Author's Note: We're coming to the end of the story now, and I have ideas for a sequel, so let me know what you think of this story and the idea for a return.

She leapt up, "Robert? What's wrong?"

"That thing….it's back! We can't get out of our bedroom, it's got our kids Eva….its got our babies!" he shouted.

"Do you know where he's got them?" her mind raced at their possible plans of attack.

"Er, their in their bedroom too I think….what if he's hurting them Eva, he…" the line went dead and Eva jammed her phone into her pocket.

"We're leaving," she growled, turning on her heel and marching out of the motel room. All three jumped into the Impala and Dean sped out of the parking lot, heading for the Calvesly home.

Before the car had even fully stopped Eva leapt out and waited by the boot, tapping her foot.

"Take your fucking time, why don't ya?"

Dean ignored the comment and cranked open the boot, all three selected their weapons and filled them with rock salt.

"You only have one axe?" questioned Eva.

"You have more than one?"

"Guys, come on."

"Dean go get the kids, Sam you and me can get Bob and Sandra," Eva was already on the move, she raised her leg and kicked through a section of the front door.

Dean swung the axe into the remaining lower panes and crawled inside closely followed by Eva and Sam.

All three sprinted up the stairs, Eva signalled to the room's and they all began talking through the doors, to the captives behind them.

"Rob… Sandra its me Eva."

"Oh thank god you're here-" Eva didn't have time to hear the rest of what Sandra had to say. Sam hadn't seen the bat behind his head, so Eva shoved him out the way before it slammed into the wall.

Ducking down she crawled to Sam, and they both fired at the ghost before it disappeared.

"DEAN!" Sam boomed. Dean narrowly missed the plant pot that smashed against the children's door, only causing more screams from inside.

"We haven't got long," he yelled. Eva went back to the door, ramming it with her shoulder. Pain shot through her back as the invisible bat collided with her. Her knees gave way and she buckled to the floor, using this to her advantage she crawled on her stomach to the top of the stairs.

Quickly standing she raced back down them and shouted, "Come on then! You wanna fucking punch bag, step right up!" Dean gave her a bewildered look, but didn't have time to respond as a nearby oil lamp smashed behind him. The spirit formed in front of him and took a long swing towards Dean's abdomen.

Taken by surprise, Dean doubled over in pain, clutching his ribs and sank to the floor. Before Eva had time to think Sam was already shooting and firing in the space where the ghost had been.

"Sam NO!" she cried.

Too late. The spilt oil burst into flames, quickly engulfing the nearby curtains. Dean scrabbled to get away.

"Come on then Bobby," cried Eva once again. Her arms flew out in the air to offer herself.

She didn't have to wait long. She recoiled in pain as the wooden baseball bat slammed into her already painful ribcage. She glanced up at Dean, who was staring at her, bewildered.

"Get the family out…..NOW!" She started picking up random unpacked objects and lobbing them at the now fully formed ghost.

"This…….piss…you…!" She paused only to throw more objects. The ghost only laughed and took up stance in the dining area. Eva frowned slightly.

In a split second the spirit had reached to his pocket, retrieved a base ball and chucked it in the air. His bat swung round to greet the ball and it sped through the air towards Eva.

She crouched to the floor and the ball whistled past the spot her head had been mere seconds ago, rebounding off the wall it slammed into Eva's back between her shoulder blades, sending her to the floor, before disappearing.

"That's cheating," she wheezed.

The thick smoke only made her cough even more and she wondered how Dean and Sam were doing. She looked up to see the ghost was about to find out the answer to her question.

"Hey!" I'm not done with you yet," she yelled firing at the ghost with her rock salt filled shotgun. The ghost vanished, and as if on cue Rob, Sandra and Sam stumbled down the stairs.

Most of the upper hallway was now in flames and smoke filled the whole house.

"Where's Dean?" she coughed.

He's just coming…come on!" Sam yelled. Kicking through the last of the front door they scrabbled outside joining the small crowd that had gathered outside the house. Eva's eyes frantically searched for any sign of movement.

Just as she was about to run back in Dean emerged from the burning house, each arm carrying a child; he jumped the 3 porch steps and ran towards Sandra and Robert.

Her hands flew to her mouth and she screamed, "Where's Tommy?"

