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Max groaned impatiently. Great! How long am I gonna be stuck here! They'd been trapped in the room for at least a half hour by now. Surely some leader was on their way to either kill them or try and brainwash them, at least the transgenics. The rest they would probably kill.

Alec broke the silence. Figures he wouldn't be able to shut up. "Well this is cozy!"

"Shut up," Max replied without looking at him. She rubbed her leg. It still hurt from being shot earlier.

"This was your stupid idea!" Alec reminded her, though not really showing anger. He seemed more to be laughing at her failed idea. "You had to be all self-righteous! I was happy just hangin out at Crash, enjoying the good life. You had your brothers and sisters! But that wasn't enough for you, you had to free everyone, save the world."

"Shut up, Alec!" Logan said with a look of disgust. "It was my plan, anyway," he offered, trying to accept some blame instead of Max.

"Well what about Alec?" Asha asked, acting as if Alec wasn't in the room. "He was the back-end! And look what happened!" She was referring to Logan's near death experience. If Max hadn't jumped in the way of the bullet, he would have died.

"But you told us you'd taken care of him!" Max complained to Asha. Max recalled Asha saying "Clear" earlier so all their attention was elsewhere.

"Max, you don't need to be so critical of Asha," Logan said.

"And you don't need to protect her! I think Asha's a big girl, and if she disagrees with something I've said, she can say it herself!" Max blurted angrily.

"Uh, yea, I can." Asha agreed, though spoken with more patience than Max seemed to be holding at the moment.

"You all fucked up!" Lydecker declared.

"You're all fucked up." Zack replied.

"Zack, I'm surprised at your failure here. And Max as well, though I'd expect that more from you than Zack." He pointed to her wound. "If you hadn't sacrificed yourself, you could have stopped them at the door. You saw them, but since you'd taken the bullet, you were slow." He continued, "No, the plan was not flawed. We looked at it carefully. It was the execution. And now we're trapped."

"Thanks for the recap!" Max sneered. "And the reminder, like we'd forgotten we're trapped!" she added sarcastically.

"The mistake was letting you in on this," Zack decided, speaking to Lydecker. "We should have known that you wouldn't be able to remember the facility. You don't have enhanced DNA, you're nothing but an Ordinary, of course you wouldn't remember it clearly."

"Excuse me!" Asha interrupted, slightly miffed, "What do you mean exactly by 'nothing but an ordinary'? Logan and I played critical parts here!"

"Yea, in getting us captured!" Zack said condescendingly.

Alec laughed out loud.

"What are you laughing at?" Max asked, annoyed.

"Logan and I!" Alec mocked in a high pitched voice. "Of course it's about Asha and Logan!"

"What is that supposed to mean?" Logan asked.

"Yea?" Asha asked, backing up and agreeing with Logan.

"You're being impaired by fake sentimentality," Zack explained, annoyed and trying to end that pointless conversation.

"So you haven't forgotten everything I've taught you, Zack," Lydecker spoke with pride.

"No, but we're trying to!" Max answered for Zack.

"What I don't understand," Lydecker continued, this time facing Logan, "Is what your attachment is. You really have no business being here, not that I don't mind access to your computer systems, but you've no purpose. These are my kids, but you- you just stumbled across them and won't let them go. Why do you think you have a right to be here?" Lydecker wasn't really asking, just being condescending to Logan and showing him his place.

"We're not your kids, you damn freak!" Alec couldn't help saying. He had heard about Lydecker, but man, he was even more messed up than Max had let on.

"Well, you're not," Lydecker admitted, "You're the success where 493 failed."

"Ben!" Max shouted angrily, "his name was Ben! And you killed him! You killed your child!"

"No, Max," Lydecker disagreed, shaking his head and pointing his finger, "You did that. You used your training against me."

"You know, we should have killed you when we had the chance," Logan commented.

"They had a chance," Lydecker said, "But you never did. You aren't strong like them, you aren't trained like them."

"We get it!" Asha said, "You're precious little experiments are superior to us and we'll never be like them! Satisfied! Now could you shut up so we can focus on getting out of here!"

"Precious little experiments?" Max asked aggressively.

"Yes! Finally you are able to comprehend it!" Zack said with sarcastic clapping. "We are better than you! Now if you could only convince him!" He pointed to Logan.

"You wouldn't have been able to kill me," Lydecker repeated, not satisfied with Logan's ignoring the comment.

"I'll happily kill all of you," Alec mumbled sarcastically, getting more annoyed by the second that he was trapped with a bunch of idiots.

"You already tried that once!" Max reminded him.

"And failed," Logan added.

"Oh, come on, Max! I was targeted! I didn't have a choice!" Alec defended himself.

"You did have a choice. And as usual, you chose the wrong one. Not that it mattered, I was able to fix your mistake." Max shoved it in his face.

"Are you sure you can't punch through the wall or something?" Asha interrupted. "What's the point of having a bunch of transgenics if you can't even get out of a room?"

"Were you on another planet when we tried earlier?" Zack asked with annoyance, "We're totally stuck."

"Well what should we do?" Asha asked.

There was finally silence in the room again for a moment.

"Why are they keeping us here?" Logan asked.

"Maybe it's an experiment," Asha offered.

"Of what, how long till we start ripping our own eyeballs out from being stuck here!" Max said in frustration.

"Maybe she's right." Lydecker thought out loud. "A study of how we react in this type of situation."

"So…we're still alive because of an experiment?" Asha asked, searching for more agreement that this was why they were trapped.

No one answered her this time. The room again fell silent.

This time the silence wasn't interrupted by a stupid comment from Alec. A box in the corner lit up and was sounding an alarm until Lydecker opened it.


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