A/N – Strangely enough, this is the first time I've tackled canon!Hiko. This will probably be a series of drabbles and ficlets.

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Silent, measured footsteps climb the mountain path to his hut. Automatically his hand drops to his sword, and he extends his senses, listening, feeling. With a surprised grunt, he recognizes the ki.

Fourteen years without a word, and now the boy was back.

Deliberately, he refuses to acknowledge the new arrival. However, he is aware of the former Battousai's every move, anticipates the battoujutsu before the boy even draws his sword.

He leaps, evading it easily.

"So," Hiko grunts, alighting back to earth. "It's you."

"Shishou," answers his foolish, impulsive, reckless deshi.

Now you bow your head, Hiko thinks sourly.