Blue Waters 3

Blue Waters 3

Samantha did not share this view. She only wanted love. Often times these types of people her parents wanted her to marry lacked love, consideration, compassion, and everything she wanted in a guy, which Arawn is just about to find out. The young princess was glad she didn't have to war formal make-up, like on Naboo. She looked like she did when she had been acting as Padmé for her own protection. Of course she was a little older now, but it didn't changer her much. She was 9 years older. Anyway, she was sitting in the palace's family garden. She loved nature…she was sitting on a bench next to a pond when she heard someone approaching. The Jedi family made it known that this garden was open to anyone, so the fact that there was someone else there didn't surprise her. When she turned, she saw a man. She knew right away from his appearance that he was one of the rich types. He bowed to her.

"Hello," he said. "My name is Arawn Corta."

"Oh great, another rich guy after me, just what I need," she was thinking sarcastically.

"I assume you know who I am?"

Arawn nodded.

"I would like to get to know you better," he said.

"I'm sorry, sir, but I was just getting ready to go inside. If you'll excuse me, I have some things to do."

But they were not alone there. Samantha's mother, Queen Sally was hiding behind a bush. After Samantha made her exit, Sally came out.

"I must apologize for my daughter's behavior," she sighed. "You are interested in her, I can tell. I'll help you…"

Arawn smiled. "Thank you. It would mean a lot to me."

Sally says, "Well, I'll have to arrange something."

After a few minutes of thought, she said, "I know. I'll have her go to Naboo and visit the planet she grew up there, you know. I think she'd like to get away for a while. I'll make sure you're on the ship's crew. That would be a position she could not get out of."

"Okay, just let me know when, and I'll be ready!"

As that was going on, the Maurders are having another meeting. (This is going to be kind of hard to write because I haven't even done the Maurder's thing in Anuvuin yet, which will be the next episode, but anyway, here goes nothing:) Mr. Orange Idiot stands up.

"My friends, we are finally ready to take down this galaxy. I have exciting new for you all! Flabby, will you do the honors?"

"Of course." Flabby says, "The Cloning Committee finally has something to report. (He signals to a group of people standing outside of the doorway). ""The Device" is finally completed. It took us 9 years to put together, but there it is: The Cloning Machine!"

Applause followed his statement. The machine is brought in during the applauding.

Mr. Orange Idiot asks, "Have you tested it yet?"

"No sir."

They reasoned.

"We wanted you to have that pleasure."

Mr. Orange Idiot smiled.

"That was very thoughtful of you. How does it work?"

"Just step inside, and we'll push a button."

Mr. Orange Idiot steps inside. Flabby the Hutt punches a button, and there is a loud noise. Suddenly 5 Mr. Orange Idiot clones pop out of the machine. The longer a person stayed in the machine, the more clones could be made.

"You can come out now, Mr. Orange Idiot."

And so he did. Mr. Orange Idiot laughed.

"Now we can take over the galaxy."

Soon, every Maurder had stepped in and made several clones of themselves.

Mr. Orange Idiot says, "Now how is the weapons, armor, and ship production coming along?"

A Maurder that had specialized in each area reported that things had gone well. For the first time in history, the Maurders had something that could have a great effect on the entire galaxy. They would not know all that would result, they could not.

Mr. Orange Idiot says, "Prepare everything, we will start within the hour. Remember: we also must get back the lost sword."

This begins the biggest event in the galactic history...not only from it itself, but from everything that results from it…

(Again, I have to do something before I start this thing…I just reread a Death Star episode that involves what must happen before I start this event.) Now I told you that both Brax Skywalker and Lowdun had left their planet for elsewhere. I don't believe I told you where, but let me check…) Okay, Brax and Lowdun moved to a planet called Dantooine.

Just as the Maurder were meeting, Lowdun said, "Brax we're running low on supplies. Would you like to come to Coruscant with me?"

Before Brax could answer, Mary spoke up. "I'd like to go…I could use some new supplies, also."

"All right," says Lowdun. "Come with me."

