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HuntingPeace: it took me ages to decide on that name...i felt it should be unique...because house and cuddy's child couldn't be anything else lol!!

Limalicious: yep yep its a girly...just the image of house having to cope with a girl cracks me up!! it was a fluffy chap with humour thrown in. they had to have a happy ending...its me writing it. I don't do anything else lol.

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Mixy: Lol YEP THEY HAD THE BABY!! well cuddy did...house was just an onlooker lol...I would say guys got it easy...but House was suffering through all that lol! I loved writing cuddy in labour...i was cracking up when i was imagining it!! and yep...maddie was the reason she got the name maddison!! i thought...hmmm mad is kinda apt. lol

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ZaraShade: Lol i had to have House fainting...i just loved the image and i just couldn't picture him handelling the birth of his baby particularly well!! heheehe. and yep maddison house...little maddie. apt no??



She stumbled in after a long day, bag falling on the floor of their house. They'd moved in over a year ago and yet everyday she walked in after work, the presence of her lover constantly comforting, knowing she'd never have to return home to a cold empty house ever again.

She snuck down the hall, heels slipping from her feet to silence her footsteps, wincing at the creak in the door as she forced it open. It was dark inside, the subtle sound of breathing music to her ears. She gathered a few toys up, removing them from her path placing them in their rightful place as she approached the crib. Her little girl was a year old, dark curls fanned like a halo around her head, bright blue eyes hidden by her tiny eyelids as she slept. Seeming like a little angel. Looks could be deciving. Maddie was as mischievous as ever, vanishing within seconds, always up to something.

Her little chest rose and fell, Cuddy's eyes watching the little movement, heart ballooning in her chest, all the love for her child spreading through her. So much love for such a little thing. The little girl was perfect, a cheeky little thing, but she wouldn't ask for anything less. Intelligence dancing behind her eyes, taking everything in, including some bad habits from her father.

She would have to have a word with him about a few, but not tonight.

She slipped out of her clothes, into something more comfortable, arching to ease the pain in her back, a new little bump just starting to grow. Her fingers rubbed her belly, wondering what new personality was growing inside. She was pregnant again, her little family growing as she'd always dreamed.

She wandered out, walking through the expansive kitchen, where they ate breakfast together every Saturday morning. Maddie was already beginning to join in with the conversation, learning new words everyday and faster on her feet than ever and with her growing bump and House's cane they were pushed to keep up with her, and the little one knew it.

Cuddy smiled as she stepped out on the patio, remembering chasing after her little girl, full of joy and personality, her little giggle bubbling out as her parents hurried behind her.

Her eyes fell on House, his legs stretched out before him, eyes gazing at the sky. He didn't move at her approach until she stood right beside him. His hands wrapped round her waist tugging her over, pulling her down between his legs. She leant back, his head nuzzling into her neck. 'I love you' the words fell from his tongue with ease, meaning them as much now as he had when he'd first said them, so comfortable with her in his arms. She sighed in contentment. 'I love you too.'

Silence fell between them, comfortable, comforting. His hands encircled her waist, rubbing circles on her belly, their ever growing family. She'd made it, had everything she wanted. She'd ended up where she never even dreamed to imagine, and wouldn't ever want to be anywhere else, every low was worth the highs. She wouldn't change her life for anything.

She stared up at the sky, dark and twinkling, the sparkles seeming to dance high overhead, smiling down at the scene below.

She sighed with happiness, snuggling down deeper into House's warmth, the corner of her lips curling up. Her eyes fluttered shut, exhaustion finally taking hold as she drifted into a peaceful slumber. Safe within her lovers arms.

The stars shined on.


Awwws...tis all happy now!! lol Short and sweet...thanks for reading to the end..i hope you all enjoyed it!! hugs!! SS xxxxx