Carmine Complex

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Warning: This is a slash fic. As in yaoi. And in two boys in romantic and/or dirty situations. If you can't see the utter hotness that is guy on guy, we suggest you not read this.

Pairings: AkuRoku, RikuSora, LeonCloud, and a different kind of Zemyx.


carmine: adj. – A strong to vibrant shade of red.


Roxas wasn't particularly pleased when the information had first reached his ears. In fact, he'd been downright pissed off for two weeks straight. To hear that his parent's had only been able to shell out enough money to cover his freshman year at Twilight Academy, and had not saved up enough to even grant him a possible two years at the aforementioned school, well that in itself had the boy seeing red. To hear that he'd be attending a public school once again was just icing on the proverbial cake of misery.


"Come on, Roxas. It won't be that bad!" Niikura Sora pleaded with his younger brother, hoping to lighten his mood. "I mean, I know you like your school, and I know you won't get half the chance of having a high paying, successful career anywhere else, but look at the bright side-" He paused to roll over from his back to his stomach, facing his younger brother so he could smile at his blond counterpart.

Roxas raised an eyebrow, not quite sharing his sibling's exuberant optimism as he continued to shuffle around his bedroom, picking up notebooks and pencils to stick into his new backpack.

"I always look on the bright side of life." He grumbled, his statement laced with a copious amount of sarcasm. Whether the biting comment had been ignored, or improperly translated into his brothers mind, Roxas would never know, because the brunet nodded eagerly, slipping his elbows underneath his body to sit up the slightest bit. He rested his chin on the knuckles of his interlaced fingers, feet kicking back and forth in the air.

"Of course there is! Now you won't have to wear those boring uniforms-- and you can see all of our old friends on a regular basis, and best of all-" Sora pressed his hands into the bed, pushing his body up and sliding forth to sit with his legs crossed. His ever present smile was blinding to Roxas, and the blond nearly had to shield his eyes from it's gleeful ways.

"You get to go to school with your beloved brother again!" Sora gesticulated wildly before slapping a hand to his chest.

Roxas shook his head and continued haphazardly sifting through his dresser drawers.

"Sora, I'm supposed to want to go to the school, not fear the concept." He said flatly. Sora deflated and fell backwards onto the bed with a loud sigh..

"That's just mean, Rox." The brunet boy whined, his feet waving back and forth in the air. He didn't understand why his brother was making such a big deal about the situation -- then again -- Sora didn't understand a lot of things about his darling brother.

Roxas didn't reply. Instead, he pulled out the item he'd been looking for- his now former uniform shirt. He tossed the shirt onto his desk chair with all his other uniform items. Sora sat up and jumped off his brother's bed with a huff. Roxas wasn't usually this grouchy, but it was understandable... sort of.

Sora padded across the room, pausing in the doorway to give his sibling one last look. "Since it's obvious that I can't cheer you up at the moment, make sure to come talk to me once you've achieved the status of being in a good mood." Sora left, the door shutting quietly behind him.

Roxas stared at his door for a moment before going and flopping backwards onto his bed with a sigh. He didn't mean to be such a jerk to Sora, but honestly, it made him feel better. He liked Twilight Academy. He was used to it. And he had made some really nice friends. He didn't want to leave to go to some bland, overcrowded, inadequately educating high school.

Roxas groaned and rolled over. He tried thinking of all the positive things about this change (or the 'bright side', as Sora so lovingly called it.) He could wear regular clothes to school….but he wasn't entirely sure he liked that idea. Uniforms were easy. They were there, you put them on, and you went to school. You didn't have to worry or think about what to wear, because everyone else at school was wearing the exact same outfit. It was one less thing for people to make fun of others for.

The friend part Roxas could agree on. In middle school, he had been with his friends, like Hayner and Pence and Olette. It was one thing he could look forward to, seeing his friends in school again instead of having to make plans and hang out whenever there was free time. It wouldn't be so bad, going to this new school.

Roxas sighed again and heaved himself off of his bed. He might as well go apologize to Sora and do something more entertaining than lying on his bed, staring at the wall. He slipped out of his room and padded down the hallway, stopping at his brother's closed bedroom door. He knocked once, didn't wait for a response, and let himself in.

Sora either didn't notice Roxas or just ignored him. He was lying stomach down on his bed with a game controller clutched firmly in his hands. He glared at his TV screen and furiously punched buttons on his controller, hands jerking at the movements.

"No! Jump! Jump dammit!" Sora shrieked, his legs slamming down onto the bed. A voice (the bad guy, by the sound of it) bellowed something about wind, and Sora threw his controller down in disgust, ignoring when it bounced and rolled after originally hitting the ground with an unhealthy crack.

"Stupid ugly bastard." He hissed viciously at his television, giving the inatimate object a look that would ensure sudden doom-induced death had it been a living object.

Roxas decided to make his presence known.


The other boy's gaze snapped over to him, his once hate-filled eyes now wide and surprised. "Hey- when did you show up?" Roxas hid the smirk that wanted to be shown at his brother's typical oblivious nature. "I've been standing here since you got your ass kicked by your own video game."

Sora nodded slowly, mouth open in an 'oh' formation. Roxas entered his brother's room completely and sat down next to him on the bed. "Sorry about being such a jerk earlier. I know you're just trying to help." The blond boy said softly, trying to sound as sincere as possible.

Sora shot him a playful smile. "Since when did you start apologizing for that?" He asked, a teasing glint in his ocean eyes. Despite the jab, Roxas gave Sora a small grin in reply.

Sora's moods were contagious, something that Roxas would sometimes hate-- especially if he was making light of a dramatic situation. Around Sora, all negative emotions could simply evaporate into the air to make room for the gleeful ways of the brown haired boy.

"I'm apologizing, so be content with that.."

Sora snickered and picked up his roughly discarded controller. He held it out to Roxas. "Wanna try? I think if I lose to this guy one more time, I'll throw the damn game out the window."

Roxas shrugged. "Sure. I'm just wasting brain cells, anyway. Why not waste them on something entertaining like videogames?" He scooted over to lay down beside his brother, hitting the start button to un-pause the game.

"Amen." Sora finalized.


Rule number one: Don't panic.

Roxas repeated that phrase in his mind like a rabid mantra as he sat in the backseat with Sora. Their elder brother was driving the two, having decided to show some form of support for his youngest sibling. Roxas could feel every kind of doubt possible niggling at the back of his head.

Oh well, at least he got a decent education for 9th grade. As for 10th and above, things weren't looking too bright.

Whether or not he realized it, Roxas had been giving Sora a sour look for the past three minutes, and Sora dutifully responded. "Don't gimme that look, Roxas. You don't even know what it's gonna be like." He reprimanded, waggling a finger.

"He'll get over it, Sora." Roxas's oldest brother, Cloud, stated as he turned into the school parking lot. Roxas chose not to respond, crossing his arms and glaring at the school through his window. The car rolled to a stop and Sora gleefully stated the obvious fact of their arrival, hopping out of the car and running around to wrench open Roxas's door.

The blonde stumbled out, his wrist in Sora's tight grasp. The brunette waved wildly to Cloud as the man drove off before turning to Roxas.

"Welcome to Oblivion High."


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