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Ryoma took a deep breath, wanting to fill his lungs with the refreshing summer breeze. Despite of all the ruckus that the Nationals, and the Senior's Graduation created, he wanted to take a minute and enjoy the gentle howl of the wind, the soft chirping of the birds, the sweet scent of the flowers in bloom, the—

"Hey baka, quit the sentiments already!" James' annoyed voice shattered his inner sanctum.

"You look stupid standing there and smiling like an idiot, Ryoma." Sylvan added. Ryoma turned around and spotted them leaning outside the of the car's window. "We're already late for Choutarou-senpai's appointment."

Ryoma groaned and stomped towards the car. "Why do you always ruin my day?" he muttered before joining his two best friends inside the car.

"Well duh! We have to get to Hyotei by 4 pm or else we'll miss the ceremony." James rolled his eyes. "Seriously!"

"Fine, fine!" Ryoma raised his hands to signal his surrender.

Sylvan studied his friend for a while and shook his head. 'You've changed so much Ryoma. By looking at you now, who would've thought that you went through so much these past years? If Carlos would be here right now, he'd be very proud of you. His death wasn't wasted.' His reverie was cut short when a hand tapped his shoulders.

"Ne, someone asked me out for a date today," James blushed. "Should I say yes or no?"

Ryoma's eyebrow arched up. "You're asking our opinions now? Wow…God must've decided that you end your flirtatious ways."

Sylvan couldn't help but chuckle when James threw a pillow at the brunette. "Who's the poor—I mean lucky person?"

James crossed his arms across his chest and flipped his hair off his shoulders.

"Well?" the two prompted.

James blushed a little. "It's Fuji-senpai."

Silence…silence…and more silence…



The sun painted the sky a pinkish hue as the students, parents and teachers started to depart from the auditorium. Hyotei Gakuen's Passing of Duties is anything but grand. A ceremony that only took 15 minutes for Seishun Gakuen turned into two hours for Hyotei. Atobe sure wanted his departure from the throne to be grand despite the fact that he's still missing out on the latest hairstyle.

"Omedatou, Monkey King." Ryoma called behind his back.

Irked by the name used and of the person who used it, Atobe forced himself a smile. "Be awed by presence Echizen Ryoma!" as usual, he was never able to erase that. "I may be hairless and departing however I shall extract my vengeance next school year!!!"

"Wow…he really took it to heart." Sylvan muttered while watching Kabaji hold off Atobe from mauling the brunette. "And to think that he was smitten with Ryoma for once."

Oshitari and Gakuto came up behind him. "Oh well…there's always a limitation to love." The Hyotei tensai muttered.

"And for Atobe it's his hair." Gakuto added.

"Poor thing!" James scoffed.

It was not long after that Ohtori came between the two bickering players and carried Ryoma off.

Ryoma couldn't help but smile a little at the soft tingle that went up his spine when Ohtori held his hand. He wasn't the one to complain when Ohtori ushered him inside the flower garden.

"Wow…" Ryoma whispered when he noticed that he was soon surrounded by roses…lots and lots of roses. "This place is nice Chou-chou." He caught Ohtori's gaze and couldn't help but blush a little.

"I've always been meaning to take you here, Ryoma." Ohtori smiled at his boyfriend. "This is Hyotei's Mystical Rose Haven. I'm sure you have heard of it."

Ryoma's eyes widened in realization. "Ohh…so this is it!" he turned around to appreciate the beauty surrounding him. "I never imagined that this place still exists! I thought this was destroyed from the earthquakes and all!"

Ohtori pulled the freshman into his embrace, taking in Ryoma's scent and the flowers as well. It was an intoxicating combination. "Atobe-buchou's regime aimed for its full restoration. This garden has been a part of the Lily-crest Community. This is something that we have that the four other schools don't."

Ryoma smiled and buried his head into Ohtori's chest. "So the books never lied about its effects on lovers, huh?" He could feel Ohtori's slight chuckles.

"What?" The sophomore held his lover's face. "That it pulls lovers closer and denotes eternal happiness? I never thought you'd believe such myths, Ryo-kun."

Ryoma smiled broadly before tightening his arms around the tall boy. "I'm feeling the effects right now."

They stood still, just holding each other for a while.

"You know, I really think that I still don't deserve you." Ryoma suddenly spoke up, earning a slight frown from the sophomore. His frown was soon erased when he saw Ryoma smiling up to him, his eyes telling him something contrary to what he just said. "But I cannot thank God enough when He decided to give you to me otherwise."

Ohtori leaned down and placed a soft kiss on Ryoma's lips. "Same here." he was about to kiss Ryoma again when the latter leaned in and captured his lips first for a deep, passionate kiss.

'I am but an empty shell without you, Ryoma. Your effect on me might not be as striking as I had been to you but I swear to God it's the same. I can't thank God enough for making me deserving for you.' Ohtori mused as he clung to their kiss.

