Title: Unnecessary
Author: Anorexia
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Neji Hyuuga x Tenten
Theme: #24 - Good night
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. It belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.

(Author's Notes - My computer is acting weird, so I am unable to insert the bar to seperate the story from my notes. So until I get my computer fixed, please bare with me. Thank you.)

"Alright team," our teacher, Gai-Sensei says with much pride as always, "we continue with our mission first thing tomorrow morning. So...I want you all to get some sleep and gather some strength for tomorrow!." He smiled and gave us the usual thumbs up.

"Right Gai-Sensei!" Lee, my teammate, who knew neither Genjutsu nor Ninjutsu - only Taijutsu, thrust his right arm into the air and brought it down into a salute. "I will be ready for the continue of tomorrow's mission!"

Our Sensei smiled. "Good Lee. Now go sleep and gather your strength."

I quickly headed back to the tent, and grab the clothes I would change into for the night. I never did like holding the others up, Lee would rush me and tell me how I needed to hurry so we could rest. And Tenten...well...she never did complain about me changing or taking to long to do anything. I left the tent as Tenten arrived. "Hey Neji..." She said quietly. I didn't reply, I hardly ever did.

It took only a minute or two for me to change and hold up my clothing for the next morning. I never was long on Gai-Sensei and Tenten's standards. They always were amazed of how fast I did many things. As I headed back to the tents, I noticed Tenten was outside waiting. Most likely waiting for Lee to finish. She was already changed into her pajama's. They seemed to be her favorite, she wore them often - Dark pink with shorts for bottoms and a button up top. Why did she wear such nice clothing? It's pointless to wear beautiful things when you're a Ninja.

She gave a smile when I became a little closer. "I'm waiting for Lee to finish changing." I didn't reply. What would I say to that anyway? Her smile disappeared when Lee walked out of the tent, wearing his own pajama's. "Good, Neji, quickly change...oh, I see you already did. Good! We can get some rest for tomorrow's mission!." Lee said enthusiastically, as he rushed back into the tent. Tenten turned her body around and headed back inside the tent, pausing at the entrance, she stood there for a while. "Good night Neji..." came from her lips after moments of silence, and she continued back into the tent.

Within a few minutes of turning off the lamp that hung in the tent, Lee and Tenten fell asleep. I stayed awake though. I normally was the last one to fall asleep. This time I felt as if I was supposed to do something before I slept. It drove me mad trying to figure out what exactly I was supposed to do. '


It wasn't unusual to hear Tenten talking in her sleep, some nights she'd carry a deep conversation with her dream, it was rare for her to call out anyone's name though. I shifted my body weight and looked over at Tenten. She was laying on her left side, legs pulled close to her chest as if she was cold, and her hands clutching her pillow, like an infant would. Her waist-long brown hair was no longer in the usual buns, but pulled into a simple ponytail to keep it from getting in the way. Her lips were slightly parted and she breathed lightly, her chest creating a small pattern.




That was what I was supposed to do. Slowly, I slipped out of my sleeping-bag and quietly walked over to her sleeping body. She looked so much more beautiful up-close while she slept. Innocent and pure, like she had never done a thing wrong once in her life. I lowered my head. What was I doing? Was I really going to do this? She's my teammate, it's almost forbidden.

I slightly shook my head and lowered my head a bit more. Though this action was unnecessary, deep down, my mind and body was telling me it was the right thing to do. I was an inch away from her a lips. Gently, I pushed my lips upon her soft, delicate ones. I didn't hold the kiss for very long, in fear of waking her up. She looked to peaceful to be disturbed. Once my head was hovering above hers once more, I gave a very faint smile.

"Good night Tenten..."

(Author's Notes - Gah, that was pathetic. Everyone is very OOC, (mainly Neji) forgive me on that...please, no flames would be nice.

Thank you for reading.)