Dean's eyes widened in horror, and it finally clicked in Sam's mind where his nightmares had been coming from. Eva rushed past Dean and ducked back into the house. The smoke blocked her sight like a big dark storm cloud, stealing the air from her lungs.

She didn't have time to think about how badly her eyes stung or the fact she was rapidly running out of breath. Taking the stairs two at a time she pulled her leather jacket up over her head and squinted through the smoke at the rooms. Flames engulfed one of the doors and she could barely make out the Winnie the Pooh sign on its front. She kicked through the rest of the door, the effort only making her cough even more. Flames reached across the ceiling, burning through the curtains and the wooden cupboard. She rushed over to the cot, grabbing the small infant, wrapping it in her leather jacket.

How can you miss a fucking baby Dean?

A loud creak caught her attention and she cradled the baby against her as the roof above the door collapsed, blocking them in.

Shit Shit Shit!

She heard more of the roof collapse throughout the house, and she knew she didn't have long.

She hadn't been expecting the bat that collided with the backs of her knees, barely managing to keep a hold of the baby as she fell.

"You thought you could get away?" Eva glanced up, her eyes meeting the transparent ones of the ghost. That's when she saw it.

A grin spread across her face, and the spirit followed her gaze. Within seconds she was up and sprinting towards the burning cupboard. Ignoring the painful attacks of the bat, she darted her hand inside the small burning whole in the cupboard door. Pulling out the old baseball bat, she'd seen out of the corner of her eye.

"Now be a good little girl and put it back," Bobby cooed, panic clearly etched on his pale face.

"Oh I'm always a good girl," Eva smiled, tossing the bat into the flames.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" his hand reached out, pleading to the flames. He made one final attempt to attack Eva, swinging his bat back and marching towards her. Waiting for the blow, she cranked open her eye to see nothing. He'd gone.

Now all I have to do is get out of here.

The curtains had fallen to the floor, the flames having burnt through them. Stepping over them she grabbed the lever to open the window, quickly recoiling as it burnt her hand.

Dean watched as she came to the window burning her skin on the handle, she burst into a fit of coughs. If only he hadn't been so quick in grabbing the kids, he'd have seen the baby. Now they could both die if he didn't get them out. Sam could feel Dean about to move as they watched Eva. As Dean stepped, Sam grabbed his jacket, restraining him.

"Dean wait!"

"She hasn't got time!"

Unwrapping the sleeve of her jacket from the bundle in her arms she used it to grip the window handle, moving as quickly as she could, before it too could catch fire. Pushing both windows out, and gulping down heaps of fresh air, she gently crawled out onto the ledge.

Her only chance was to use the guttering down the side of the house. Reaching up and gripping the roof gutter, she shimmied along the window ledge.

Why was I born so fucking small?

Knowing she'd have to jump it she recited a quick prayer and clung tighter to the baby.


She leapt sideways, her arm extending towards the guttering pole. She heard the women in the crowd scream as she left the ledge.

Her fingers reached the pole, wrapping around it, and she braced herself for the pull her weight would bring. A scream tore from her throat, as she felt tendons snap in her shoulder and arm.

Legs flaying wildly she looked down to see Dean and Sam with a blanket beneath her. Deep down she knew the blanket wouldn't take her weight, so she decided to do the best for the baby she was holding.

Hooking her legs around the pole as tightly as possible, she prayed. Prayed that Dean and Sam would catch the child, prayed the guttering wouldn't snap before she had the chance to get down.

Her quick prayer was interrupted by a loud snap. The bracket at the top was severely loose and wobbled the guttering pole dangerously.

Tightening her grip on the small bundle, she lent backwards turning the world on it's axis, trying to shorten the gap between the baby and the blanket.

Dean chose that moment to look her in the eyes, and Eva knew in this instance, she could trust him. She had to trust him…so she let go. Screams tore through the night as the baby fell.

Eva hadn't realised she'd been holding her breath until she let it go, as the infant bounced into the blanket. They began carrying him away and Eva realised she no longer cared if the pole snapped……she'd saved his life.

So when it finally gave way and the manicured grass lawn rushed up to meet her, she embraced it, as she did the warm blanket of unconsciousness that followed.

More screams came from the crowd as Dean and his brother carried the infant back to his parents. He turned back just in time to watch Eva fall from the roof and land with a sickening thud on the ground.


