Kitsune and Dragon

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Chapter 1: Celebration and sorrow

Arashi Uzumaki stood next to his wife in the hospital, the maternity ward actually. On her other side was Ryuu no Denko, the King of Thunder, father of Michiko Uzumaki's first child, Denko, but not by choice. Michiko is currently in labor with her second child, a boy as far as they knew, who they already decided his name would be Naruto. Denko, who is almost a year old, was staying overnight at the Hyuuga complex with his aunt who was going to have a child herself soon. The Byakugan revealed that the baby is a girl and had chosen Hinata as her name.

Back in the delivery room Michiko squeezed the hands of Arashi and Ryuu no Denko so hard that cracking was herd yet they showed no sign of pain. With a final scream of pain and crushing the hands of the two men Naruto was born wailing at the top of his tiny lungs, bringing smiles to all that were present.

"Hokage-sama, you have a healthy baby boy. What will you name him?" a medic nin asks.

"His name is Uzumaki Naruto. How is Michiko doing?" Arashi asks holding his newborn son in his arms leaving the remains of a fake hand in his wives hand as did Ryuu no Denko.

"She's not doing so well, she'll be lucky if she survives the night." the medic nin explains.

"Hokage-sama! Kyuubi is attacking the village! We're suffering heavy losses and can't hold him off much longer!" a chuunin yells after slamming the door open.

"Ryuu, hold Kyuubi off until I get there, I need to find Hiashi Hyuuga." Arashi says quickly and disappeared from the room with Naruto in his arms while the chuunin left the way he came and Ryuu no Denko escaped through a nearby electric outlet that transported him to the battlefield almost instantly through the power lines.

"Hiashi come with me now, Kyuubi is attacking Konoha." Arashi says when he found the Hyuuga clan head.


At the battlefield, Ryuu no Denko was currently in his true form, a five hundred foot long serpentine dragon with large wings, short, strong arms, electric blue hair running down his spine with same color scales covering the rest of him, wrapping himself around the nine-tailed fox demon and delivering electric shocks that were strong enough to kill a human. The kitsune's fur blazed with kitsune bi, burning the coils that held him. Fortunately that was all that was needed to stop Kyuubi long enough for Arashi who carried Naruto in his arms, and Hiashi to arrive at the scene.

"Hiashi I want you to raise Naruto and Denko as your own children if Ryuu and Michiko don't make it through the night."

"Arashi! What the hell are you planning to do?" Hiashi yells.

"I plan to save the village, what else?" Arashi says simply with his trademark smirk that got him many fan girls when he was younger. That smirk also meant that he was about to get himself into serious trouble soon.' I'm sorry my son. We were together for only minutes but I hold no regrets and together we will be the hero's of Konoha tonight as father and son!'

Arashi went through a long series of hand seals and drew a seal on Naruto's tiny body. As he did so, Kyuubi delivered a fatal bite to Ryu no Denko's throat who in turn quickly caused his muscles to spasm and held Kyuubi even after he died. Arashi finished his seals to see his best friend make the ultimate sacrifice and quickly sealed Kyuubi inside Naruto's tiny body and soon their souls became one, the kitsune's soul was calmed by the enormous amount of love shown by the one who sacrificed his life for his village and family, and by the innocence of the child he was now within and his demonic power spread through the babies body. His tiny fingernails and toenails grew into tiny claws, his ears disappeared from the sides of his head and moved to the top of his head as tiny kitsune ears, the pupils in his bright blue eyes narrowed into slits, and a kitsune tail grew from the base of his spine.

"Arashi! Arashi! You can't die on us, not now!" Hiashi cries catching Naruto and Arashi before they hit the ground.

"As my last order as Hokage... I want you to take Uzumaki Denko and Uzumaki Naruto... and raise them as your own. I sense that Michiko has moved to the next world... she's waiting for me with Ryuu. Hiashi my friend... take the clan scrolls from my library with Ryuu's... teach them well. I hope I don't see you... too...soon..." Arashi spoke no more as the breath left his body with his soul to join the friend he viewed as a brother and his wife in the Netherworld with a smile.

"Arashi, my Hokage, I will" Hiashi whispers as he takes Naruto back to his wife to take care of before he went to the town council to discuss what to do next.

To be continued...

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