So they get in their ship and travel to Coruscant. John, Catherine, and Locon were arguing about something.

Locon says, "I really think that's what's wrong with the ship."

John shakes his head.

"I have to disagree with you on that one."

Even though Lowdun hadn't heard their voices in a long time, he recognized the retired king and queen's voices right away. Lowdun had landed his ship almost next to the arguers. Lowdun was just about to pass them when John looked up.

"You know anything about damaged hyperdrives?"

"That is not what it is," argued Locon.

Lowdun smiled.

"I know a little."

John recognized Lowdun in that instant.

"Lowdun! It's been almost 20 years!"

"I know," he replied. "I'll help as best as I can. I suppose the only way to find out what's really wrong with this ship is to take her up."

Locon says, "That's what I told you to do all along, John."

John says, "Yeah, I guess you did."

They all climb in, except for Mary who insists being on boning on the ground and waiting for their return. So the 5 of them go in a medium-sized ship. Once they're up, John turns to Catherine.

"Where should I set the course for, dear?"

"How about something short. Try 5 planets away from her in any direction."

"Yes dear."

So John hits the hyperspace controls.

About an half hour into the flight, Lowdun says, "Something's wrong her. We should have come out of hyperspace by now!

He checked the coordinates in the navicomputer.

"Yep, they're set right…"

then he checked their current position…they were in the Maurder sector!

Lowdun says, " I know what's wrong! Its' the navicomputer. It's set right, but some wiring in there must be fried. You'll never know where you're going…" he stopped.

There looked to be hundreds of WARSHIPS taking off of Anuvuin. They were orange, too.

"Um, we've got a problem…."

Both John and Locon looked up and saw what Lowdun saw.

Catherine says, "That's a bit of an understatement."

She turns to her husband.

He says, "Yeah, the shields are out on this ship and we don't have any ammunition. This ship wasn't meant for battles. There is hardly a use for weapons on ships…we keep them empty unless we know we're heading into some kind of trouble."

"We are in BIG trouble then," says Lowdun. "I think we'd better warn someone about this…."

But as Locon reached for the comlink on the ship, a blast from one of the nearing ships caught them. All the power went immediately off and the ship started to spin out of control. The Maurders thought they had killed them; they were too stupid to look for the ship. They hadn't seen the explosion, but the ship wasn't where it had been before. But Mr. Orange Idiot saw it.

"Get your tractor beam on that ship. It'll be our first prisoners of war."

So, that's what the people on Mr. Orange Idiot's ship did. They pulled in the ship, and took the people inside as prisoners. They then took them off to some planet they hadn't explored but was still in their system and dropped the 5 of them off on this tiny planet. They did this as soon as they found 3 60 year olds…and a 40 year old…they considered them of little value when they had dropped them off.

Mr. Orange Idiot yelled, "You won't last a week here. Bye bye."

And the Maurders forgot about them and that tiny planet.

Lowdun says, "We've go to contact the Senate now."

"How? We have no way of communicating with anyone," says John.

Lowdun's worried about Mary.

"How's my wife going to find out about us? She's waiting…"

"Well, it looks like we're going to be stuck here for a while until someone finds us. I'm sure someone will see the Maurders," says Catherine.

"Yeah, and figure out, hmmm…maybe Lowdun, John, Catherine, and Brax got captured and are on some planet in the Maurder sector. I doubt it," Lowdun says.

Then he thinks for a moment.

"I have some things in my utility belt…not major survival things, but I do have my lightsaber and a blaster."

Even after Lowdun had given up being a Jedi, he had kept his lightsaber…it could come in handy sometimes, he knew. They all turn out their pockets to see what kind of goodies they had.

"Well, if there's any kind of animal or editable plant around here we won't do too badly. We have enough weapons for everyone to have their own," Lowdun comments.

Brax adds, "and your lightsaber can cut through anything, including trees, dad. We could build ourselves some sort of shelter."

