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Author's Note: This little piece was written for one of the Missing Pieces Challenges that have been issued to celebrate this months' 10th anniversary of the Pretender.
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Reply to the Words-challenge

Given words (use at least 3 out of 10):
Love / hate

A/N: Blame the devilish little guy on my shoulder… and the given words.
All in good humor though ;)


Parker pushed the doors open, striding into Lyle's office. "Since when do you get packages from--" she broke off when she saw the startled gaze and the way he quickly closed the box.

Parker arched an eyebrow, instantly intrigued. She moved over to where her twin was trying to look casual. With a quick move, she yanked the box out from under his arms and stepped out of reach before he could recover.

She opened the lid and started going through the stuff, curious to see what Jarod had sent and what had Lyle acting strangely.

It didn't take long to find out.

Parker picked up the boxer shorts, blinking several times before looking back into the box and arching an eyebrow.

She looked over to Lyle who was currently busy trying to look for a hole to crawl into.

"So, Lyle, tell me," Parker drawled, deciding not to let this opportunity to torment her twin go by, "why did Jarod send you this?" She saw his expression harden. "Boxers," she pointed out, putting them on the desk and reaching into the box again, drawing out a new item, a devilish smirk on her lips, "plush cuffs." She put those down as well, reaching into the box again, "hmmm, lubricant."

"He lives to make my life hell," Lyle snapped.

"And enough photos to make a model agency seem like a small store," Parker added as though he hadn't spoken. She looked up at Lyle, still flicking through the stack of photos, men posing for the camera. "Didn't know you were into men," she said evenly.

"I'm not," Lyle growled before snatching the photos out of her hand. "I don't know why he's sending me this."

Parker shrugged and stalked towards the doors. She opened them and then looked back at Lyle over her shoulder. "No need for shame," she snickered and ducked out before he could draw his gun.

x x x x x x x x

Lyle shook his head and leaned against the wall, nursing his scotch.

He still hated his sister for it – each day more it seemed.

It hadn't taken long until the hallways had filled with whispers, whispers that no doubt had come from her: Sweeper, secretary, doctor, janitor… they all had added their two cents.

Seemingly not even the empty SL-27 was free of hushed tones about the Parker heir who was.… you know… gay.

Parker had seemed to blossom; she loved the effect the whispers had on him, he just knew. She'd always made his life hell and he wouldn't even be surprised to find out the rat and her had been behind this together.

Africa had reacted, deciding they didn't want a gay Chairman ("I'm not gay!"). Being the homophobic, traditional, crazy Zulus they were, they didn't even want to talk to the not- you know…gay not-Chairman.

Game over.

x x x x x x x x

And somewhere, someone was puzzled about the box containing a hunting knife, a jar of soil and a sheet with a vaguely threatening note I know what you did.


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