1 year later...

"Why do I have to wear this thing?" David frowned as he pulled on the bow of his tuxedo.

"Davey, place that back!" Meredith walked over to him and placed it back on.

"I don't want to wear this!" David pouted as he looked at Meredith.

"It's only for a few hours, Davey, just dinner," Meredith told him. "Your Uncle Mark wants the three of us to do something special for your birthday."

"My birthday was a week ago, Mom," David frowned. "And we already had a party!"

"Just a few hours, Davey, please?"

"Fine," David rolled his eyes and sat down on the couch near the bed. He watched Meredith fix her hair for a few minutes. "Mom?"


"Are you and Uncle Mark getting married?"

"I don't know," Meredith shrugged. "Someday, maybe..."

"If you get married can I call him Dad?"

"You'll have to ask him about that."

"You think Derek will get mad if I do?"

"I don't know that either, sweetie," Meredith smiled at him a little. For the past year, David has been spending some weekends with Derek in New York but he never got around to calling him Dad. Calling Mark Dad would certainly be something that would greatly affect Derek.

"So who do I ask first? Derek or Uncle Mark?"

"Hey, are you guys ready?" Mark entered the room completely all dressed up stripping Meredith the chance of answering David's question.

David looked at what Mark was wearing and then back at what he was wearing. He groaned and whined. "Mom!"


"You just had to buy us the same thing, didn't you?" David frowned.

"Aww, c'mon, buddy," Mark chidded him. "It's not so bad dressing up like your old Uncle Mark now is it?"

David glared at him annoyingly for a second before turning serious and looking at him.

"What?" Mark asked.

"Uncle Mark..." David started.

"Just ask him, Davey," Meredith couldn't help but hide her smile knowing what her son is about to do.

"What's the secret?" Mark looked back and forth between David and Meredith. David passed Meredith a doubting look and Meredith just nodded. "You guys are making me nervous."

"Uncle Mark, can I call you Dad if you and Meredith get married someday?" David finally let it out.


"Umm, yeah," David nodded. "So... Can I?"

"Of course, buddy! I would love that!"

"Really?" David asked again.

"Yeah!" Mark grinned widely. His life couldn't get any better.

"You ready?" Mark asked David.

"Uh-huh," David nodded, just placing his seatbelt on.

They were in the middle of the highway when Meredith's pager started to beep loudly. She gave Mark an apologetic smile and looked at her beeper.

"I need to go to the hospital," Meredith announced.

"Why'd you bring that, anyway?" Mark asked as he u-turned the car to head back towards the hospital's location.

"Habit," Meredith looked at her beeper. "It says 911."

"What could it be?" Mark asked. "My beeper didn't go on, that means it's probably a neuro."

"You're the one to talk," Meredith rolled her eyes and reached over towards Mark's pocket and pulled out his beeper. "You also brought your beeper with you!"

"Habit," Mark smiled at her.

"We're here!" David announced.

"This'll probably take a few minutes, let me just clear it out. Maybe we could still get to dinner after," Meredith gave Mark an apologetic smile and ran off of the car.

"Your mother is too dedicated to her work," Mark gave out a deep sigh as he shook his head.

"That's what makes her the best," David grinned, unbuckling his seatbelt and headed out the car, Mark following him.

"Meredith!" Izzie ran towards Meredith. "Head trauma patient, room 2228."

"We were heading out for dinner, Izzie! Aren't there any neurosurgeons lying around here?" Meredith asked, a little irritated, as they walked towards the room.

Izzie stopped in front of the room and let Meredith go through on her own. "This one's specially for you. Good luck, Mer!"

"Good luck?" Meredith looked at Izzie but she wasn't there anymore. She gave out a sigh and walked inside the room. She was surprised to find the room empty and dark. She opened the lights and gave out a loud gasp as she saw what was in the room.


"Crap?" Mark appeared behind her sporting a large grin. "I go through all this and all you could say is crap?"

"You did this?" Meredith looked at all the rose bouquet and the rose petals that filled the room.

"I would be very mad if someone else did this for you," Mark teased her as he walked closer to her slowly. "So..."

"I love it," Meredith smiled as she charged towards him and hugged him tightly.

"You haven't seen this," Mark held her and led her towards the bed near the windows that was hidden behind the curtain. Mark opened the curtain and watched Meredith's face as she discovered what was on the bed.

"Mark..." Meredith gasped as she saw the words 'Marry me.' formed through the rose petals.

"Would you?" Mark let go of her and knelt down before her as he took out the ring from his pocket. He looked up at her and took her hand. "Marry me, Meredith Grey."

"Yes," Meredith nodded profusely. "Yes!"

He smiled widely and placed the ring on her finger as he stood up and kissed her.

"She said yes!" Izzie's voice was heard from the doorway and the cheers of probably the whole Seattle Grace staff was heard.

"Seems like you've gotten a lot of people to help you with this plan of yours," Meredith teased him.

Mark smiled slyly. "It wasn't easy, I'll tell you that. But it was all worth it."

"Oh yeah?"

"Oh yeah," Mark nodded with a smile. He took her hands in his and pulled her towards the door. "You want to go outside and tell everyone the good news?"

"I think they already know, Mark," she laughed a little.

"There's an 8 year old down at the lobby that doesn't..."

"You didn't tell Davey?" Meredith asked.

Mark shook his head and gave her a small smile. "You know how that boy can't keep secrets from you, he would have blurted it out the minute I told him. So, c'mon, let's go tell him the good news, soon-to-be Dr. Sloan."

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