Italics are thoughts Sam's Pov

Well, these songs are really subtle. I sarcastically thought. Not subtle, but they are helpful. Natalie didn't know where Danny was but I didn't wanna disturb her either. I thought about places we used to go then it hit me.. There he was. "Well, here goes." He didn't see me so I sat with my back behind him. " Hey."

"Hey." Wow, he's depressed. "So, how'd it go?"

"Oh." Nice GUILT trap. " It...could've been better." He had that "Yeah Right" look on his face. "What's wrong?"

"Can't a guy be sad about his friend gone?" I could tell he was trying to talking about Tucker, but , his focus was me.

"Look, we all miss him but." I sat next to him. " What's really wrong?"


"Whatever, I'm out of here." I was pissesd enough when he grabbed my hand

Danny's pov.

Way to go Fenton. " That's not what I meant." I said, hoping to get a chance to talk.

She stopped. "Then what did you mean?"

"Well, I just want to know.-"

"Why I kissed him?" She scoffed. She's cute when she's mad "Well, why were you spying on us?"

" Simple. Natalie asked me to."

"Yeah. That's like her. And, That's one reason why we could never be together."


"No, Kahlen and I." She looked sad. Then it hit me. Like when you're watching Boy Meets World when Topanga went on a date with that guy then realized that she could only love...Correy. Oh...I get it. Wow, I'm an idiot. And How did I remember watching that...scary.

"You kissed him to see if you're still in love with him."

"How'd you guess? Did you watch Boy Meets World or something?"

"Maybe." I said with shifty eyes. "So, how'd it feel?"

Then, without warning, she kissed me. WOw, she really can read ya. " "Kinda like that..but with your lips.." She licked her lips. "Which taste suprisingly like cinnimon gum." cinnimon

"So, are these lips Sweet enough?"

"Maybe..." ( I don't wanna get into too much so I'll just put, insert makeout session.) "But, I'll still be in love with you even if you tasted"

"Is pink even a flavor?" Then, she kissed me again with a " Shut up and kiss me because we're in love" feeling.

and that's what happened.