Lowdun knows. And that is how they lived for years. Now onto the Senate. Arawn is just getting back from his little thing on Naboo when he sees a bunch of orange ships heading his way.

"Warships! And they're Maurders. They have go to have something really big if they try to attack THE REPUBLIC, which is evidently what they're trying to do. Better not try Sidious…better to warn the Republic directly.

Meanwhile, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine is in the middle of another Republic meeting, when the emergency message light flashes. It's a button located in the Senate room, off of the Supreme Chancellor's seat. The button's barely ever been pushed before…the message will broadcast to everyone in the room, not just to the Supreme Chancellor. Palpatine pushed it…there are no codes for the emergency calls. Arawn's voice comes on.

"Big warships…Maurders headed this way…be prepared. I can't sty here any longer."

The connection broke.

Palpatine says, "I knew there was something going on there…Senators, contact your planets immediately and send all pilots here. We can't really attack them until we find out what's going on. Hurry up now…"

With that, Palpatine dismissed the meeting. Then, Palpatine contacted the Jedi.

"There's some kind of Maurder thing going on…warships of some kind. Send someone out to look …and have that person report to me."

Yoda relayed the information. Obi-Wan Kenobi had since come back from Tatooine, saying that Anakin needed time to get to know his family. For this reason, Obi-Wan was there.

Obi-Wan says, "Ill take the job."

Mace Windu says, "All right, but be careful. We don't know what's involved here. If distraction is placed on whatever this Maurder thing is, the Sith could again reveal itself."

Obi-Wan bows.

"I'll be careful."

And off Obi-Wan goes. Obi-Wan is alone in his hip when he hears a voice.


"That sounds like Qui-Gon," he thinks.

"Obi-Wan," it repeats.

"What is it, Qui-Gon?"

"This is a dangerous time. Make sure the boy finishes his training as soon as you get back."


"Because this is as dangerous time for him."

Obi-Wan says, "all right."

And just ahead of him is a battle ship.

"If I could maybe sneak on somehow…. I could learn something."

The ship doesn't seem to be doing too much…and there are no others around, so Obi-Wan decides to approach it form the back and somehow land his ship on the huge battleship, so that's what he does. He sues his lightsaber to open the hatch. He drops down and finds himself fact to face with a Maurder…holding a delay weapon. At a second glance, Obi-0Wan notices there's something strange about him…he's not exactly sure what, but no time to think. He quickly takes his lightsaber out and ignites it in seconds. The Maurder (it doesn't talk) gets it's weapon out and prepares to shoot. As it does, Obi-Wan's lightsaber comes up and deflects the shot back into the Maurder. And this kills him.

"What the…"

Obi-Wan goes up to hit. There's something definitely weird about his guy. This first one wasn't wearing any armor. A second one is attracted by the noise…and gets ready to fire at Obi-Wan. He decides to try something else. He uses mind control.

"Put down your weapon."

It instantly obeys.

"Hey, mind-control shouldn't have been that easy…. yeah, Maurders have weak minds, but there's something not right there."

"Take off your helmet…"

Obi-Wan wants to see what this Maurder looks like. It does. (Everything Obi-Wan says to this maurder is using mind control). Obi-Wan is shocked to see a man standing there that looks exactly like the first. Twins? Obi-Wan didn't think so for some reason.

"Tell me who you are."

"I am a Clone of (he gives the name), the Original."


"Tell me what's going on here."

"The Maurders are making a Clone Army. We are going to attack the Republic and take it over. We have battle ships."

"How many ships, and what kinds of weapons?"

"500 warships, 1 Cloning Machine, and (he named how powerful the weapons on both the ships and in hand were.)

"Yikes!" thought Obi-Wan.

"Very powerful. Thank you. Are there any, what did you call them, Originals on board?"

"No," says the clone.

Obi-Wan takes a moment to look around the ship, then leaves.

"Not wise to attack this ship," thinks Obi-Wan. "There's no one around here.

He goes back to hyperspace. He then reports back to the Jedi on Coruscant.

