Memoirs of a Dragon

Chapter 1- The Silver Haired Angel

After a long day of traveling and fighting youkai the Sanzo ikku pitched up their tents for a night outdoors since they were nowhere near a town. Everyone had there own tent except Hakkai who shared his with his pet dragon Hakkuryuu. After Hakkai fell asleep Hakuryuu curled up by his chest and fell right asleep.

Hakkai woke up in the middle of the night and noticed that Hakkuryuu was gone. He cheaked the camping area for the albino dragon, but his search was in vain. He wandered into the woods in hopes to find him and noticed that a fog was beginning to pick up. He kept searching, calling out Hakkuryuu's name every so often. He was about to head back when he spoted a seemingly glowing figure in the distance. As Hakkai got closer he found it to be a human. The person was clad in white with their back turnned to Hakkai. Hakkai could not make out a gender because of the long silvery waist length hair and ankle length white coat.

Hakkai cautiously approched the person. "Ano, excues me but have you seen a small albino dragon?" The person turnned around slowly yet gracefully. Hakkai quickly noted that the enchanting figrer was indeed male.

The man smiled at Hakkai's expression as the brunette took in his features. "I am sorry, I havn't seen any dragons around here. It may have been because I was distracted by the lovlyness of the moon tonight." He said jesturing to the full moon overhead.

"oh, I am very sorry for bothering you." Hakkai said with a small bow.

Hakkai started to leave, then the man gently took him by the heand. "Please stay. That is if you arn't in any hurry. It would be nice to talk to you."

Hakkai couldn't bring himself to turn down such an offer. He was sure Hakkuryuu would be fine by himself for a while. He has a great since of direction. "Thank you for the offer I think I will stay with you for a while." He didn't know why, but he felt compleatly safe with this stranger. Hakkai had just became aware that the man was still holding on to his hand. He also took note on how soft the man's hand felt against his own.

the man watched with crimson eyse as the brunette's cheeks turnned a dark pink color. He made a soft little chuckle and let Hakkai's hand go. "I'm sorry about that. May I ask you your name?"

"Of course, my name is Hakkai, and you?"

"I'm sorry, but I musn't say. Feel free to call me whatever you wish."

Without thinking Hakkai said 'Tenchi'. Hakkai looked at the silver haired man and saw that he didn't mind, and that he was infact smiling. And if Hakkai wasn't mistaken then the silver haired man was blushing.

"Why Tenchi may I ask?"

"Because you look like an angel." Hakkai said softly. There was no mistaking it now, the man's pale white cheeks were now turnning crimson. Hakkai noticed the reaction and also blushed.

After the embarrassment faded away the two men talked for hours about little things such as hakkai's friends and the journey they were on, his pet dragon Hakkuryuu, and several common interests the men shared. It wasn't until sunrise that Hakkai realized how long he had been gone.

Hakkai got up to leave when Tenchi grabbed him by the wrist and pulled Hakkai close to him. Tenchi placed a soft kiss on hakkai's lips and Hakkai suddenly felt drowsy. He collapsed into tenchi's arms and was soon being carried in his gentle yet strong arms. "Goodnight Kai." He wispered softly in Hakkai's ear.

"Night tenchi." Hakkai replied sleepily.

The silver haired man smiled warmly and carried the now sleeping Hakkai to his camp, careful not to wake up any of the sleeping Sanzo ikku. He carefully tucked Hakkai into his sleeping bag and gave him a kiss on he forehead. "I'm sorry Kai, but I must keep my identity a secret from you for just a little while longer. I never ment to meet with you tonight. When I am ready, when I feel you are ready, I will tell you." He made a small smile and began to glow. His form began to shrink and change untill he was in the form of a small albino dragpon. The dragon curled up next to Hakkai and fell asleep.