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Tayuya crouched low on the ground, looking through a small bush. It was quiet, she didn't like the stillness at all, it made her on edge. Her left hand clutching a kunai tightly, as her flute was stuffed between her clothing and the purple wrap. Slowly moving out into the open field, she was looking around, and moving slowly.

Sakon watched the younger, as he moved behind her, noticing the kunai, he smirked. Coming full force down, his leg outstretched, as a crazed smirk on his face. His foot seemed guided toward the back of Tayuya's head.

Tayuya heard a movement, as she turned to Sakon's foot heading towards her, "damnit," she cursed under her breath as it was to late to even move as his foot came into contact with her head. She the hit ground rolling, a small trail of blood trickling behind her.

Sakon landed with ease, his hand rested on his hip, as he looked to the girl, "Silly little one," was all he said as he watched her.

Tayuya laid there, her hair covering her face somewhat, as she slowly got onto all fours, and spat. In her saliva was a mix of blood, she rubbed the back of her hand across her lips. Slowly standing, she reached down grabbing her flute, and just as she was about to bring it to her lips a voice stopped her.

"Stop before you try to destroy everything," Kimimaro's voice spoke, no one had noticed he had even moved from the shade of the tree. Kidomaru and Jirobo were standing behind them, both looked exhausted. Kimimaro looked to Sakon and Tayuya, he sighed somewhat, "That's all for today, Kabuto should be coming with your next mission," was all he said as he retreated back to the main part of the village.

Tayuya glared at both Sakon and Kimimaro, as she stood there, her fingers lightly touching her blood stained lips. She looked to the other two, as they were staring at her, "Well what do you want you idiots," she said rather crude.

Jirobo spoke, "Its not nice for a young…," he stopped himself when he noticed the look on Tayuya's face. He knew that look all to well, it meant if you even uttered the word Lady, she was going to take her revenge on him instead of Sakon.

Tayuya turned from the three, she walked to where Kimimaro had been sitting under the shade and comfort of the tree. Her stomach ached with pain to have something to eat, she just merely ignored it. Taking her fingers from her lips, she looked the blood on her finger tips, and sighed. She was replaying the whole session in her mind, picking out her own faults.

Sakon, Kidomaru, and Jirobo stood watching as Tayuya walked away, "What did you do to piss her off now," Jirobo asked looking to Sakon, because a pissed Tayuya during a mission wasn't a pretty sights, even more if Sakon had been the one to piss her off.

Sakon smirked, "I woke her up," he said lightly tilting his head to one side, and walked off towards the main part of the village. "Come on we need to find Kabuto to find out our next mission," he said not even glancing back.

Tayuya heard Sakon, speak, as she sighed rolling her eyes, she leap up, and ran after her teammates. When she caught up to them, she was walking beside Jirobo, as the entered into the village. Many of other Sound nin were walking around, but most stopped to stare at the Sound 4.

They walked to the main part of the village, coming to where there hideout was, where there Master, Orochimaru was. Entering, they stood there, Tayuya took to leaning against one of the wooden planks, she closed her eyes. Her ears were listening to the shuffling of people.

Now that they had obtained Sasuke, and brought him back safely their master was pleased, but displeased that they had been followed. Kabuto soon appeared his hands rested in his pockets, as he looked to the group.

The group merely looked to him, they knew that this next mission would have something to do with the failure. They all stood in silence all eyes looking to Kabuto, who merely pulled his hand out of his pocket, and with it came a scroll. Handing the scroll to Sakon, "Your next mission," was all he said while turning and going back into the hideout.

They all looked to Sakon who unrolled the scroll, all their eyes inverted to look down at what was written from their Master. Each looked to one another, "So were suppose to destroy Hidden Leaf Nin," Tayuya said.

Sakon rolled the scroll, "But most importantly those that attacked us when we got that Uchiha boy," he held the scroll, "Come on," he said as he looked to three, as they followed after Sakon, they were leaving.


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