I just had to write this. It's been on my mind for the last month and a half and every time I try to write a chapter this pops in my mind and distracts me. Another reason is because every time I'm about to try something new somebody magically appears with the same idea and downloads it since I'm busy with my other two stories.

As a warning this fic will not be my top priority for the time being. My top priorities are my other two (in progress) stories, A Twist of fate and The strength of brothers. So it might be weeks or perhaps even months before I update this story since I want to finish my other stories before I started this.

Well here's the first chapter to The Void


The winters chill creeped into the office, a biting cold that prickled his skin and pained his senses with the still recent passing of the Kyuubi.

Hiruzen Sarutobi sat within the confines of this office dark shadows slithering across the floor, draping him in shadows and darkness. Within his arms, he nurtured a small child. A baby boy. The newborn was sleeping soundly snuggled close to the old weary Hokage's robes and warmth. His blond hair and whisker marked face the only things visible from within the blanket carefully wrapped around him.

Sarutobi sighed softly as he gazed at the fragile thing he held within his withered bones 'Minato...you foolish boy'

The old Hokage stared longingly at the night sky from the balcony of his office. He looked down at the young boy and grimaced slightly. 'Little Naruto...I would say I am sorry for what I have done. But it was necessary to further our goals.'

A sound, no more than a shuffle which could have been associated with a mouse made the older ninja tense before relaxing. Realizing just whom had joined him "Is that him?" The person asked.

Sarutobi stood from his seat, turning to face the source of the voice. "Yes this is him." He answered before staring into the eyes that peeked out with a sliver of moonlight that shaded his features. "Is the deed done?"

His voice was a grave thing, carrying an edge of regret and melancholy, but no appology. There would never be one of those uttered from his lips if he could help it.

The figure nodded. "Yes she put up a fight, but between myself and the others we were able to subdue her long enough to use the memory altering jutsu. Kushina has no idea that she had a son with Minato. As per your orders, she merely believes they were very good friends after he saved her from whirlpool. She will be briefed the information of Minato's plan once she awakens back at my base. Hopefully everything will go as planned and we can hold off the enemy until someone else is able to fight." The figure paused before deciding to add "She's got a mean right hook though."

Sarutobi chuckled softly before gazing at the young blond. The levity of his mood suddenly gone as he looked at the slumbering child. "It…it will be tough for him…growing up."

The figure looked at the soft bundle in Sarutobi's arms before nodding sadly. "Indeed it will. Would you like me to take him? He will be able to live as a good Shinobi and I will be sure to take care of him."

"I know you would but..." The old Kage hesitated for a moment, a thought passing his mind before he shook his head and continued. "Kyuubi's presence troubles me. If the enemy were to find out that we were unable to kill it they will grow in confidence. However if they believe that we have killed their greatest weapon and still stand I am sure they will hesitate before attempting to attack us again. If he were to go with you there's a chance that they will find out. If they attack before we are ready then there is no doubt that our plans will fail."

Sarutobi looked down at the bundle, his eyes now shimmering with held back tears. "I hate to think of him like this but……Naruto is now our greatest weapon. Soon with the power of the Kyuubi already mixing with his he will definitely become strong with proper training. I have already asked Jiraiya to take care of the boy but he is still mourning for Minato and when he saw Naruto he nearly broke down. He cant take care of Naruto without taking care of himself first. Tsunade has practically vanished off the face of the earth."

A narrowed glare was his response before a hissing growl slipped through tightly clenched teeth. "If they knew what was at stake they'd train him without a second thought"

Sarutobi nodded. "Indeed. But…I cannot risk telling them. If they were to know the enemy might find the sudden change suspicious. I cannot take Naruto under my wing for the same reason. No we can only wait until he gets placed into a gennin team with a sensei. Don't worry. I shall make sure that it is one that will treat him properly

"This is foolish Sarutobi and you know it!" The Kage's company growled.

"It is the safest option or do you have a better suggestion?" He shot back, a new edge of impatience entering his tone.

The man's eyes glinted in the dim light as he glared at Sarutobi. But he soon let up, and backed off.

Sarutobi turned back to the night sky. "I am certain you are keeping a close eye on the Uchiha clan."

"Yes I am. So far I have only found one that is too strong to be a risk at falling to the enemy. However the others...they will soon turn. In about fifteen years at my estimate. The clan will slowly begin to feel animosity against you. They will join the enemy and they will seize the opportunity to take you down."

Sarutobi sighed. "Then you know what to do."

The man nodded "I will begin the preparations then."As he turned to jump away Sarutobi called out, his voice carrying a lilt of concern within it.


The clouds parted, and the light of the moon fell onto the earth, revealing bleached white skin, and amber yellow, serpentine eyes to his old sensei.

Sarutobi hesitated for a moment, a brief flicker of some unnamed emotion falling onto his eyes before he turned away from the younger man. "Take care of yourself."

Orochimaru nodded before sparing one last glance at the sleeping Naruto before he leaped and vanished into the darkness of Konoha's night