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Just Marriage


CHAPTER ONE: Girl Meets Boys

In a dark place behind the curtains docks two teen-agers; slightly madly arguing at each other.

"Who are you?" said one female voice.

"Who the hell are you to ask me who I am?" answered a masculine voice.

"Look!" said the girl, slightly raising her voice, "I am not here to play hide and seek with a bucko stranger like you!"

The guy's eyes widened with annoyance and exclaimed "YOU THINK I AM?"

"SSHH!" The girl highly hissed. "They might hear us!"

"Grr…" the guy grunted, lowing his voice. "Move a little, you're crowding me…"

"Grr…" the girl grunted then she moved a bit, trying not to be so obvious.

The Girl's Point Of View

Ok, you readers might think that this isn't making any sense. I just got there- in that place- behind the curtains for a couple of minutes ago. For you guys, I'll tell what happened earlier.

Flashback: 4 hours ago

Ok, here I am in Tamara University where I study for College. Oh yeah, before I go off, I'm Sakura by the way… Sakura Kinomoto, age 17. I have auburn hair that goes a 3 inches below my shoulders. I have emerald eyes, cool huh?

Where was I? Oh yeah, I'm here in my University with my all time best friend, Tomoyo Daidouji. She's also 17 but I guess her 18th birthday will come up pretty soon. She has loooong grayish hair and amethyst eyes.

It's a bright sunny day; the weather is very fine. It's dismissal time already and we just prefer to hang out first before we go home. Home's isn't so far but not so near either… Anyways, we're hanging out here by the benches near the Soccer field. I go here often. Why? I just want to… Here is the perfect spot if you wanna get a glance of Ken. Hihi! He's not the usual campus crush or super heartthrob around here. I don't prefer guys who are soooo popular that you have to wait in line just to see if their hair is still neat. Ken is just one typical hottie and not almost everybody takes notice of him. He has light complexion, light brown eyes, and brownish black hair that he ties into a ponytail.

"Hey Sakura…" a sweet female voice called out to me.

"Yes Tomoyo?" I responded with a cheery face.

"Umm… I'm going out this Saturday night…" she stated while slightly looking down to the grass.

"Really? Good for you! Who's going with you?"

"Oh… you know…" she blushed a bit… "The usual?"

"Yeah? Eriol huh? I thought so…" I smiled at her, slightly telling her that there's nothing to be embarrassed about. It's like the fourth time Eriol had asked her out and they're still aren't in the stage of 'going steady'. "This is the fourth time, right?" I added. After that, she nodded without saying more. I cheered her on, "C'mon! Go with him! It'll be great!"

"Oh… I'll go!" She lifted her head and looked at me with a genuine smile. "I just wanted to tell you that we're going out again."

And then something came up. I paused. "HEY!" I quickly held Tomoyo's arm.

"What?" She asked confused with my sudden gesture.

"Did you see that?" I asked impatiently.

"See what?" She replied as she puts her finger by her chick.

"Did you see that Tomoyo? He smiled at me!" I cheered.

"Who?" She asked as she looks behind, searching for a possible person. Oh…how irritating… "C'mon Sakura…" she started, "Ken's just probably cheery today." She stated after she saw Ken passing behind us.

"No!" I exclaimed while seeing Ken fixing his Soccer socks. "I really saw it! Maybe he'll ask me out the next time we see each other!" Ok, you and Tomoyo might think that I'm letting my self get carried away with just one stupid smile. What? Of course it's not stupid! It's Ken's!

"Sakura, it's healthy to be cheerful but don't keep your hopes up…" Tomoyo gently told me.

Alright, she got me. She's right. "Hehe, that's no prob…" I replied.

Ok, that's not what I really meant… But can you believe it? Ken smiled at me! …Ok, ok, I'll get to the point… Fast forward a little please!

After 2 hours and 15 minutes

"WHAT? Dad, you're kidding, right?" I bellowed in our living room.

"No Sakura, I'm not." My dad's gentle voice replied to me.

"Dad you can't do this to me! That's so 70's or 60's!"

Ok, that came up a bit weird. I'll start it again.

15 minutes ago

I entered our living room with a happy face. I saw my Dad examining thru some paper documents in the living room. I walked over to him and greeted him. After all, he asked me to come home early because he needs to talk to me before he leaves.

"Hey Dad, I'm home!" I greeted as I put down my bag on the couch.

"Welcome home. Good, you're here." He replied to me after giving me a two-second glance.

"I'm just in time e. What's up?" I asked cheerfully as I neared him.

He was already wearing his formal suit. He packed up all his paper documents and put it in his attaché case. "I had a meeting with an old close friend of mine a long time ago."

"Yeah?" I nodded.

"And I'm about to a meeting with her again." My father added.

"Ok? What's that gotta do with me?"

"This friend of mine has a son who's a bit older than you… I reckon your age difference is only a year." He stated with his gentle eyes.

