Author's Note: Just to let any newcomers know, this is the Sequel to A Brief Encounter (don't ask me what category its in because I don't have a clue, the damn thing is invisible). I hope to try and keep the comedy and still sustain the drama for this sequel, so any criticism will be taken constructively. Hope you like it…please let me know.

Disclaimer: Anything you recognize is not mine.

Eva rolled over in her numerous blankets and pillows. Ahhhh, sleep. Best thing in the world, always left you refreshed (after some coffee…of course) and ready to start a new day. She'd managed to travel the 4 states home in just under 3 days and now was catching up on her well needed sleep. Her mobile sprang to life in a mixture of flashes, beeps and vibrations against the surface of her bedside table, the sound oddly reminding her of a quacking duck. She groaned and stretched her long legs. She stole a peek at the radio clock to see that it was 4:00 am. What crazed idiot rang at this time? Her hand crawled over to her the bedside table and clumsily felt around for her mobile. She clicked the button with the green phone on it, and placed it to her ear.

"Hello?" she croaked.

"Oh, hey Eva it's Robert…Robert Calvesly, erm did I wake you?"

Who me…no I just like to stay awake all night. Its friggin 4 a.m, course you woke me up.

"Don't worry; I was already awake, what's up Bob"

"Oh ok….well you know you told me you're into the whole…er…um…"

"Dead scene," she replied in a flat tone.

"Yeah that, well me and my family, yeah Sandra had the baby, his name's Tom." Bob chuckled slightly. "Anyway we just moved into this new house up in Richfield, Utah and…I dunno…something's not right about it."

"How do you mean?" she frowned.

"There's these weird noises, sometimes it's just scratching…other times I swear it sounds like someone's batting a ball, god…you must think I sound crazy."

"Of course I don't. Just, take yourself away for a few days and when you come back it will all be sorted…okay?"

"You're sure?"

"Yeah, just leave a spare set of keys under a plant pot or something and I'll sort it."

"Oh god thank you Eva, you're a saint…really, I'll leave the keys under the mat for you"

"Okay, what's your address?" she sighed.

He relayed his address and she told him to leave ASAP…this could be dealt with in the morning. She hung up, turned over and went back for more sleep.

Eva grumbled once again and glared at the radio clock…9 a.m. God what's wrong with me, it's too early... freak! She headed straight for the shower to freshen up, before making her morning trip to Steve's Café for her dearly beloved coffee. Now more alive she set about packing a few belongings into her duffle bag for the approaching trip. Living in Colorado Springs and only being one state away made it an easy gig, this way she could come back to her own place for sleep, and not have nightmares of cockroaches and someone not quite making it to the toilet. Thinking about it, all she had to do was go in the house, find out who the poltergeist was when they were alive, find out where they were buried and then salt and burn the bones. She slammed the door to her apartment and made her way to the car.

Dean emerged from the burning house, each arm carrying a child; he jumped the 3 porch steps and ran towards Sandra and Robert.

Her hands flew to her mouth and she screamed, "Where's Tommy?"

Dean's eyes widened in horror.

Sam jumped awake yet again from a nightmare, he'd seen this particular one for the last 2 nights in a row. He only prayed it wasn't a vision, but the more it reoccurred, the more he believed it was. He swung his legs over the bed and scrubbed at his face, he stood, stretching away the stress in his muscles and quietly tip-toed to the bathroom, as not to wake Dean. They had already travelled across 3 states in 2 days and were now in Kansas in another cheap motel catching up on their sleep. Sam splashed some water onto his face to wash away the small beads of sweat from the nightmare. Dean would never purposefully leave behind a child, especially in a burning building, so what did it mean? Sam grumbled in frustration, and traipsed back to bed.

Sam woke first about 8:30, and looked over at Dean, why was it that Dean always woke last? Of course this meant that Sam was forced by law (generally Dean's) to get that mornings coffee and breakfast. He grumbled and went to get ready. Sam came out fully clothed and towelling his hair dry, to see Dean flicking through the T.V. Channels.

"Oh, you're up"

"You're still getting coffee and doughnuts"

"I know, I know" Damn!

He grabbed the keys and slammed the door making his annoyance heard, just in case Dean didn't already know. He made it at as quickly as possible and got 2 bags of doughnuts one iced for Dean, and one plain for himself.

"I got your favourite…iced"

He listened to the running water of the shower, and didn't bother to ask any more questions. Dean finished up in the shower and came out, already looking for his coffee and morning grub, and joined his brother on their beds to eat.

"So what's with this gig anyway?" muffled Dean amongst a mouthful of pink iced doughnut.

Sam swallowed down the rest of his bite before speaking, "Well, whenever a family moves into this house, their found battered and beaten to death within a 2 week period of staying there. So…my guess, just an angry spirit, simple salt and burn job."

"Yeah, but when has anything in our lives ever been simple?"

Sam gave Dean a look, but deep down he knew Dean was right, nothing ever was simple, and someone always got hurt…mostly them.

"Anyway, there's a family just moved in 4 days ago, so we only have 10 days or less to finish this."

"Plenty of time," replied Dean in a chirpy tone.