"You alright?"

I looked behind my shoulder to see Demyx standing there. It wasn't often that he used such a serious tone of voice. I was suprised.

"I thought I told you if you came near me anymore today, that I would burn your face off." I turned my head back around and rested my chin on my knee.

I heard him laugh and then his footsteps make their way closer. Soon enough he was sitting next to me, smiling. "Then burn it off, I don't care. I want to make sure you're okay."

Demyx is the kind of person who you would never think could be mature, but then suprises you at the last moment. I am cold to him most of the time, but me and him both know that we are friends. We can talk about anything with eachother, and always know that the other one is listning. Funny thing was, Demyx always reminded me of what a person with a heart would be like. I secretly believed he had one.

"I hurt him, I didn't mean to snap." I couldn't help but picture Roxas clinging to my cloak and apoligizing for bothering me over and over again. He really didn't bother me, I was just in a bad mood.

"He's fine." Demyx spoke in a reassuring voice, " I just talked to him not so long ago. He said he didn't mean to annoy 'Uncle Axel '" He laughed, but all I did was frown.

We sat in silence for awhile. I really didn't like the quiet all that much, it gives me too much time to think about things. I hate thinking about things. It only brings questions.

"I don't want to be Uncle Axel, Demyx." I looked over at him, hoping his cheerful face could lift my spirit. " I want to be just Axel..His friend. I want things to go back to how they were, where it was me and him, best friends."

Demyx scooted closer to me, wraping his arm around my shoulder. "Come on, things will go back to normal soon. We just have to find out what happened to him."

"What if we don't?" I snapped. " What if he is stuck like that forever? I don't want him to be stuck like that forever!"

Demyx smiled, now tracing circles on my back. It felt pretty good, I will admit. Relaxing. " You love Roxas, don't you?"

"Don't say such stupid things! You and I both know we can't love." It was a fact that I thought about a lot in the silence. I didn't think it was fare that we got stuck being empty shells, while others got to live and love and feel.

"Sure sure. Whatever." He gave me a soft pat, then stood up. " You keep telling yourself that, Axe. But you and I both know, it's not true." He kicked at the floor, his face twisted up in a confused expression. " Maybe..."

He stopped, shaking his head and chuckled to himself. What a bizarre kid. "Maybe what?"

"Nothing." He shot me a toothy grin then pointed behind his back. " You should go talk to Roxas, it would make you and him both feel better." He began walking forward, but then stopped to look back at me. " Oh yeah, that's right, we can't feel."

Those were the last words he said to me, before leaving me in silence. Another thing to question on my own.

I couldn't really waste my time thinking though, I had a little kid to cheer up. If I could do that right.

I closed my eyes, listening to the sounds of the castle. Footsteps, laughing, shouting, explosions, clanking, booms and bangs. I used to be able to sit here and listen to them with Roxas, older Roxas.

We would sit and listen, and laugh together. Laugh so soft that no one could hear us, or laugh so loud the walls would shake. Whatever we felt like doing at the moment.

I felt like setting something on fire at the moment. Preferably Demyx, because I hate when he is right. That wouldn't solve anything though, no, the only thing that would solve anything would be me getting up and going to Roxas.

I just had to figure out what I was going to say.


I almost forgot I had this story going. XD Sorry it took so long.