"The clones are obviously less than intelligent…mind-control worked well but they're bad…evil…they'll kill anything. We must stop them before something happens…. there are 500 warships. The clone I spoke to made some comment abut a cloning machine. Maybe if we found it and destroyed it…at least they couldn't make more."

Yoda nodded.

"This means an advancement in training for the Padawans near trials. We need as many Jedi as possible. Dangerous this is, so allow only full Jedi on this mission we will. All Padawans will face the trials tomorrow. If they do not pass, remain here they will. Report this to Palpatine, you must."

Obi-Wan approaches Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's office.

Palpatine says, "Come in."

Obi-Wan reported everything to Palpatine. Palpatine looks thoughtfully at Obi-Wan, then remembers something.

"You're Anakin Skywalker's Jedi, aren't you?"

"Yes, he is my Padawan."

"I heard about what he did on Tatooine. Too bad he won't be fighting this thing."

"He might be. He'll face the trials tomorrow."

Palpatine gave him a funny look, and then says, "He's very impressive."

"Yes," says Obi-Wan. "Qui-Gon believed in him…and he does have an extremely strong force."

Palpatine nodded and asked, "Just how strong is it?"

"He has a Force level of –14."

Palpatine says, "I see. Well thanks for the information. I'll be declaring war on the Maurders…and I have important things to do…so if you'll excuse me."

Obi-Wan nods, then leaves. Not until the door shuts behind him does Obi-Wan realize something.

"Why would Palpatine be interested in people's force levels…he's n o Jedi…it shouldn't mean anything to him…unless…but that's sill," Obi-Wan thought. "But it's a possibility."

The idea was just too far out there to take seriously. Obi-Wan dropped the thought.

"I'd better go get Anakin and inform him about this whole mess."

At the same time, Anakin was living at the Skywalker homestead. Even though he had only lived there a very short time, a couple of days, it was very clear to Anakin that Summoner resented him. Their personalities really clashed. Rhun didn't get along with Anakin either. Obi-Wan had left Anakin there because Anakin had told him it would be all right. Rhun was setting up some equipment…Anakin came over to help.

"You're doing that wrong," says Anakin.

"How would you know? I don't appreciate you telling me that I'm doing something wrong when I'm older than you, and I know more. I'm smarter than you, Anakin, so get lost."

"You are not."


"Make me."

Rhun came after Anakin and tried to kick him, but Anakin reacted faster and grabbed the leg and pushed Rhun over. Rhun was bulging with muscles, and Anakin was little…but he was strong. Owen had a small clash with Anakin…but tit wasn't bad. Summoner basically could not stand Anakin. Anakin was nothing like him. Summoner was a Maurder…and Anakin was a Jedi-well almost one. Summoner could have become a Jedi himself, if he had had the interest. Owen was focused on farming…getting the most out of what he could of the farm. Summoner didn't really care about the farm, but he did the work. Rhun also did work, but just enough to get by. Anakin's work was very thorough, although it was obvious that he didn't like farming. He was a Jedi-in-training. Owen was hoping that Anakin would stay there instead of go back, although he doubted it. Anakin's work was very good…a huge help to the farm. Anakin helped out as much as he could under these couple of days. But now matter what he did, he'd end up getting under Rhun and Summoner's skin. Owen really trusted Anakin, even though they had just met. Suddenly, Owen got a call form his wife.

"Owen, my dear. I had the baby. It's a boy."

"What should we name it?"

"How about Gryvonbarf?"

"Good idea."

Just after they had finished up, Summoner got a notice to report to Anuvuin immediately for "The Plan". So he said good-bye to his 3 children, leaving Tatooine for good for the purpose of living there. The property was then entrusted to Owen, since he knew more about it. Rhun got mad…he wanted his own farm, so he moved to Dantooine. Then Obi-Wan came with a draft for both Anakin and Owen. Back to Palpatine. After Obi-Wan had left him alone, Palpatine looks at the shut door that Obi-Wan had just left through.

