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Time To Grow Up : chapter 1.

一 A new beginning

In this room bathed in the dark, complete silence reigned. Some sunbeams seeped through the blinds. Outside, the birds were happily chirping. No doubt, this spring day was going to be sunny.

7 o'clock.

The strident noise of an alarm clock resounded. Forty-five seconds later the crash of the aforesaid alarm clock against the wall could be heard. The person responsible for this disaster moved, still half asleep, to the bathroom. Indeed, it was not the time to sleep any more. This day was the beginning of the term.

For Natsuki, the holidays were very short. In fact, she had to deal with the repairs of her apartment that had been destroyed by the black widow aka Nao, at the time of the HiME festival. But also, she had to catch up with her missed courses so she wouldn't have to take her first year over again.

This year was definitely going to be different. She promised to go to every course. Even if the idea did not enchant her, she didn't have anything else to do. No more research, no more orphan, no more battle, no more HiME… But no more Shizuru.

She was happy to have new friends however she still felt like she was lacking something. No one could be compared to the oh so perfect Shizuru. Of course, what she liked about her friend was not her perfection, it was something different. It was her caring nature, her presence, that she took time over her holidays to help Natsuki, that she didn't hesitate a second to lodge Natsuki during the repairs of her apartment. Of course Mai was similar, and while reconsidering that, Shizuru's intentions were perhaps not completely selfless. Nevertheless, in Natsuki's heart, that was insignificant. She was with her. During the holidays, they spent most of their time together. But the holidays were over.

She waited at the bus stop looking at the crowd. She didn't like to be with too many people. That was why, she used to ride her bike. Moreover, it was faster. Natsuki truly missed her favourite motorized machine. She remembered how her bike was destroyed. It was Nao's fault! That girl trapped her. And then she remembered Yamada giving her a new bike…

So what happened then?

Suddenly, a flashback came to her. She saw herself riding her bike on the roof. Then, she jumped off it. All that she wanted to do was to stop Shizuru. And the bike? Well…

Dammit, why is this always my motorcycle that takes the damage!

The biker-girl-without-her-bike finally arrived at school. She noticed Mai at the school entrance with a black-haired girl hanging at her side. Mikoto wore a high-school uniform and was nearly two centimetres taller than last year, but she still acted like a child. They greeted each other and went into the building.

As soon as they were in the main hall, the girls looked at the class list. Mai was surprised to see Natsuki in second year. "Shouldn't you be in the first year?"

The older girl explained, "I should but thanks to Shizuru I got a compromise. I had to suffer for many extra hours to catch up." She frowned, "Plus, I'd rather die than take the first year again and be in the same class as Nao".

"Are you still on bad terms with Nao-chan?" asked Mai concerned.

"Actually, not anymore. But we'll never admit it. You know how stubborn she is."

The red-haired girl gave a knowing smile, "Yes, and I know a girl who used to be."

Natsuki frowned at this remark. Meanwhile, the younger girl observed the list, "Oh, and you took sciences!"

"Of course, I don't like history. Although I thought you would be in the same class as me", affirmed the 17-year-old student, while looking at the Human sciences class to see the name of Yuuichi Tate.

She exclaimed, "Oh my God, don't tell me you take this class just to be with your boyfriend!"

Mai was vexed by this false charge. "Of course not! I'm not that stupid…"

Trying not to be too doubtful, the older girl enquired, "By the way, where is he? I haven't seen him".

Mai shrugged, "Neither have I. But he told me he would go with Shiho-chan for her first day".

Natsuki's eyes opened wide, "She continues to tag along with him! It's not like she hasn't been here before!"

As an answer, Mai merely sighed.

And then, they went to their respective room to undergo the first course of the year.

This day and the following passed without encumbers. Natsuki attended all her courses, lunched with her friends, went shopping with them. In short, she lived the banal life of a high-school girl.

The other students noticed that Natsuki was not alone any more. They thought that she had calmed down. That's why, some dared to speak to her.

"Hello, Kuga-san…"

Instead of throwing the 'death glare', the new friendlier Natsuki gave a mere smile. Ok, it wasn't the best smile in the world and it felt faked. But it was the best Natsuki could do for a stranger.
The boy was astonished, for it was so un-Natsuki like.

And then, rumours spread that the wolf was no more dangerous.

End of chapter 1

About the class thing: according to Wikipedia©, in the 2nd class of high-school, the students have the choice between a human sciences oriented class and a sciences oriented one.

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