I laughed a bit, not knowing where my dad is leading me. "Yeah really? Why? Am I gonna be forced to wed her son or something? Hahaha!" I laughed. I didn't know that I laughed to soon.

"Well… I'm glad you're taking this fine Sakura… As a matter of fact, yes. We arranged a marriage for the two of you."

SHOCKING! It's like a big horseshoe hit my forehead. WHAT? This isn't real! "WHAT? Dad, you're kidding, right?" I bellowed in our living room. This is where we started off a while ago, right?

"No Sakura, I'm not." My dad replied gently.

"Dad you can't do this to me! That's so 70's or 60's!" I'm right! It's year 2k! It's been years after the crazy millennium bug rumor! There's no such thing as 'Forced Marriage' nowadays! It had already expired decades ago! Right?

"Even so…" My Dad gave me a final smile then exited the house.

NOOO! After all the laughing and mockery with my History books! Yeah, I did! I laughed at all the ancient stories about the arranged marriage thing. I mocked how unfortunate and awful the people were back thousands of years ago when they had to encounter arranged marriage. Damn… I didn't know I'm gonna be affected by it.

This has to be stopped!

I took a cab and had it follow my Dad's car. It led me to a high class Chinese restaurant downtown. I followed slowly and sneaked behind the curtains just near the table my Dad took. Looks like he's waiting for somebody.

After a few minutes, a woman with long black hair joined my Dad's table. A waiter walked in and was asking for their orders. After that, I wasn't able to hear what they were talking about. I leaned a bit closer and noticed that there's a big lump beside me.

"EEEK!" I squeaked. But I tried to keep it down.

"What are you screaming about? Why are you hiding here?" A guy I completely don't know was beside me and started asking questions.

I got annoyed and asked him crossly "Who are you?"

"Who the hell are you to ask me who I am?" he answered very crossly.

I slightly raised my voice and exclaimed, "Look! I am not here to play hide and seek with a bucko stranger like you!"

His eyes widened with irritancy and exclaimed "YOU THINK I AM?"

"SSHH!" I hissed; "They might hear us!" And that'll be totally bullshit.

"Grr…" he grunted, lowing his voice. "Move a little, you're crowding me…"

Grunting huh? Can too play at that game. "Grr…" I grr-ed and tried not to be so obvious.

He scowled at me and peaked over to my Dad's table. Hmm… I wonder why he's looking at my Dad and that woman… NO! Does it mean that- that- that he- he- he's the- the- THE GUY? The son of the abomination!

"Hey…" I lowly called his attention… He looked at me not wearing his scowl anymore. "Umm… That's my Dad over there…" I pointed my Dad and continued; "I was wondering if-" I stopped at my words when I saw this horrified expression on his face. He might also be screaming 'THE ABOMINATION!' in his weird head that hid under his messy dark brown hair… I gawked. So… my hypothesis is true! NO!

"Y-you mean!" he uttered.

"Yeah…" I answered depressingly. "My Dad is speaking with that woman there who is probably your mum. You maybe wish that I'm lying, but you know what, I wish I was too…"

"NO!" he exclaimed and grossness was in his tone. Hey! Why does he sound so upset when he found out that I'm his fiancée? I should be the one whose supposed to be grossed out, right? Look at his face! He has Chinese amber eyes and messy dark brown hair. His fair complexion is average… but DUH!

"Why do you sound SO DISSAPOINTED?" I roared. I took his recent word as very insulting.

He looked up to me with a slight smirk on his face and said, "Why wouldn't I be?" THAT'S IT! HE'S GOING DOWN! I DON'T WANNA BE WEDDED WITH THIS JUNGLE FREAK!

I jumped on to him and tried to strangle him. He fought back and before we knew it, we were out from our hiding spot and landed on the carpet with a loud

'BAG!' Ouch… It hurts, but not too much. I landed on him. He got most of the pain. It was hell enough to be forced to marry someone you hardly know; to hide behind a curtain and fall onto the floor while strangling and getting strangled… but of course, it doesn't end there…

"Well, well… It seems like you two have already met…" came a voice of a grown woman. I gazed up at her but I still wasn't able to stand up. Oh my… She's so beautiful and sophisticated! She's looking at me with a slight genuine smile on her lips.

"It's not what you think!" The guy under me shouted.

"I thought you were bitter about this Sakura… But you seem to get along with him just fine." My Dad mentioned while looking at us with his oh so annoying smiling face. After that, he turned to the woman again, "Ok, Mrs. Li, you have my word. I comply to your request that my daughter will be married to your son."

After hearing that, I quickly stood and loudly said "WHAT!" I approached my father and tried to reason with him- but to no avail. They signed their contracts in front of my delicate fragile emerald eyes. I was too late. And going here made my situation even worse. It's like the total opposite of having butterflies in my stomach. And to add to that-

"Syaoran, please take her home." The woman said who I believe to be Mrs. Li.

