AN: Yay, a new story. I know I'm not completely done with Skip a Beat yet but this story has been floating around in my head for AGES and I figured I was close enough with the other one to start something new. Hope you guys enjoy.

TITLE: Worlds Together

SUMMARY: He's in college, she's in high school. He's an Eli, she's Harvard bound. He's a playboy, she's a commitment girl. He belongs to society and she hates his kind. Can an unexpected friendship bring their worlds together...and perhaps lead to something more? ROGAN

BACKGROUND: This story begins during Rory's infamous surprise interview at Yale in season 3. Everything that happened up to that point in the show happened for the sake of my story except 1 thing; Tristan never went away to military school. He won't be a major player in this story but I did think it would be fun to include him so I am. At the beginning Rory will be with Jess and Logan and her will only be friends with a LOT of sexual tension. This may go on for a while but not nearly as long as it did for Skip a Beat, don't worry. This will also be a lot less angsty. I promise to try and keep the LIT stuff to only that which pertains to furthering the Rogan relationship. If you have any other questions about this story, please let me know. Hope you enjoy.


Rory Gilmore walked away from the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library in awe. She had to admit, there were some pretty cool aspects to Yale. Sure it was no Harvard but it definitely had potential as a back up, not that she would ever tell her mother that. It was no secret that Lorelai Gilmore was not a fan of Yale; to her it represented everything she had rebelled against, the high society world of her parents. Of course Harvard had more than its share of society brats roaming the campus but Lorelai chose to look past that fact. Harvard was good, Yale was bad- end of story. So Rory kept her opinion of the college quite as her grandparents went on and on about all the great things that came with being an Eli.

"OK, that was boring," Lorelai said and Rory discreetly rolled her eyes. How could seeing a real Gutenberg be boring? It was amazing; a part of history, a piece of culture, right before their eyes. "First I was scarred for life by the newly acquired knowledge that my mother was a home wrecker, now I have to listen to brainwashed tour guides drone on and on about things that are older than dirt. If the second half of this tour is going to be as painful as the first I'm going to need more coffee."

Mmmm, coffee. Rory could definitely go for some coffee. "I see a coffee cart right over there," Rory pointed the way. "We should definitely get some. I have to test the coffee here, it'll be a vital part of my collegiate life," she said eagerly, and then for the sake of her mother she leaned in and quietly added, "plus this way when I go to Harvard I can honestly boast that their coffee is way better than Yale's."

"OK then, coffee it is," Lorelai responded, already dragging Rory off in the direction of the kiosk.

"You want any, Grandma? Grandpa?" Rory asked, pulling out of Lorelai's grasp and pausing to wait for her grandparents.

"Actually sweetheart, I think I'm going to go freshen up a bit, I'll meet you girls over there in a few minutes," Emily Gilmore responded. She didn't understand the obsession her daughter and granddaughter had with the caffeinated beverage but it was one of their easier quirks to accept and so she tried not to make a fuss over it.

"Yes, I do believe a trip to the little gentleman's room is in order, you girls go get your coffee," Richard Gilmore added.

"OK, we'll be by the mocha lattes," Rory told them as she followed her mother away from the elders.

There was a short line at the cart and the two Lorelai's joined it, waiting impatiently for their caffeine fix. "Coffee's on me today," Rory told her mother, pulling a change purse out of her jeans' pocket. "I have to get rid of some of these coins."

"Thanks kiddo. How much is a coffee? Three bucks? I'll deduct it from your running total. You now only owe me $245, 647...and your life."

"That's good to know. I'll write you out an IOU," Rory replied with a laugh, opening her purse and digging through the change. A moment later Rory felt someone bump her from behind and the coins went flying everywhere. She sighed in frustration and bent down to pick up the money.


Logan Huntzberger walked out of the Yale Daily News Office. His father had been on his back even more so than usual. School's been in session nearly two months and you haven't had a single by line yet...when are you going to get you act together and take this seriously; the future of this company is in your hands, do you have any idea what kind of responsibility that is? So he had decided the easiest way to get a little peace was just to suck it up a write an article. He had just turned in his first story of the year and had had to deal with the brown-nosed editor kissing his ass, telling him what a wonderful job he had done before he had even glanced at the piece of writing before him. That place seriously sucked the life out of him; Logan needed a jolt of coffee to get him going again.

He got in line for coffee behind two brunette women. They looked very similar and he figured they were related; sisters, or cousins perhaps? They were both beautiful, though one was a bit too old for him; the other girl was, however, just perfect. He caught a glimpse of her shimmering blue eyes and her mirthful smile. She was gorgeous, of course Logan Huntzberger wouldn't settle for anything less than gorgeous, though she was dressed simply in plain zip up sweater and pair of jeans, and man did her ass look nice in those jeans. He smiled to himself; he was still looking for a date next Friday and she would do nicely.

