Surprises and Redemption

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A/N ok if you have read the first version firstly I want to say I am sorry. That story was horrible in my own opinion. It was my first attempt at Fanfiction and to put it bluntly I sucked. I have written a few other stories now and have a better idea of what I am doing. So to the point if you read the other version you might as well forget that. I am changing it so much that while some elements are too alike for this to be a separate story most things about it are different. Including the year this occurs and some other major issues that if I go any further I will spoil, hopefully this one comes out better and you enjoy your time immersed in the fevered imaginings of my very messed up mind. (I got attacked by a vicious plot bunny I can't work on my others until I got rid of It. this story desperately needed a face lift so I am combining my old plot line with this one.

Warnings: ok this list will be rather long and will be added to as needed. Slash, child/spouse abuse, underage (use your imagination), drugs, depression, self harm (multiple ways), possibly Triggers depending on your disorder, teenage father (NOT MPREG), this fic will be significantly darker then the first version because that's how my writing evolved. I gravitate towards angst fics I have even written a one shot where Harry actually looses (if interested it's the second one shot in the story oblivion check author profile).

This will be a creature Harry and Slytherin Harry, Pseudo Severitus (i.e. different from first Snape will be come a father figure not his actual father), third side Harry, and Power but not Super Harry. AP (alternate possibility not quite as out there as AU but still not close to canon) sixth year fic. One minor change will happen in Order of the Phoenix for my time line to work. Nothing vitally important to the story J.K. wrote but I need for mine. You will know what the change was when you see it and heads up but sorry folks Sirius is still dead.

I think that is all the warnings and general babble that will be ignored anyway. Well enjoy the revamping and don't forget this story contains SLASH. (Eventually)

Chapter One

Rescue Me

Harry Potter savior of the wizarding world was lying in his room. He was fast asleep and under the circumstances that was for the best. I know what you're thinking. He is a teenager of course he is still sleeping in his room even thought it is 1 pm. A little lazy but not abnormally so. You would be right in your assumptions with the facts given. Unfortunately there is more to this scene then meets the eye.

First Harry was not in what you would call a normal bedroom. No he was lying in the prison cell that was his home for the first ten years of his life, the cupboard under the stairs. He was also lying in a sticky pool of partially coagulated crimson liquid. Obviously blood, and even more obviously fresh blood from the many wounds Harry's battered body now held. He also wasn't asleep, but was floating in the disembodied world of unconsciousness. Utter bliss compared to his usual state of painful awareness.

Now would be the time you would ask yourself how the savior of the wizarding world ended up in this predicament only days before his sixteenth birthday. Well the Dursleys his only living relatives were responsible for his current state. The neglect had been going on for years. He would get kicked and punched occasionally, but the hardcore abuse had not started until his third year at Hogwarts.

Even he would have to admit this was the hardest summer he had ever endured, all thanks to the order. Harry had tried running away from everything. He disappeared off the platform before anyone could catch him. His one and only stop in the wizarding world had been Diagon Alley. He got money and an owl order catalog from Flourish and Blots. He had planned this summer. He would never let what happened to Sirius happen to anyone else. He would train and he would learn.

He hid out in Muggle London. He got new clothing, gothic style. A few piercings in his ear eyebrow tongue and lip. He even had begun to get a beautiful tattoo on his back. It was a large dragon, an exact replica of the horntail he battled in fourth year. It was colored in metallic greens black grey and bronze. The fire was done so well it looked real. Surrounding the dragon was parseltongue words, death, life, rebirth, power, strength, guilt. He had designed it himself but he worked closely with the artist who put it on him. That artist was a fiery female with red hair and dyed black highlights. That girl introduced Harry to a world of sex, drugs, and partying. For a little while Harry was able to act like the world did not depend on him. It was a wonderful experience.

Through out all this he never lost sight of his goal. During the days before the parting and everything started Harry practiced. He ordered books from the bookstore and exercised for hours unending. He didn't eat much and with every passing day what he did eat was less and less.

He often found himself awakening from a drug induced stupor with his stomach on fire and his mouth tasting like a chicken coop. it was just his luck that the order finally managed to track him down during one of his comatose periods. They stunned him just to be safe, Obliviated the hotel staff and carted him back to the relatives. Dumbledore felt the need to explain what had happened to the Dursleys so they could implement some constructive discipline.

Vernon Dursley took that to heart and that is what led to Harry's current predicament. If the beatings weren't enough he was also dealing with massive withdrawal symptoms. In other words his life was utter hell. He needed help and he needed it fast.

Something actually was stalking him. It was a creature feared by most sane humans, a werewolf. It had orders from its master to seek out the prophesized one and Change him. It just had to wait to get into the house to complete its mission. He could already sense his targets blood somehow the boy was already wounded.

Sniffing around the Dursleys residence it was looking for any weakness in the security of the house. It turned out to be his lucky day. One small window leading into the basement of the Dursley residence was loose. Vernon had been meaning to fix it but hadn't gotten to it. The werewolf shoved its pointed snout under the loose window and pushed it open. One swipe of razor sharp claws took care of the screen and the werewolf was able to squeeze into the house. Without making a sound the large animal crept up to his target. A powerful paw made short work of sweeping the locks off of the door to the cupboard. The door swung open and the werewolf bared its teeth latching onto the unconscious boy's leg.

The pain of the bite woke Harry just in time for him to see the werewolf run away back to the basement and out the window it came in at. The pain of the bite was soon joined by a new feeling. Wave upon wave of alien magic swept its way through his veins. Burning altering and changing his very genetic makeup. Soon it was all too much and he fell back into unconsciousness while his body and magic continued to change into the night.

The next morning Vernon saw the damage left by the wolf and came to the conclusion Harry had been doing IT under his roof. Oh the boy would pay he would make sure of that. With that the huge man gathered up his 'tools' and went to give his delinquent nephew a lesson the boy would never forget.

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