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When a fairy was born, it's given a colour. That colour is determined by the newborn fairy's genetics. Genetics had always confused Cosmo, but he understood the basics of it - the newborn's colour either takes the colour of one of their great-grandparents, or the combination of the parents' colours.

Cosmo stared down in wonder at the little one before him. A combination of him and his Wanda. His daughter gurgled up happily at him, smiling the same smile her mother had given him when she said it was time. At first, Cosmo hadn't noticed the colour of her, he was so mesmorized at the thought that he now had a daughter.

A tap on his shoulder brought him out of his head, and back into the hospital. He looked back at the doctor in front of him, as all the hustle and bustle of the hospital came through to his ears. The doctor was not Dr. Rip Studwell. Instead, a blue-haired fairy took off her slim glasses, and licked her lips.

Pain shot throught Cosmo's gut, as he saw the look in her eyes. She swallowed, and looked back at him with a sorrowful look in her eyes. She cleared her throat. "Sir... we... we lost her." she said quietly.

Cosmo frowned, and looked back at his baby girl, and back at the doctor. "But she's right there." he replied.

The doctor shook her head, swallowing. "Not you're little girl... we lost your wife. She wore out after the delivery."

His hand shot out to the sill of the window, as he held himself upright from falling. "What?" he whispered.

And like a moment gone wrong, the doctor heard her name over the PA system. She bit her lip, but knew there was nothing more she could do. After helping Cosmo to stand, she leaned over to his ear. "You still have your baby girl, sir."

They say for every fairy dead, another is born. It was nature's way of cancelling each other out. And for the first time, Cosmo looked at his newborn baby girl through the tears that streamed down his face, and noticed her colour.

She blinked back up at him, with big pink eyes and gurgled a happy little smile back at him.