The sirens of a fire engine could be heard approaching fast, but nothing else mattered at that moment. He couldn't get over how still she looked, how much he hated it, the feeling it gave him in his stomach. Sinking to his knees, he reached out to touch her neck, to feel for a pulse. Her body burst into a flurry of convulsions as her body fought for fresh air to feed her lungs. Her stained black skin was soaked in sweat, he forehead creased with pain.

"Baby?" suppressing another coughing fit she propped herself up onto her elbows. Dean noted how wheezy she sounded, but that seemed to be the least of her problems. Craning her head past Dean she saw the small crowd that had gathered in a circle, sheltering something inside.

Dean bowed his head, "Eva this wasn't your fault, if anything it was mine, I-"

Her eyes widened in shock, "No! No no no no." Ignoring the throbbing of her head, she stood up and ran to the crowd, shoving her way through.

Sandra knelt on the ground, cradling Tommy screaming and sobbing.

She felt nothing, not people's eyes on her as she entered the circle, not Dean's stammered words telling her how there was nothing more she could have done. She didn't hear the small sobs of women in the crowd being comforted by their husbands, or the louder cries of despair from Sandra.

"Give him to me," she heard herself say, sinking to her knees before the broken woman. A look of utter disbelief spread across Sandra's face, and she cradled the still child tighter against her.

"Please." Sandra looked from Eva to Tommy and to Eva's amazement gave him to her.

She cursed as she checked for circulation on the minute fingernails of the baby.


Tenderly placing him on the ground she tilted his tiny head to face it forwards, and blew a short quick breath to fill his small lungs, ignoring the rest of the world around her. Ignoring the arrival of the fire engine, Sandra's desperate cries telling her it won't work, Dean trying to coax her away from the body, Roberts gentle crying in the back ground.

Placing her index finger and middle finger off the centre of the breast bone, she gently began applying short bursts of pressure counting a minute in her head, before repeating the process again and again and again.

Now on her sixth cycle, her arms ached from the tension and the world was growing hazier by the second but she wasn't giving up. She couldn't.

Every time Dean tried to talk to Eva, to get her away from the body and leave the parents to grieve she'd simply move away from his touch, blanking him all together. Even the firemen had given up trying and sighed with pity. He knew it was hopeless, the baby's skin no longer held any colour, any life. There was nothing left.

The blue flashing lights of the Ambulance caught his attention and he turned back to Eva.

"Eva come on, the ambulance is here, you can let them take over now," she was blaming herself, when he knew this was his fault, it was his responsibility to get the kids. Once again she flinched away from him, Dean once again not knowing what to say.

She breathed more air into the lifeless body, counted the minute of chest compressions in her head and repeated the action of placing her ear on his tiny chest.

That's when she heard it.

A tiny little thud, followed by another, and another. She almost laughed as the colour slowly came back into his fingernails after she pinched it. There was a circulation. A tiny cough let the crowd know that Tommy was alive. Back from the dead. Eva faced Dean, tears of joy in her eyes a grin spreading across her face. People in the crowd began to cheer and celebrate. Dean turned to Sam, both men grabbed each other, jumping up and down in delight. Quickly realising there surroundings they shoved each other away and cleared their throats.

Eva was happy to let the ambulance crew take over, flexing her tired arms as she stood to face Dean. An awkward moment followed where neither knew what to do next, before Eva yanked him into a hug laughing to herself.

Somewhere in the flurry, someone had draped a hospital sheet around her shoulders and scooted her away from the still burning house. The fire fighters tackled the blaze steam rising up out of the extinguished flames. A tap on her shoulders made her jump, and she turned to face Sandra and Rob. Sandra cupped her face with both hands, planting a kiss on her forehead.

"I'm sorry about the house."

"Sweetheart, it doesn't matter. You saved our baby's life, nothing else matters."

"How's Tommy?"

"He's stable, we're just about to go to the hospital with him, make sure he's okay."

Robert couldn't stand it anymore, and pulled Eva into a hug. Resting her head on his warm shoulders, she suddenly realised how tired she was, and closed her eyes for a second.

Robert felt her knees buckle and he caught her as she slipped, her head lolling backwards. Gently laying her down, he let Sandra watch her as he went to get a paramedic, returning to the back of the ambulance.

