Some characters were insipered by the song, " Bad Boy" by Cascada and my imagination . Anyway, R&R please! Guesss the POV for the first chapt. of course, italics are flashbacks and underlines are thoughts.

I was just flying around, looking for anything wierd, when I saw Natalie's blasting from the outskirts of town. Looking closer, She had tears and she was blasting pretty hard. "Natalie!" She didn't answer. "NATALIE!" She finally noticed I was there. "Go away Fenton." No. I wanna know why you're here." "Leave" "Not untill you tell me what's wrong" She finally stopped carving in the rock and faced me. "Look at the rock and tell me what you see." She carved a cresent moon and and an arrow going through the tip. what the hell? I thought to myself but then, it hit me. "The moon is your birthmark, isn't it? " "Yeah." "But why's there an arrow through it?" But by the time I finally figured it out, she left.

Short, I know but, THe other ones will be longer, I promise.