"Well, this stinks. Now there's something else in the way, why couldn't the stupid Maurders just…wait a minute…this may be just what I need. With the Jedi's focus on this, I can rapidly advance with my plans. (He nods) yes, this will just have to do…"

(And Palpatine forms a plan.)…Then calls a special Senate meeting.

"As you all know, there are Maurder battleships roaming the galaxy. I have just heard additional information. The Maurder's ships have extremely powerful weapons and they have excellent armor. They have an army made up of clones. For this reason, I'm declaring war on the Maurders…The Clone Wars. Because of our situation, I feel that it is necessary for new people in the high office positions. I am appointing Tarkin, (and he lists other future Imperial officers). Thank you. There is one other point I would like to make. They have a huge army…we're going to need a lot of people. I'm going to have to start a draft, especially on force-sensitive people. The Maurders have weak minds, and I've been informed that mind control works well on them. One more thing, I am appointing Obi-Wan Kenobi as general, since he is the one that learned most of the information. Any objections to this?"

No one felt they could object, so Palpatine closed the meeting, and the Clone Wars had officially started.

No one felt they could object, so, Palpatine closed the meeting, and the Clone Wars had officially started. (Actually, not back to Anakin yet). After the close of the meeting, Palpatine went directly to his office. He had informed each of the people that he had appointed to office that he was planning on having a short but important meeting in his office. All of them came.

"Ah, good. Thank you all for coming. I wish to share with you my plans for the galaxy."

They all look at him questionly.

"I plan to initiate a new kind of government…one holding all the planets in the system in fear…we will have a great military, and stormtroopers…year…that all make up this great Empire. This will be something no one could oppose form outside."

"And how do you purpose to do this with the Jedi Knights…they are the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy. Surely they would…"

Palpatine interrupts them.

"Don't worry, the Jedi will be dealt with…I have selected each one of you because I thought you would all help me make this whole thing possible. And when I do, I will call myself Emperor Palpatine. There will be no more Republic…it will be the Empire. And should any of you try to turn me in…you will find yourself very dead, I am afraid. Your fate will be the same as the Jedi. Do I make myself clear?"

They all nodded.

"Good, good. Leave me. I have much work to do."

They left the future Emperor. Now too, the Clone Wars also affected Princess Samantha. As soon as news of the Battleships reached Tim Jedi, he made a decision and called in his daughter.

"Samantha, I am getting older…and I think you are ready. I would like to make you Queen of the Republic now. Do you accept this?"

Since Samantha had been Queen of Naboo, being Queen of Coruscant wasn't going to be too much for her. You see, even though the Jedi family had given away the job of ruling the entire galaxy to the Senate, they still ruled the planet Coruscant.

So, Samantha says, "Yes, I accept this challenge."

"Good," says Tim.

Then they make the announcement to everyone on Coruscant. Now, back to an event that I had told you about earlier.

Then Samantha says, "Mother wanted me to go to Naboo…that was before all this crap with the Maurders started…but I would still like to go…It'll give me a chance to get away from here until this calms down some…with the Supreme Chancellor making all these changes in the high offices…there's been a lot going on. And now I'm Queen of Coruscant. I need some time alone for a day or so."

Time nodded, "I'll tell your mother."

When Tim told his wife about the trip to Naboo still being on, she immediately contacted Arawn.

"Of course I still want to go. Thank you very much!"

Arawn reported there immediately. Soon they were all up in space. Arawn wanted to approach the new Queen now, it as good a time as any.

"Hello again, you may not remember me, but I am Arawn Corta…we met in the garden…"

She glanced up at him.

"Yes, I remember, and I'm still not interested in you…please just leave me alone."

"Sure, but would you want something to drink…or are you cold…too warm?"

"I'm fine, thanks and I'm at the perfect temperature."

"You must be lonely."

He starts to put his arm around her. She tries scooting away.

"Sir, please…."

She moves to another part of the ship. Arawn follows. When she notices, she quickly changed direction. Samantha tries hiding form him, but he somehow keeps ending up wherever she is.