"Are you and your wife ready to go now Mr Calvesly?"

"I need your help, Eva's hurt." The female paramedic jumped out, following Robert to Eva.

Dean and Sam had been discussing the day's events when a throat clearing caught their attention. They turned to face Robert.

"It's Eva."

Within seconds Dean was by her side, watching the paramedic flash a pen light into Eva's eyes. Retrieving an oxygen mask from her med bag she gently lifted Eva's head, sliding it over her airways.

Dean couldn't take it anymore, "What's wrong?"

"Her body's exhausted from the resuscitation and CPR, and she's finding it difficult to breathe. There also seems to be tendon damage to the upper left arm and tenderness to the ribs."

That could be because I beat the crap out of her.

"She fell from the guttering," Sam knew what Dean was thinking, so decided to jump in.

"Don't worry, she'll be fine," the paramedic smiled, "now does anyone have a car, the ambulance is already cramped enough and this young woman needs to go to hospital."

Dean listened carefully to the instructions he was given for the drive and kept a watchful eye on Sammy as he placed Eva on the backseat. Sliding under Eva's head, Sam dropped into the driver's seat and began following the ambulance. Eva's body began to shake as she burst into another fit of coughing. She fought for air to fill her lungs, clutching her ribs and chest in pain.

"Ya know…..I'm thinking about…getting one of these things…fitted permanently…, save time," she panted. Dean grinned, shaking his head.

"Where….are we...going?"


"Nuh-uh, no way," ignoring the spinning, and the pain she sat up and tugged the oxygen mask off.

"Eva," warned Dean.

"No hospitals, I just need a decent night's sleep."

Dean groaned.

Sam tenderly placed her arm in the sling, and stood up to admire his handy work.

"Do I get a lolly?" grinned Eva, laying back on the motel bed.

Sam rolled his eyes.

"What not even a sticker? This place sucks!"

Dean came back in from the bathroom, he hadn't said a word since the car journey discussion. The room fell silent.

"Anyone got a butter knife? I feel like cutting up some tension," drawled Eva.

"What you did was stupid." Sam, predicting the oncoming argument quickly stripped and dived into his bed.

"What saving a baby's life. God what was I thinking?"

"It was my responsibility; I should have gone back in."

"Ok well next time I'll write it on my hand so I don't forget," she reached for an imaginary pen and began to scrawl on her hand, her tongue poking from the side of her mouth. "Must….Not …..Save….People."

"Don't fuck with me Eva," yelled Dean slamming his fist on the chest of drawers, "you could have died tonight!"

"One! I've already fucked you, and it wasn't that mind blowing…,"

A whimper came from Sam's bed and he reached for the pillow, yanking it over his head.

"…Two! We could die on every hunt we do…the point is I didn't, so quit whining and go to sleep...…I'm taking the bed," she leant over and turned the bedside lamp off.

The motel fell into complete darkness as Dean flicked the room light off, growling with frustration as he did.

Grabbing a spare blanket from the cupboard, he set up camp on the floor. Taking one final glance at Eva, now curled on her side, he huffed and turned over for some sleep.

Sam tapped his fingers on the interior of the Impala passenger door. They'd given Eva a lift back to her car, still at the bar, and then for them it was on to the next hunt.

Eva clambered out of the car and began walking to her car. In the middle of the car park she stopped, jammed her hands in her pockets and began to kick around stones.

"You've got 5 minutes."

Dean jumped out the car, and slowly walked over to where she was playing, she stopped and looked up at him.

"Sooo," he smiled.

She grabbed him by the jacket bringing him into a rough kiss, tongues frantically exploring the insides of each other's mouths one last time. Dean pulled back.

"And there was me thinking you didn't care."

"Sweetheart, I wouldn't cross the road to piss on you if you were on fire," she grinned.

Dean held his hand to his heart, "Touching. So, did you mean what you said?"

"About what?"

"About me, not blowing your mind in bed." Dean grew decidedly quieter towards the end of the sentence.

"Are you still thinking about that?"

"I'm a man, these things are important," he frowned.

She stepped closer and played with the zip on his leather jacket, "You rocked my world."

"Good, cause you sucked."

"Bite me!"

"With pleasure!"

Author's Note: The End! Let me know what you think, and your thoughts on a sequel, to be titled……"Nothing left".