Hello, everyone! This is a new fan fic of mine since the other one is being a pain. Enjoy!

If I owned Harry Potter, the seventh book would be out by now!

Chapter One: Meeting You

Harry saw her first year, as everyone one had nervously lined up for the sorting. She was short, barely perceivable, and she rivaled Draco Malfoy in paleness. Her hair was the color of raven feathers, falling past her shoulders and curling at the end. It was a little messy, as if she had fallen asleep on the train and didn't comb it out when she awoke. Yet the most remarkable thing about her was her eyes.

They were an unbelievable combination of violet and blue, unlike anything Harry had ever seen before, twinkling with mirth when she laughed. Her laugh was unique as well. It reminded Harry of a wood chime swaying in a breeze. She had laughed when he had caught Neville Longbottom's Remembrall and ended up being the Seeker for the Gryffindor team, getting dirty looks from the other Slytherins.

That was the only problem; she was a Slytherin. Her name was Veronica Dathey and she was in the house where Dark Arts were a way of life and were Gryffindor's greatest enemies.

Yet, she didn't act like a Slytherin. Harry had walked by her once, tensing up, just waiting for the insults that followed Slytherins the way stink follows pigs, but all he got was a "Hi, Harry!" before she darted off, blushing.

He had stopped; unable to comprehend that he had walked right by a Slytherin without a nasty remark thrown his way. Remembering how her eyes had lightened when she saw him, Harry had to agree with Hermione that not all Slytherins were bad.

During that year she had always helped Hermione, Ron and Harry, despite Ron's sneers and the jibes from her classmates. Sometimes, it was hard to see who was smarter, Hermione or Veronica; for, every time a question was asked, they both had their hands up and both answered correctly.

The single incident that forever told Harry that Veronica was a creed upon herself was what happened after he got out of the dungeon with the Sorcerer's Stone.

Dumbledore had just left, along with everyone else that wanted exact details on what had happened, and Harry needed something to take his mind off what Dumbledore had told him for a minute, just to let it sink in.

He saw a bag, half hidden under all the other gifts from his 'admirers' and covered in Golden Snitches. It was obviously from someone who knew he loved Quidditch.

Dumping it out, he found something that absolutely made his day.

A humongous horde of Cauldron Cakes and a delicately written note:

I heard they were your favorite.

Veronica D.

When Harry was boarding the Hogwarts Express, he ran into Veronica heading toward the Slytherin compartment.

"Hi, Harry," she smiled, pushing her ebony curls out of her face, "What's up? Did you need me for something?"

"Do you want to sit with us?" Ever since the other Slytherins had found out that Veronica was chummy with Harry Potter, she had pretty much been ostricized.

Her eyes lit up with a glow that made Harry want to make her smile again as she said, "I'd love to, Harry, but I don't want your rep to be tarnished by having to sit with a Slytherin..."

Harry was disappointed and tried a new track, "Can I at least give you my address so you can owl me?"

"Of course!" On an impulse, Veronica engulfed him in a hug.

Harry felt a shock go through him that he had only felt when experiencing magic. Not only was someone hugging him of their own violation, but they seemed to enjoy doing so.

Veronica let go after a few seconds. "Oh! I'm sorry! I should have asked..."

"It's ok," Harry replied, still feeling a tingling sensation in his arms, "I've just never been hugged before..."

Veronica's face turned angry, giving her an almost animalistic beauty, "What kind of people do you live with?!"

"Nevermind," Harry didn't want to mar Veronica with a discussion of the Dursleys, "Here's my address, owl me when you can."

Veronica smiled and drew Harry into another hug, "Have a good summer and owl me back."

As Veronica walked off, Harry found himself wishing he knew the spell to make time fly.