The girl pulled out a coin purse and began sifting through her quarters and dimes. Change- that was something a Huntzberger couldn't be bothered with, nor could most people who ran in his circle. Judging by the way this girl was dressed and her current form of currency, she was not a high society girl; of course he suspected that anyway, he knew almost everyone in the Hartford elite, at least as a casual acquaintance. It didn't matter, he wasn't looking for a future wife or anything, just a good lay.

He seized the opportunity for a meeting, and "accidentally" bumped her from behind causing her money to fall from her hands and scatter across the ground. She bent down to pick it up and he paused for a second to get a good look, yes her ass definitely looked nice in those jeans, before bending down to "help" her recover her coins. "I'm really sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going," he apologized. "Although I'm not quite sure how I could have missed someone as beautiful as you," he added, laying the charm on thick.

"It's OK," she said tersely and turned to give him her best fake smile; she may not be society but she definitely had that society smile down pat. She was annoyed with him, he could tell that much. Oh well, it was the risk he'd taken for choosing the course of action he did; her annoyance wouldn't last long, Logan could win any girl over. An award winning smirk, a few well placed compliments, a cup of apology coffee and if all else failed- his name, and this girl would be swooning like all the others.

"No, really, I should be more careful," he said, picking up the last nickle that still lay on the ground and placing it back in her hand. "Let me make it up to you," He offered, flashing her his signature smirk. "Let me buy your coffee...both of you," he added looking up at her companion.

"I don't think so," she replied coldly. She wasn't even pretending to be nice anymore.

"Aw, come on now, it was only an accident, no need to get all riled up," he told her. "Although I must say that angry works for you; really makes those baby blue's sparkle."

She just ignored him and shot an exasperated look at the slightly older woman by her side. Hmm, this one was certainly giving him a little trouble but no girl turned Logan Huntzberger down and he wasn't about to break that winning streak now. He was all set to try again when he was distracted by the sound of someone calling his name.



Rory began hastily gathering the scattered currency when the very person who had caused this mishap bent down next to her. He began picking up money, coin by coin and uttered an apology that reeked of fake sincerity, followed by a compliment that was as unoriginal as it was lame. She quickly brushed him off and turned to give him the society smile she had quickly mastered in the three years since she had become more involved in her grandparent's world. It was at this point that she got a good look at him. She guessed he could be considered good looking, but she certainly wasn't interested. He wore designer clothing on his body and a smug look of arrogance on his face. He reminded her a bit of Tristan; a spoiled rich kid who thought that the entire world, especially the female half of it, should bow down at his feet.

He tried to apologize again and then offered to buy her coffee for her, then as an after thought he looked at Lorelai and offered her a coffee as well. She already disliked this guy immensely and if her grandparents weren't nearby she would have bothered to tell him exactly what she thought of him, but the Gilmores could return at any second and the last thing she needed to do in front of them was cause a scene. She tried to blow him off again but he persisted, his cocky facade only showing itself even more. He offered her another compliment, this one underhanded. She was beginning to think this "accident" wasn't an accident at all. It was probably some lame attempt of his to try and charm his way into her pants. Well that certainly wasn't going to happen.

She ignored him and turned to her mom, giving her a look that told Lorelai exactly what she thought of the boy. Lorelai returned the look and shook her head, indicating that she had the same opinions of the blond standing behind them but she clearly found it much more entertaining than her daughter.

Rory noticed they were next in line and prepared herself to order but she suddenly heard her grandfather's voice calling out to someone named Logan. She turned around curiously, trying to find exactly who her grandfather was speaking to. When she found her grandfather's intended target she sighed frustratedly. She should have known, that boy reeked of society. He was probably the precious son of one of her grandparent's billionaire friends.


Logan looked around, trying to find who had called to him. He spotted Richard Gilmore, accompanied by his wife, Emily. He wondered what they were doing there, although Richard was an Eli so they were probably in town for some alumni event. He really wanted to turn his attention back to the feisty brunette but the Gilmore's were friend's of the family and he had to play nice so he plastered on his society mask and turned to them.

"Richard, Emily! It's a pleasure, what brings you to our lovely campus this fine day?"

"Oh well, I just stopped by for a little get together with the Wiffenpoofs. I brought my granddaughter along for a tour of the campus as well. She's a senior at Chilton this year, top of her class," Richard bragged. "It looks as though you two have met," he nodded his head to the very girl Logan had been fixated on. A Gilmore? Paying for coffee in nickles and dimes? That certainly didn't compute, but regardless, there before him was the illusive Gilmore Girl, often spoke of in society but never seen. It was certainly a shame to keep a girl like her hidden away.