"Oh… That's so kind of you miss, ma'am, err… madam… But I can go home by my self…" I stated while looking at her embarrassingly.

"Oh but I insist. Please." She said. Hoooooooh… I wish I could say that 'I'm sure you're a nice lady but I prefer to take your son's figure away from me in any way possible.'

Before I knew it, I'm here in a passenger's seat with a slight stranger beside me driving the car we're currently in.

"So, where should I turn? Left or right?" he asked me with his masculine voice. He sounds gentler now compared to his tone when we were in the restaurant. But still, that won't make any help. I really don't wanna answer his question… I wish we could just go straight and hopefully bump into a post or better yet, a cow… So I could have short-term memory like Lucy in '50 First Dates' …In that case, I won't remember this awful day and they had to cancel the marriage because I have brain damage. …But it's just too good to be true. "Left or right?" he repeated. I still didn't answer. "LEFT OR RIGHT?" he raised his tone because we're nearing the crossroads. "LEFT OR RIGHT? DAM-"

"LEFT!" I exclaimed then he made a quick turn, avoiding the gutter.

"What's your problem? Do you wanna get us in an accident or something?" He crossly said to me.

I mumbled at my seat, "well yeah…" I whispered.

"What was that?" He still has this negative tone.

"Nothing!" I uttered and turned my head to the car window again.

Pretty soon, he dropped me off just in front of our house. I walked over to the side of his car- just beside his driver's seat.

"Thanks for the lift." I mentioned but I didn't sound so grateful. I began to walk away then I heard him yell…

"Sorry! I didn't get your name!"

I looked behind to face him, "KINOMOTO!" I shouted and ran off to our front door.

I thought I could get away from him that easily… But as I was on my way to our door, he honked and shouted, "KINOMOTO WHAT? WHAT'S YOUR FIRST NAME?"

I looked at him again, there's no trace of something negative in his facial expression. But of course, looks can be deceiving! Especially with amber eyed men! "NO!" I shouted back.

"C'mon!" he slightly pleaded, expressing more of his amber eyes. Damn.

"NO!" I repeated. "Even if I tell you, I wouldn't let you call me by my first name anyway!" After that, I once again hurried to our front door. When I finally got my first step on our doormat, he honked again. I can't believe he stays just for my stupid name. I faced him again even if we are meters away.

"C'mon tell me!" his masculine voice was the only thing heard on our front yard.

"Sakura!" I finally said it just to shut him up.

"Great! Thanks! I'm Li! Syaoran Li!" he grinned. But I wasn't actually finished with him…

"What are you thanking for! I WOULDN'T LET YOU USE IT ANYWAY!" I shouted at the top of my lungs… But after that, I just came to find that he had already driven away.


Normal POV

The next day; it was another Friday afternoon and Sakura and her pals were in the library.

"Huff puff…" Sakura mumbled when they got on the 5th floor. "Can't believe we climbed the stairs all the way to the 5th floor…"

"C'mon Sakura, I thought you're good at gymnastics and stuff like that. Why are you whining about a couple of staircases?" said Naoko, her eye-glassed female friend.

"Stairs are totally different!" she uttered when they entered the corridors and it was followed by a couple of 'Ssshhh's!' Then she lowered her voice, "I never really liked them!"

Sakura wasn't interested in going through some books like the others plan to do… She just went with them to avail the free Internet. After a couple of seconds, they had arrived in their destination. It was a big room with so many tables and chairs. At the end was the row of many bookshelves. At the front was the front desk and at the side were the PC's that Sakura was hoping for. She marched happily over to the front desk to surrender her I.D so she could log in to the Internet. When she neared the desk, she noticed someone fortunately familiar.

A guy wearing his usual ponytail was at one desk, looking at her. She glanced at him and caught his eye contact. She didn't know what to do because from what she knows, they were just acquainted or probably less than that.

Tick tock. Ken smiled at her.

She hardly knew what to respond. Although this time, she is very positive that he did smile at her. She smiled back…and it was more likely an ear-to-ear grin.

After that, she didn't want to impress him more, she just continued to the front desk and surrendered her I.D. When she got her Internet pass thing, she went over to her designated PC and started surfing. She felt a bit unease to know that Ken was just settling on a desk that is just a little behind her. She looks behind every 40 seconds just to take a glance of him.

Well… nothing exciting she sees unless if she finds it funny to see that Ken is sleeping on the desk while his friends were reading books. She smiled at that.

After for some time, Sakura's friends approached her and told her that they are leaving. It's ok for Sakura, she hasn't any more else to do on the net anyways. After she got her I.D back, she took a final glance at Ken. He's still sleeping. She smiled and left with the girls.

'Well… At least I find climbing up the stairs was worth it after all…' She thought and she had a contented smile all the way to her classroom.


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