Chapter Four
By Cherry-sama

AN: Yeah… Um… This is Keima's Answering Machine. I am writing this now, while I'm suppost to be doing more important things, because I have an urge to do so. KEIMA'S COOL!!!
/Keima's Answering Machine/

Keima: Hi… This is Keima… The reason I am not answering my phone is because I'm either searching through my trash, or inventing something weird. But if that's not the reason, I could end up chasing the garbage truck, like I do almost everything week. Thus, I blame my parents. And if this is that weird person who gave me this answering machine…oh, what was her name…Cheery-stuff? Yeah! Cheery-stuff! Anyways, thank you because now I can dissect it whenever I want! Anyways, please leave a message after the sound of clacking of two different bags of plastic that have turned solid!


Message 1: YOUR WELCOME!!!!! This is Cheery-stuff! IjustdrankawholelotoficedteacansandIreallylikeeatingcheesebutwearecurrentlyoutandTakaomi'sfamilyhasrunoutbecauseIjustateitallanditwasCHEDDAR! ME LOVE CHEDDAR! BECAUSE IT TASTES GOOD!!!


Message 2: Hi Mr. And Mrs. Sagami… This is Souta… I just want to tell you that your son is currently in the city dump truck. He phoned me on the cell phone he bought from random hobo, that somehow works without a cell phone plan… No, not the hobo, but the phone itself. But I'm worried about Keima… I would jump out of the truck if I met a hobo in the city dump truck… How did that hobo get there?


Message 3: Hi Keima! This is Yuuki! I have lost my blow drier and I cannot seem to find it… I was wondering if you took any circle thingies that have two sticks coming out of each end. Oh! And a wire coming out from the bottom of one of the sticks! I think you might have it because you like collecting trash…and I know you don't know what a blow drier is, so maybe it was stolen by you because you wanted to use it. If you could call me back that would be—

Youji: YUUKI!!! Kousuke stole my—



Message 4: Hi (static) mom. Hi (static) dad. I bought this cell (static) phone from a random (static) hobo in the truck. He's very (static) nice… We should invite him over for dinner some (static) time. We were talking about cardboard (static) boxes when the truck decided that it didn't like us (static) hanging around so it kicked us (static) out. But it's not as harsh as (static) it seemed. The truck had a (static) heart after all! He dumped in the biggest (static) pile of trash I ever seen! I just wanted (static) to go swimming in it! But I knew you (static) would get you guys would be mad… Um, by the way, don't mind (static) if I come home smelling of empty (static) tuna tins and rubber ducks. I spent (static) four hours just collecting stuff to (static) take back home and use! Anyways, I met the (static) hobo again and we're going on a master (static) adventure trash plot to kidnap (static) the truck and drive me home. So don't (static) worry about me! By—



Takaomi: Ack! What are you doing out of the closet?

Cherry-sama: Err… Nothing…

Takaomi: Why are you holding the phone receiver? …O.O WHO ARE YOU CALLING? HOW DID YOU GET TO THE PHONE? HOW DID YOU—

Cherry-sama: I'm not telling you anything until you tell me how you got out of the closet!


Cherry-sama: Oh yeah…

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