Chapter 1

"Are you keeping it?" Christina looked at Meredith seriously and asked.

"What do you mean am I keeping it? Of course I'm keeping it!"

"What about your internship," Christina reminded her. "Have you thought about your internship?"

"Of course I have, Christina!" Meredith looked at her worriedly. "Of course I have..."

But in all honesty, she has not.

--- --- ---

"Meredith's pregnant?" George looked back and forth at Izzie and Christina. "When did this happen? How come no one has told me this?"

"We already told you, George, so shut it," Christina sighed as she layed down.

"Is she giving up her internship?"

"We don't know," Izzie shrugged. "She's speaking with Dr. Webber right now."

"How come she didn't tell me," George frowned. "Is it McDreamy's?"

"Obviously. Unless she's not telling us something."

"I'm not keepin' anything from you guys," Meredith suddenly entered the room and sat down next to George with a sigh.

"How'd it go with Chief?" Christina sat up and leaned closer to Meredith.

"He asked me if I was keeping it and I told him yes. He said I could still continue my internship until the time I need to go on maternity leave."

"So he's making you stay, yippee!" Izzie clapped her hand with a big smile.

"But I'm not," Meredith looked at them.

"What!" the three of them spoke simultaneously.

"I can't stay without the Shepherds finding out you know," she reasoned out. "I think I'm moving back to Boston or New York, yeah, I think I'm gonna move to New York."

"WHAT?" the three of them spoke simultaneously again.

"You can't!" Izzie shook her head.

"We won't let you," George spoke after.

"Just let her go," Christina spoke after a few seconds of silence.

"What?" Izzie and George looked at her.

"Thank you, Christina," Meredith nodded.

"She made a choice, deal with it," Christina rolled her eyes and left the room.

"I'm guessing that's how Christina deals with pain?" George asked.

"I guess..." Izzie nodded slowly. "Mer, are you really sure about all this?"

"I'm sure," Meredith nodded determined. "I'm sure."

--- --- ---

This is my first GA fic. So please be kind. :)