"Would that creep just leave me alone?" she thinks to herself.

One time he is actually waiting for her.

Arawn grabs her and says, "Will you please marry me? I'm rich…I have millions of credits in my account…"

"Now, I'm sorry I'm just not interested in you. How many times do I have to tell you that before it gets through your head? And I'm not interested in money…yours or anyone else's."

Arawn, knowing that she'll never be interested in him on this trip lets her go and sits down…mad. He looks at her a couple of time during the trip.

She says, "Thank you, sir."

Arawn would still watch her…he still loved her. She has a small visit with Dalben before she heads back to Coruscant. Both things are uneventful.

When she gets home, she goes straight to her mother and says in an angry way, "You set me up, didn't you? That man purposed to me!"

Sally smiles.

"Yes I did. And did you accept?"

"No, why should I?"

"Because he's perfect for you, Samantha, you should marry him."

"But I don't love him!" she says angrily.

She turns and storms out of the room, goes into her and cries. She sees a little ivory thing on the shelves. She reaches for it. A little boy had given it to her during the Trade Federation invasion on Naboo 9 years ago. Many children admired her and made things for her…and she had kept everything. But this particular object comforted her at times like this.

"It will bring you good fortune," the boy had told her.

She smiled at the remembrance. That boy had also saved the lives of the Gungans…and maybe even the Naboo planet itself. She couldn't remember his name off hand, but knew she would if she heard it. He had been a smart little boy. He then had gone off as a Jedi apprentice and hadn't seen him again. There was a story to go along with every object in her room. Samantha just held the object and she cried. She did not want to marry Arawn, and she was afraid her parents would make her. Back to Anakin. Then Obi-Wan came with a draft for both Anakin and Owen.

Obi-Wan says, "I assume you've both heard of the Clone Wars by now?"

Anakin says, "Yes, we're on a Maurder world."

Obi-Wan nodded and says, "Well it looks like you've both been drafted into the Republic navy…but Anakin, you won't have to go if you can pass the trials. You'd then have to go with the Jedi in their part."

"Either way, it looks like I'll have to go."

Owen says, "I'm afraid what this is going to do to the price of my crops." Owen turns to Anakin. "I need you to do a favor for me…my wife just had a baby, and she told me she was on Coruscant, and I need you to get the baby to safety…that protective thing Palpatine imposed for small children. His name's Gryvonbarf. Can you do that for me, Ani?"

"Yes, I can do that."

So Obi-Wan leaves with Anakin as Owen reports to the local group gathering on Tatooine to begin navy duties.

As Anakin and Obi-Wan are off on their way, Anakin turns to his master and says, "I think I should find Owen's son first, since he's counting on me."

"All right, they're holding the trials all day. I'll be waiting for you in the Jedi Temple."


Anakin then leaves to go find Gryvonbarf. HE goes directly to the med center. HE then looked for Beru. Beru was in a bed holding her new son. She barely paid attention to Anakin as he approached. She knew he was there, though.

She says, "I was informed that Owen arranged someone to take care of our son until this situation with the Maurders is over. They also told me it would be one of Owen's brothers." Anakin nodded.

"That's true. I'd love to stay and talk with you, but I can't. I have an appointment, but your son will be safe with me."

"All right, here's Gryvonbarf."

She hands Anakin Baby Gryvonbarf, and Anakin takes him and runs to the Republic Center of Security, which is in charge of protecting whoever feels it's necessary to have their children protected or for people who can't afford care for their children (food and clothing and things). This was part of Palpatine's plan. Anyway, that's where Anakin took Gryvonbarf. Beru still did not know Anakin's name. After this was accomplished, he headed on over to the Jedi Temple. Just when he got outside, he paused to look at someone across the street. She was a beautiful human female. She saw him at the same moment and they kind of looked at each other…okay it was really a stare for a couple minutes, but Anakin soon broke it as he tried forcing himself to concentrate on the task ahead: passing the trials. Obi-wan had warned him about the trials…that they were tough. He just couldn't fail r he knew they'd never let him be a Jedi. It had been hard enough to convince the Council to let him be trained in the first place…because his Force level was so high. Obi-Wan hadn't told him it had been hard, but he could sense it…he knew they hadn't loved the idea of him bringing trained when Qui-Gon Jinn brought it to their attention. He doubted that the Council agreed to it right after the Naboo Battle, but Obi-Wan had eventually gotten them to agree. How much convincing/arguing it had taken, Anakin had no idea. Queen Samantha turned away as Anakin lost himself in the crowd. But what Anakin didn't know was that someone was following him….