"Yes, we had a little incident with some spilled coins but I offered my sincerest apologies and your lovely granddaughter just offered to let me buy her coffee as an act of contrition." Logan responded with a smile. He had identified his mystery woman and she wouldn't dare continue to spurn his advances with her grandparents around; that would be impolite after all.

"Richard, don't be rude," Emily scolded. "Make proper introductions."

"Oh yes, of course. Logan, this is my granddaughter Rory and my daughter Lorelai." Now that, Logan found interesting. The other woman was the mother; she was obviously older but he never would have guessed she was old enough to be the mother of a high school senior. He contained his surprise and politely shook hands with Rory and Lorelai. He noticed Rory give him a death glare as she reluctantly accepted his hand. He suppressed a laugh. This one would give him a run for his money but he was sure he wouldn't lose. "Rory," Richard continued, "this is Logan Huntzberger."

Logan carefully watched Rory's face as Richard introduced him. She hid it well but he could tell she was shocked to find out he was a Huntzberger. If Logan remembered correctly, Richard and Emily were always talking about how Rory wanted to go into journalism so the name meant even more to her than most. That would definitely work in his favor. As though on cue, Emily spoke up. "Rory's going to be a journalist," she gushed.

"Ah, I think I've heard that mentioned before. I've been told you're a very talented writer."

"I am," Rory said confidently. "I work hard at it," she shot Logan a look that indicated she didn't believe Logan even knew what hard work was, let alone ever actually did any. In that assessment she was correct.

"She's going to be an overseas correspondent, take the world by storm. She'll be the next Christiane Amanpour," Richard added proudly. "You know Rory," he turned to his granddaughter, "Logan's father owns some of the best newspaper's in the country. Logan knows all about the business. I'm sure he'd be willing to give you some tips."

"I'd be happy to Richard," he replied, sending a smug smirk Rory's way.

"You two could maybe go to dinner talk about business of course," Emily added giddily. She was clearly very pleased by the idea of her granddaughter having dinner with a Huntzberger.

"I'd be honored to have the company of our beautiful, little Ace reporter." This was going great, he may not have won her over right away but she'd have no choice but to accept a date with him now, or risk insulting her grandparents. He'd take her out, wine her, dine her and by the end of the night she be screaming his name, begging for more; she seemed like quite the little spitfire after all.


Rory watched on with disgust as Bible Boy the second sweet talked her grandparents. Richard introduced this "Logan" to her and she reluctantly took his hand but made sure to send him a look that told him she was only being polite for the sake of her grandparents and that she actually detested him. Richard reversed the introductions, "Rory, this is Logan Huntzberger," she tried to hold back her surprise. Huntzberger? As in Mitchum Huntzberger, the newspaper guy? He was huge. Of course that made sense, the bigger the name, the bigger the ego, right?

Her grandparents continued to sing her praise to Logan. Rory knew they were waisting their breath; Logan was already interested in her but he wasn't interested in what was between her ears, he was interested in what was between her legs. It sickened her. Richard suggested Logan give Rory some "tips" and by the look she got from the new bane of her existence, he was thinking of all the tips he would give her that had absolutely nothing to do with journalism.

And then the Gilmore's really crossed the line. A dinner? To talk about business? She couldn't say no or her grandparents would be mad that she'd insulted their friends and they would lecture her about her future and the importance of making contacts. But of course, no matter what her grandparents expected of this "dinner" she was willing to bet her Chilton tuition money that Logan wanted to talk about business about as much as Rory wanted to talk about a world with no coffee.

"I'd be honored to have the company of our beautiful, little Ace reporter," Logan replied. Rory scowled at him, shooting blue flames out of her eyes.

"I don't know grandma," she tried to say politely, "I'm really busy with school and college applications. It might be hard for me to find a free night."

"What about next Friday?" Richard offered, turning to Logan to see if that was alright with him.

"I'm free as a bird next Friday," he told them.

"But Grandpa, what about Friday night dinner?"

"Nonsense, this is about your future, Rory. We'd be more than happy to excuse you from dinner."

Rory turned to her mother for help but Lorelai just smiled and shrugged her shoulders. Somehow Rory could tell she was getting some sort of perverse pleasure from this. She didn't know if her mother was just happy to see any stone thrown in the wheel of Rory's budding relationship with Jess, or if she was somehow getting her back for making them go on this stupid road trip to Yale in the first place, but Lorelai Gilmore was not going to be her daughter's savior today.

Rory turned back to Logan and her grandparents with a sigh. She couldn't think of any way out of this. "Next talk business," she stressed the last word.

"Of course Ace, what else would be talk about," he replied with a wink.


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