Yutori no Kagami

Room of Mirrors


Yami no Uragawa

Dream Arch

Krad os…

Ees t'nac I taht krad os…

Ees I t'nac yhw…?

--------------------------------0. Xatti ---------------------------------

I awoke at that moment, disoriented, and confused. But weirdly, my eyes refused to open. I tried to move my body to check if there was something preventing my eyes from opening, it was then I realized that it felt like lead; too heavy to move, or otherwise unmovable. So I lay there, my head swimming from the enormous pressure that I felt there.

Where was I?

"Si Eh ErEhT…"

"EnO that?"

"ThGiL eHt… SeY."

The whispers were distorted and foreign to my ears, sounding like a resembling screeching sound making my head hurt. I lay there a few more moments, the cool ground smooth beneath my weight, giving me a slight and yet pleasant tingling beneath my fingertips.

"MiH eSaElEr."

'eRuS UoY eRa?"


"-Eh Fi TaHw TuB?"

"DlOt Er'UoY aS oD, eCnElIs."

"ReTsAm, SeY…"

Them there was silence before I felt something so cold that the feeling burned on my skin. I tried to move but I still was unable to move my body, the pain making my body sweat even though it was relatively cold. I wanted to scream, but it felt as though my lips were nailed shut. But all at once it stopped, the pain already facing into memory.

"What just… huh?" I whispered shakily, voice cracking before I realized I could speak. What was going on?

"ReBmEmEr Eh SeOd?"

"LuFtBuOd YrEv…"

"YhW… nEhT?"


I clapped my hands to my ears, trying to block out that horrid symphony of sound, eternally grateful that I could in fact move again. I squinted through my eyelashes, trying to find the source of the sound, my eyes widened and I wished I hadn't been able to see.

Thousands upon thousands of mirrors were stacked on the walls as though they were wallpaper. But what the mirrors held inside of them…

…Made me redefine my definition of fear.

Countless pairs of golden eyes peered at me from bodies eerily reminiscent of my own. Black in color they had no distinguishable characteristics, save for the deadly long claws at the end of each finger and those sinfully colored eyes that seemed to bore into my very heart…


"TrAeH…dElIosnU… eRuP!"


The symphony of shrieks increased in volume, making me sit up and place my head between my legs, hoping to quell the tumultuous amount of sound. But that proved…

…To be yet another mistake…

The mirrors were beneath me as well and I could se the creatures in all the more clarity. Black fists slammed continuously, almost desperately against the glass, screaming and howling in their distorted voices. Some were clawing at the glass, making the amount of sound increase drastically. Their mouths were gaping holes, darker in color than their bodies, seeming to inhale everything but themselves.

They had some sort of black aura exuding from their bodies, and when they inhaled a rattling sound was emitted. Every time their claws made contact with the glass, dark blue sparks erupted from the scratch trail, soon after being swallowed within the dark mass of energy that was their aura.

I felt the blood drain from my face as I let out a scream, drowning out all of them. Hot tears sparked to life in my eyes, letting salty tears trail down my cool cheeks. As much as I hated to admit it, I was a bit of a cry baby.

"em Ot Ti EvIg!"


I look up as the voice cut through the noise, Silencing the others who looked to a single mirror. I felt the tears continue to flow and ducked my head in between my knees, refusing to open them, shivering slightly.

"SoRa…" the voice whispered, oddly calming to my frayed nerves. I sat still, refusing to move, the warmth the tears gave me was a welcome change from the frigid temperature of the room.

"LoOk At Me, So-Ra…" the voice whispered again, slightly distorted, but understandable. I was compelled to look up, and so I did, my eyes stinging slightly.

This one was different than the others, I could tell its power was greater and it was tinted with dark blue in places. Its total coloration was different than the others, its overall color was a deep violet, hair a dark blue almost black, and eyes more slanted and golden than the others.

"HoW I'Ve LoNgEd To SeE yOu… AwAiTiNg YoUr ArRiVaL pAtIeNtLy…" he whispered, pressing himself bodily against the glass, claws scraping slightly against its surface seemingly trying to get closer to me.

I stood uncertainly, almost falling as new weight was placed on my legs. Just how long was I laying there…?

"What are you talking…? I don't understand anything right now!"

He blinked and his golden eyes crinkled in mirth, shaking his head, eyes disappearing beneath midnight blue bangs. He stilled after a moment, before speaking again, his voice so much like mine; but at the same time not.

"Of CoUrSe, Of CoUrSe…" he whispered, eyes still hidden beneath his hair, "FoR oNe WhO knows NoThInG, UnDeRsTaNdS…" here he paused to look at me, his eyes literally a blazing yellow, before continuing, pushing heavily on the glass, "NoThInG…"


At that moment, he stepped through the glass as if it were water, feet first, his body following soon after. He seemed to float down slowly towards me, but the next second, I was pinned to the ground, the wind knocked out of me.

The others were silent, but I could tell they wished to take part, if the frantic clawing was any indication. I coughed and opened my eyes slowly, looking to the body above me in confusion as my tears stopped.

"DoN't WoRrY dEaReSt LiGhT, i WoN't HuRt YoU, yOu'Re MuCh ToO iMpOrTaNt To DeStRoY…" he whispered, moving to nuzzle my neck.

"Then… what do you want?" I asked, trying to move away from his burningly cool touch. His hands were like shackles around my wrists, the rest his body situated on my lap, legs entwined with mine, effectively pinning me.

"I wAnT yOu, YoUr HeArT, yOuR bOdY…yOuR eVeRyThInG… So-Ra…" he whispered, cool breath ghosting along my neck, making the tiny hairs stand on end as he gripped my wrists harder, claws digging deep into the flesh there, drawing blood. I glanced to where the blood fell and saw that it was absorbed into the mirror beneath me. I glanced back after I heard the cheerful screech that erupted.

"Why?" I questioned, trying to move away from him more urgently, uncaring that the friction was causing the wounds on my wrists to open wider. But anything if it meant getting away, this thing was crazy!

"BeCaUsE…" he whispered, leaning up to look into my eyes, seeming to savor my body in his golden gaze, "yOu ArE tHe OnE… wHo WiLl OpEn ThE dOoR…"

I blinked, and stopped the blood dripping into the mirror below me, clearly confused, "What door?"

He smiled, eyes crinkling, ThE dOoR… tO dArKnEsS," here he leaned down and paused before my face, golden eyes so bright that I had no choice but to look away at the intensity of them. He took this chance to lean down further and bite my neck hard. His sharp, jagged teeth easily broker skin, drawing a copious amount of blood. I heard it splatter and then the warped sound as it was sucked into the mirror below. Needless to say, I screamed, screamed bloody murder.

He pulled back a little and licked my neck, cleaning the blood off, inserting his tongue inside the cut, it felt like needles and I screamed all the louder. He then pulled back all the way, studying me for a moment.

I heard a hissing sound as the sensation of skin burning entered my awareness, I cringed and shivered, gagging as blood caught in my mouth. He then tried to console me, trying vainly to silence me without hurting me. But I continued to scream and cough until I went hoarse. Why was this happening to me?

"ShH lItTlE lIgHt, AlL wILl Be AlRiGhT.. sLeEp…" he muttered, placing a hand on my head, "UoY tCeToRp LlIW i…"

My body complied instantly, but my mind had enough awareness to remain active a bit longer.

"YdAeR eH sI?"

"SnEkAwA aRoS wOrRoMoT… sEy."

My mind blanked out soon after, leaving me stranded in limbo, distorted voices as my company.