, that Dean was his mom.

Dean did all of the mom stuff for him already.

Why shouldn't he be his mom?

Their dad said boys weren't moms.

Boys were dads.

Girls were moms.

Sammy started crying.

He couldn't stop.

He wanted a mom.

He didn't have one.

Dean picked up Sammy.

Held him in his lap.

It's okay, Sammy. I'll be your mom.

Don't encourage him, Dean.

Dad, he's little. He doesn't understand.

His dad sighed.

He turned his head.

He walked away.

A muffled sound.


Yeah Sammy?

His voice was still muffled.

He was speaking through Dean's shirt.

You're my mom, right?

Yeah Sammy, I'm your mom.

Dean felt Sammy's smile through his shirt.



Sammy lifted his head up.

Just don't call me that in public.


It's May.

Dean is 18.

It's Sunday.

Dean and Sam and their dad are hunting a poltergeist.

It doesn't want to go quietly.

It seems to like oak things best.

Dean knows this.

He's already been hit twice.

Once in the back.

Once on the knee.

That one hurt.

He thinks it was a chair.

He's not sure.

At least he's not his dad.

He got hit in the head.

That had to hurt.

They're back at the apartment.

The poltergeist is gone.

They're all tired.

They fall into bed.

Dean and Sam in one.

Their dad in the other.

Sam takes up a lot of room.

Dean doesn't mind.

It's Monday morning.

Dean is searching for something.

It's not there.

It's always there.

But it's not.

Not this time.

Dean pauses.


Dean looks at Sam.

He blinks.

Aren't you going to take me to school?

Dean looks at Sam.

He doesn't know what Dean's looking for.

It hits him.

Sam forgot.

Yeah. Get in the car.

Yesterday was Mother's Day.


Dean and Sam are in Wisconsin.

Or Missouri.

Or Kansas.

Or Minnesota.

It doesn't really matter where.

Another small town.

Another supernatural problem.

They'll fix it.

They always do.

They're in a diner.

Dean is on his way to the bathroom.

He fingers his necklace.


The Egyptian mother goddess.

Pastor Jim gave it to him.

It was after the Shtriga attacked Sammy.

Dean was nine.

Pastor Jim said everyone deserved to have a mother for more than four years.

He said Sammy had a mom.

Dean deserved one too.

Dean didn't think he deserved much.

Didn't Pastor Jim know Sammy had nearly died?

Pastor Jim knew.

Every little boy needs a mom, Dean.

Dean had never taken the necklace off.

Not willingly.

The shape shifter took it from him once.

Dean killed him.

He took his mother back.

The supernatural beings out there should know better.

Never get in between a boy and his mother.

Dean is walking out of the bathroom.

He sees Sam.

Sam is helping an old woman into the diner.

He helps her sit down.

She thinks he's sweet.

Women always think Sam is sweet.

Dean walks to his table.

He catches the tail end of their conversation.

Oh sweetie, your father really taught you how to treat a lady.

Dean looks up.

Actually, my mom taught me everything I know.

Dean looks down.

He's reading the menu.

Not really.

Sam slides into his side of the booth.

What're you going to order Dean?

Dean doesn't look up.

Burger probably.

Dean hears a rustling.

Sam slides something on the table under Dean's menu.

Dean looks at it.

He puts his right hand on it.

It's Sunday.

It's May.

Sam didn't forget.