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Welcome to Shady side training doom!

Chapter 1:

It was just another day. Nothing unusual, nothing special, nothing extraordinary. Besides the fact that the Hokage gang had gathered in Recca's house for some special announcement to be announce by Kagerou.

"Ok! I think everybody is here."

"Mom… so wazzup? Do you have cheesy news?" Recca asked while munching some crackers.

"The reason why I called you is that I received a letter." Kagerou said

"So, is it good news?" They asked.

"The Shady side martial arts academy invites us to join the first ever Martial arts training camp that will be held at Roodge Village and it will be next week. Great Martial artist around the world will have their conference here and at the same time they will train aspiring ninjas or let's say those ninjas who want to develop their skills. Only 2 ninjas will be sent in this prestigious event." She said

"Really! This is fun" Recca shouted

"Yeah! Great ninjas will be there!" Domon seconded

"I will go with hime! Right hime?" Recca volunteered while holding Yanagi's hand.

"No! I will go with Fuuko dear!" Domon shouted

"As if I will go with you! I think I'll just stay at home than be with you" Fuuko said sarcastically and Domon looked at her sadly, he sends puppy-dog eyes to Fuuko but Fuuko just looked at him with repugnance

Mikagami who is sitting on the couch was looking at the scene of a sea-monkey and a gorilla fighting like kids. He just closed his eyes, and tilted back his head, trying to shut out the noises of his comrades not too far from him. Actually, he is not interested with that camp thingy. He just wants to finish this conversation and go to his peaceful home and have some rest.

"Ok! Kids! Kids! Please lend me your ears first." Kagerou shouted with irritation.

"I have a suggestion. Ganko, sweety, get some papers, scissors and a pen on my table please." She commanded

Ganko obediently followed her and when she got back she handed it to her.

"I want you to divide it into 7 and cut it then write your names on it and roll it." She commanded

"Ok! I will pick the person who will join the camp." She said

After picking:

Everybody except Tokiya is eager to hear who will be the lucky one who can attend the camp.


Fuuko squealed with joy

"And Mikagami''

Everybody fell silent and shocked was written all over their face.

"WHAT!" they shouted in unison

"No more arguments! No more questions! My decision is final! Mikagami and Fuuko will join that camp. You may close your mouths before flies hibernate in your mouths" Kagerou said

"but But" Fuuko said

"No more buts Fuuko. Are you free next week?" She asked

"Yes, Kagerou-chan, I have a 2 weeks sem-break." She said


"How about you Mikagami?"

"I'm not coming" He said coldly

"No! You're going!" she said

"Okay" He said in a bore tone.

"Start packing tonight and don't forget to bring your madougos. I know you can use it during the training. And I expect that you and Fuuko will cooperate in this camp. Fuuko always stick to Mikagami. Have fun and enjoy the camp guys." Kagerou said with a smile.

Everybody went straight to their homes after the meeting. Fuuko walk slowly as reality slap her straight on her face. 1 week with fridge-boy would be great and at the same time boredom was twined with him. Great coz he is a great fighter and boredom because he is no fun. She saw Mikagami walking alone; 'maybe a night walk with fridge-boy will be good' she said thoughtfully.

"Hey! Mi-chan wazzup?'' she said trying to catch Mikagami.

Tokiya just looked her

"Hm… so do you have some plans for the camp next week?"


"Hm… I think we should start packing tonight or maybe tomorrow and buy some stuff tomorrow."


How lovely to walk not talk while the cold night wind brushes their cheek. Tokiya notice Fuuko's slight shiver. He took of his coat and wraps it to Fuuko's small body.

"Thanks" she smiled

"You better not catch cold. I don't want be with a sick monkey."


Tokiya just smile at Fuuko's reactions and Fuuko was shocked to see fridge smiling.

"Kidding" he said in his normal tone and no emotions was written on his face.

"Hehe… that's unusual! You're starting to care with me Mi-chan that's surprising! And you already know hoe to crack a joke… that's good. Need some more practice and you will be ok!" she said placing a big grin on her face.

"Mark this date. Coz this will be the first and last time that I will crack a joke" he said


Unaware to Fuuko. They are already in front of her house.



"I said bye, didn't you here me?" he said sarcastically

"Oh! Sorry! Thanks for walking me home. Sayonara Mi-chan and Thank you for lending me your jacket." She bowed politely

"Bye!" he nod while he took his jacket and walked home. Fuuko closed the door and went straight to her room. She changes her clothes with her pajamas and t-shirt, combs her hair, brushes her teeth and uttered a small prayer.

At Mikagami's Residence:

Mikagami do the same thing. He changed his clothes, brush his teeth and uttered a small prayer.

And at the same time, they switch off the lights and went to bed.

But unaware to the two, someone's watching over them from afar. Lurking from the dark. Like a lion hunting for his prey. An evil grin was plastered on his face.

To be continued...


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