Samantha had decided to take a walk after calming down. She'd definitely have to figure out a way to avoid that Arawn guy, she knew. But what neither Anakin nor Samantha realized was that someone had followed Anakin from the moment he got off the ship…and saw this little incident. Arawn was standing back in the shadows. He had heard that Anakin was coming to the capital city and was waiting to report him so that he could do his little spy work. Arawn had seen the transaction between Anakin and Samantha, and after a safe amount of time had passed, headed over to a certain office that he has often visited.

Arawn says after entering Sidious' office. "I'm back and I have something to report."

Darth Sidious was not facing him when Arawn entered, but now slowly spun around in his chair.

"What is it? I'm busy…"

"I'm sorry to disturb you, Lord Sidious, but I just wanted to report that Anakin Skywalker is here on Coruscant."

Darth Sidious nods. "Yes, I know. Thank you for the information anyway."

"There's more…I'm afraid Anakin has seen Samantha and they might start to like each other or something."

"Are you sure that your thoughts on the matter are clear, Arawn? Or are you just afraid that she might just like any guy except you. You were looking for Anakin, so maybe you just thought you saw them eying each other."

Sidious says this with little expression.

"Well…no…I could be wrong. I just don't want someone else to take my girl away."

Darth Sidious looks thoughtful as he says, "No, Arawn, it would mean more than just your loss if they fell in love…I do hope you are wrong, Arawn."

Sidious laughs.

"Anyway, it's ridiculous I don't think she'd fall in love with a commoner…I mean she is the queen of Coruscant. But just to be on the safe side, make sure they stay away from each other."

"Yes master. I'm grateful to you for doing this for me."

"Arawn, t his is not for you. You are not the issue. Anakin has an extremely high level of force…he has a level of –14. That is the highest. Samantha is part of the royal family, which gives her a royal force. But she is the Queen, which givers her –15 Royal force. That is the highest Royal Force level."

Sidious looks to Arawn for a reaction.

Arawn gives none, so Sidious continues, "If they were to get married, any children that they had would have the possibility of having a –16 of both forces. Of course that's a long shot, but the possibility still exists. Any person with a –16 would be able to use either force and would be a huge threat to me. That is why I want you to make sure they stay away from each other. As long as those are just your suspicions and they don't meet again, they'll be no chances of there being a problem, will there."

If Sidious were not so good at hiding his feelings, a person might be able to detect fear as the conversation took place.

"No sir."

"Good…I need to get back to my work on my list here."

With that, the scene shifts to the Jedi Temple with the anxious Padawasns ready to face the trials. Anakin Skywalker meets up with Obi-Wan, who had been waiting for Anakin.

"Hello, Ani. Do you think you're up to this…you seem…"

Anakin stopped him, "I'm fine, master. I just got a little distracted on the way."

At that moment Mace Windu steps forward, "Anakin Skywalker…you are about to face the trials. Now this will make you a full Jedi if you should pass, but you still must complete your training. You'll have a full Jedi title, but your training is not done as of yet. You understand…I had to say that twice to stress the conditions by which you are under."

Anakin nods.

"I'm ready."

Yoda is also present. He nods as he studies Anakin. The boy had obviously grown strong and showed promise in becoming a full Jedi Knight, but his training was not yet over, Yoda reminded himself.

"Yes, the boy would probably pass," concluded Yoda as he began to lead Anakin into the testing center of the Jedi structure.