They broke the kiss to take in some air. It was then that Ryoma smiled mischievously at Ohtori.

"So…how's the new and the first fukubuchou of Hyotei Gakuen, Ohtori-san?" the freshman asked, as if he's doing an interview with Ohtori.

The sophomore couldn't help but chuckle. "Well I'm pretty flattered. I never imagined Sakaki-sensei's faith on me would be that great."

"So we'll see each other next year once the tournament season starts." Ryoma muttered.

"Yeah." Ohtori smiled. "You better not play doubles against me though." He winked at Ryoma.

"And why is that?" the freshman gave him a challenging glare.

"Because…" Ohtori grinned. "I'll give you a hell of a time by flirting with you all throughout the game."

Ryoma chuckled before he pulled Ohtori for another kiss. "Bad Chou-chou." He muttered against his lips.

They got tired of standing so they decided to take their lovey-dovey moments into the center of the garden, the Rose Pavilion.

"Wow! And a piano here as well! This looks like it's taken right out of a fairytale book." Ryoma said before he deposited himself in front of the piano. Ohtori on the other hand just smiled at his boyfriend and stood leaning on the piano's side.

"You now how we started by you playing a song in the piano?" Ohtori asked.

Ryoma met his hazel orbs and smiled at the memory. "I remember. Why?"

Ohtori smiled and sat beside Ryoma. "Will you sing me a song once more? Just to mark a new chapter, a new beginning in our lives?"

Ryoma nodded and gave Ohtori one last kiss. "Ok. Listen very carefully." And with this, his skillful fingers started doing its magic. The opening notes felt like gentle hands that started to massage Ohtori's tensed muscles. He sighed deeply at how Ryoma's music always sends tingles up his spine

Here I am…this is me

There's no where else on earth I'd rather be

Ohtori opened his eyes only to be caught in a smoldering gaze with Ryoma's gold ones.

Here I am…it's just me and you

And tonight we make our dreams come true

'You are my dream come true Ryoma.' Ohtori leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on Ryoma's head. 'All the while I though I was just some ordinary kid who likes music and is average in tennis. However it all changed when I met you. In your eyes I became someone who stood out among the rest. You made me feel special.'

It's a new world…it's a new start

It's alive with the beating of…young hearts

It's a new day…it's a new plan

I've been waiting for you

Ryoma smiled and placed a gentle kiss on Ohtori's lips.

Here I am

'I think Carlos death is a lesson for me. Now I know what he was trying to tell me before. It's not ok to be someone's hero all the time. I seriously need someone whom I, in turn, can depend on. I guess he sensed it before that's why he looked content when he died. He knew I'd be able to find someone that I can finally cling on.' Ryoma leaned against Ohtori's warmth as his fingers continued skimming over the piano keys with ease

Here we are…we've just begun

And after all this time…our time has come

Neither paid attention to the world around them. The sun, the scent of the flowers, their friends looking for them…everything seemed to dim in the background. For the space and time, only two of them existed.

Yeah here we are…still goin'strong

Right here in the place where we belong

The Ohtori's fingers moved to its own accord, dancing with Ryoma's on the keyboard. He doesn't know the song but somehow his heart knows the right notes to play.

It's a new world…it's a new start

It's alive with the beating of…young hearts

It's a new day…it's a new plan

I've been waiting for you

His other arm that was wound around Ryoma held the freshman closer to him. Never wanting to let go of the angel that once flew away from him. It had been so hard living without such person in his life. Never again shall be allowing anything to rip them apart.

Here I am

Unbeknownst to them, two pairs of eyes watched them in interest.

"Ahh…so there they are." James said while watching the two.

"Sneaky Ryoma." Sylvan shook his head. He couldn't help but smile though. He has never seen a scene so sweet before.

Here I am…next to you

And suddenly the world is all brand new

Ryoma took a deep breath, inhaling the scent that's Ohtori's alone. 'I'm so happy. I've never felt like this for a long time. Never shall I be stupid once more and let him go. I may, in the future, but I'll make sure that there'll be a hell of a fight first.'

Here I am…where I'm gonna stay

Now there's nothin standin in our way

Ohtori couldn't help but smile. Such a playful thing Fate did to them! After all that they've been through, he was able to see, know and understand every aspect of this impetuous boy he's holding in his arms right now. Ryoma Echizen is trouble alright…but he's the kind of risk that Ohtori is willing to take.

Here I am…this is me

The song has long ended yet neither moved an inch. Both were content in holding each other, listening to their heart beating in unison.


"Yes Neko-chan?"

"I love you."

"I know."

"Che! Cocky are we, Mr. Hyotei Anomaly."

"I have all the right to brag Cat-eyes." Ohtori leaned in and whispered against Ryoma's lips.

"I have you."


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