Summary: The young nin has a choice of a lifetime, become free from her Master's grasp of a mere servant and truly be free. Her options lead to many good and bad things to come. Haven't really decided on couples, but mostly based on Tayuya.

A/N: Alrighty this is truly one of my first FanFics of Tayuya. Currently it is based from a group role-play that I was doing, I'm kind of hoping that they won't mind. Blinks. Anyways I hope you like it., and please R&R.Disclaimer: I do not, nor have I ever owned any/all of the characters to Naruto.

Disclaimer: I do not, nor have I ever owned any/all of the characters to Naruto.


Tayuya sighed deeply as she lay in the dark confides of her room. Her head lightly moving to the left side, as her eyes glanced at the moon. Her right arm rested underneath her strawberry red locks, as her other lay across her chest lightly clenching onto her flute.

Through the walls she could the rather thunderous snoring of her fellow teammate, Jirobo. "Stupid fatass," she muttered to herself, as she rolled over. Placing her pillow over her ears she rolled over, wrapping the sheet over her small figure hoping to get any sleep from this night.

The early morning sun broke over the Hidden Village, as a figure stood over her hidden body. The soft breathing of Tayuya as she lay there peacefully still lost in her dream world. She flinched lightly in her sleep, but did not wake.

The figure that stood, lightly kneel down, his hand reaching out to grab a corner of the sheet and yank it quickly. "Wake up..," he stopped as a kunai was quickly thrown at him.

He merely leaned out of the way, letting the weapon zoom by, and stick into the wooden plank of the wall.

"Damn you Sakon, I was trying to get some sleep," she said her hand still in the same position as it had been from throwing her weapon. Her flute in her other, as she stared at her teammate. Her dark eyes narrowed lightly, "Well...," she said still remaining in a defense like stance.

A smirk come across those green lips, as he stood straight once more, "Stupid bitch, we are to meet at the training grounds so hurry up," he said turning quickly and exiting the young nin's room.

Her eyes still narrowed as she sighed, but he left she stood up stretching some. "Damn bastard," her voice trailed off, as she mumbled to herself getting dressed. Once finished with both task of dressing and cursing, she grabbed her flute had headed out slowly. Her hand came to her face shielding her eyes from the bright morning sun.

Her feet slowly shuffling against the dirt as she made her way to the training grounds. Her eyes slightly squinted so she could better make out who stood there. She sighed knowing that there training today was going to be a long session.

Sakon, Kidomaru, and Jirobo all stood underneath the shade of a massive tree. And what was this, Kimimaro was standing, more less actually leaning against the tree. Tayuya thought this rather odd, but merely shrugged as she soon stood beside Sakon. Her right hand rested upon her hip softly, looking to the silver haired man he stood before them.

"Teamwork my ass," he muttered looking to the group, as his green eyes looked to each of the Sound 4. They had apparently displeased their master on their last mission, as they all stared back, Tayuya merely crossed her arms over her chest, letting her eyes roll.

"Orochimaru-sama is not pleased with your last mission being a…," his cold voice trailed off, "Failure," he said, his gaze stopping upon Tayuya, and then slowly moving to each member. Those green eyes seemed to pierce each member, as he spoke on, "I am also

today to watch your training," a sly smirk seemed to appear across those thin lips.

Each member look towards one another, almost hoping, or even praying that this was a joke. They had rarely had anyone watch during their training sessions for certain reasons, but now here they stood, listening to Kimimaro, as he spoke on. Yes, in truth there last mission was a failure, but that was only the half of it.

Kimimaro watched the group, he seemed lost in his thoughts as they stood there, in silence. A breeze would blow making the silence seem rather awkward. "Train," he merely said as the Four moved out to the training grounds.

All four were walking in a group, "Who does that bastard think he is," Tayuya voices breaking through once they were out of Kimimaro's hearing range. She was still lightly pissed from being woken up by Sakon, and now this, her blood seemed to boil underneath her skin.

The other three looked to her, wondering which was going to be brave enough to even utter a single word. When there was silence once again, they seemed to breath a sigh of relief.

They soon stopped, they all stood in a small circle, Sakon spoke, "Alright today Tayuya your training with me, and Jirobo and Kidomaru you two are training together," he looked to them.

They all nodded, as Jirobo and Kidomaru moved to the far end of the grounds. Tayuya and Sakon staying towards the other end. In Tayuya's mind she was bouncing with joy, Payback is a bitch, she was practically smirking with happiness.

Kimimaro knew this was going to be a long day, having to over see this group and figure out their faults and flaws, he had a better way to spend his time. He knew to please his master it would be of best interest to actually watch. Having to sit from becoming tired of standing, he stayed underneath the shade of the tree. Those dark eyes watching the four as they battled with one another.


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