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A week had gone by and Gabriel was now five years old. He'd been in Draco's care all week, because the blonde couldn't find Gabriel's other 'father' anywhere, since he seemed to be avoiding them. Draco and Gabriel strode down a hallway, the young boy clutching Draco's right hand while walking. The Slytherin teen smirked when his eyes locked onto Harry Potter's back side and he quickly walked up to him, and gripped a shoulder. Harry turned around right away and then wished he didn't. "Uh, Malfoy, hello there." he said with a nervous grin. "Potter, you WILL take responsibility for this... project. I've had him for a week, it's your turn now." Draco growled out, and Harry sighed. "Fine, fine. Hey there Gabriel, how's it going?" he asked the young boy, who kept a tight grip on Draco's hand still. "Hi Papa. Everythin's fine, Daddy's really nice to me. Yesterday, he snuck down to the kitchens and got me cookies!" Gabriel said with a small smile. He'd grown attatched to Draco, but Harry was starting to grow on him too. "Wait, so I'm Papa and Malfoy's Daddy?" he asked with an amused look. "Uh huh! At first I wanted to call Daddy 'Mama', but he wasn't too happy about that..." Gabriel explained with a giggle, and Draco's cheeks turned pink. Harry snickered, eyes now on Draco. "Aww, why won't you let our child call you 'Mama'? It's obvious you're the more womanly of us both." the brunette said, and Draco's eyes narrowed.

"Aren't Gryffindors supposed to be the ones who are all warm and kind and such? Slytherins are cold and cunning, I would most certainly not be the woman." the blonde said with a sniff, and Harry laughed. "Oh please, you care much more about your looks than I, and you even loo like a woman! Besides, Gabriel said that you were all nice to him." Harry argued, and Draco's cheeks were now a bright red with embarassment. "Oh shut up Potter." Draco hissed out, and pushed Harry into the wall, letting go of Gabriel's hand in the process. This started out a fistfight between Gabriel's 'parents', and the young boy watched with wide, teary eyes. He let out a little sniffle and then ran off, not wanting to see anymore. Draco and Harry fought for a bit more, before they stopped to catch their breath. Draco was pinned down on the ground now, hair messy. Harry straddled him, panting lightly and glaring down at Draco. The Slytherin was about to spit out an insult when he looked around and realized that Gabriel was gone, and his silvery eyes grew wide with worry. "Gabriel?"

Gabriel had run off crying, it upset him so much to see Harry and Draco fighting, after all, who liked to see their parents fight? He didn't watch where he was going and soon ran into a little girl with chin-length brown hair, and dark eyes. "I-I'm sorry." he said with a sniffle, and helped her up, since she'd fallen backwards onto the floor. "It's okay, but are you?" she asked with worry, seeing that he was crying. He shook his head no, and the girl smiled a little. "Come on, my parents will help!" she said, and began tugging him off somewhere.

"Mummy, Mother, will you help this boy?" the girl asked as she walked up to two people, Gabriel in tow. "Of course, what's wrong?" one of her mothers asked. She had long brown hair, and her name was Hermione Granger. "M-My parents are fighting, and I got upset and ran away..." Gabriel said, wiping at one of his eyes. The other woman sighed, brushing some of her black, chin-length hair out of her face. "You shouldn't have run away, they're probably worried now." she said, and Hermione nodded. "Pansy's right. Who are your parents?" she asked, and Gabriel sniffed again, wiping away his tears. "Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy."

Hermione and Pansy both blinked, then looked at each other, then laughed, long and hard. Gabriel and the girl looked at the with confusion. The two finally stopped after a while. "Sorry about that, it's just that, Harry and Draco often fight. You should get used to it." Pansy said, and Hermione nodded a little. "But maybe they won't fight as much if they find out it bothers you... what was your name again?" Hermione asked, and Gabriel smiled a little. "I'm Gabriel." he said, and the young girl stepped right up to him. "I'm Ashley! And that's my mum, Hermione, and my mother, Pansy." she said, pointing at her parents at the proper times.

At that time, Draco and Harry came running up to them, and Draco got down on his knees, pulling Gabriel into his arms. "Dear Lord, I was so worried." he murmered, and Harry and him both looked utterly relieved. Gabriel looked shocked for a few seconds, before hugging his blonde father. "I-I'm sorry Daddy, I was just upset that you and Papa were fighting..." he said, looking down. Harry and Draco looked at each other and sighed. "I guess we'll just have to stop fighting then..." Harry said, and Draco agreed, though it was a bit reluctantly.

"So guys, why were you so worried? It's not like he's a real kid or anything..." Pansy said, and Draco looked at her sharply. "Even if they aren't actually real, you'll still feel worried if they go missing. I'm sure you'd be a panicky wreck if your little girl there went missing. Oh wait, where did she go?" he said, looking around. Immediately, Hermione and Pansy's eyes went wide and they spun all around, looking for their 'daughter'. "Ashley!" they both called out, and they heard a little giggle from behind Draco. The blonde smirked as he stood up with Gabriel in his arms and stepped to the side, showing Ashley standing behind him. "See?" he asked as the female teens hurried to her and hugged her close.

"Gabriel, if you like, you can call me 'Mama', just not in front of my friends or Harry's, alright?" Draco whispered, and Gabriel smiled happily. "Thank you, Daddy!" he said as he hugged him around the neck. Draco chuckled and hugged him back, still holding him. "You're welcome, and now you are going to go with Potter for a while, okay?" he asked, and waited for his son's nod before passing him off to Harry, who took him with a light smile.

"Okay then, come on Gabriel, I want to show you off to all the Gryffindors. I know the girls will just go crazy for you." he said with a chuckle, and began walking off. Gabriel tugged on his sleeve quickly and whispered something, so Harry turned back and held Gabriel out to Draco. "Bye bye Mama." the young boy whispered, and he kissed the blonde on the cheek. "Bye Gabriel." Draco replied, kissing his son on the forehead.

"Bye, Papa." Draco then said with a smirk, kissing Harry on the cheek, where he'd bruised him earlier in their fight. He then waltzed off with a chuckle, leaving Gabriel giggling happily, Harry blushing and looking very confused, and Hermione, Pansy, and Ashley laughing at Harry.

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