Chapter 4- Revelations

The next day Gojyo woke up and decided to check on Hakkai. He was surprised to find that both Hakkai and Hakkuryuu wern't there. He left the campsite and began searching for his missing friend. I knew that Hakkai was acting weird yesterday. What could be going on with him and why won't he tell me?

While wandering, he almost fell off the side of a cliff but caught his balance just in time. "Shit, I need to watch where I'm going." Wait a minute, what if Hakkai fell off? Gojyo began to climb down the cliff to find his missing friend to his relief no one was there when he reached the bottom. He did however find a splatter of dried blood. That must mean that he's still alive. Gojyo thought with a sigh of relief.

-Back with Hakkuryuu and Hakkai-

Hakkai woke up with Hakkuyuu's arm draped over him. He kissed the pale skinned man on the cheek. Hakkuryuu's eyes flickered open to show a radiant crimson. "Ohayo Tenshi."

"Ohayo koi." Hakkuryuu said lovingly.

"I have finally found you Hakkuryuu sama." Came a cold female voice by the cavern entrance. "Father wishes to speak with you."

Hakkuryuu stood up at once. "Tell him that I would rather not." Hakkuryuu growled, his crimson eyes glaring fiercely at the raven haired woman.

Hakkai stared up at Hakkuryuu. "Hakkuryuu?" He asked skeptically.

Hakkuryuu looked down at Hakkai with a sad look on his face. Then he looked back at the girl the same fierce glare. "Leave now Chihiryuu. I don't want to take any of your arrogance."

"Whatever you say onii sama. It's just..." In one swift motion she was right in front of Hakkuryuu. "I can't leave here without someone. So until you change your mind, I'll have to hold onto your lover." She said. Then with unbelievable strength and speed she grabbed knocked out Hakkai and flung him over her shoulder. "You know where to find us." She then used shadow magic to disappear with Hakkai. Hakkuryuu was left staring horrified at the spot Hakkai had just been.

-Back with Gojyo-

As Gojyo looked around he found several burn youkai corpses trailing from a cavern. Gojyo summoned his Shakujo and walked cautiously into the cave. He saw what looked like a glowing bundle of white curled on the cavern floor. As he got closer he noticed that it was a man and he was crying.

Hakkuryuu noticed Gojyo enter the cave and he looked up at the red head. Gojyo was shocked by the color of Hakkuryuu's eyes. Crimson stared into crimson until Hakkuryuu looked away and stared at his hands.

"I don't know who you are but I figure that you know where Hakkai is. And if you don't tell me I'm going to kill you."

"Please don't Gojyo. It is not my fault that he is gone."

Gojyo gave a confused look at the silver haired man. "Who are you and how do you know my name?"

"You'd never believe me." Hakkuyuu said softly.

"Trust me, with all of the shit I've been through I'd believe anything."

"Fine, I suppose I'd have to end up telling all of you anyway. The truth it that you've known me for years. I'm hakkuryuu."

"No fucking way! What else have you been hiding from us?"

"I am a dragon prince and I am in love with Hakkai."

"Holy shit, mabey I should sit down for this." Gojyo said and sat down next to Hakkuryuu. "Tell me everything."

-With Hakkai and Chihiryuu-

Chihiryuu watched as Hakkai began to stir. Hakkai sat up and looked around the room confused. "I'm sorry that I had to do this." She said and Hakkai looked at her questioningly. "I'm not a bad person, really. It's just that this is the only way to get Hakkuryuu to come back home." Hakkai just stared at the raven haired girl. Her crimson eyes boar into his green ones. Chihiryuu sat down beside Hakkai. "He didn't tell you did he?" Hakkai shook his head. "He didn't mean anything by it. If I'm right by guessing, he was staying with you in his dragon form. He was most likely doing it to protect you."

"You're probably right miss..." Hakkai said trying to remember her name.

"It's Chihiryuu but you may call me Chi if you'd like." She said then let out a sigh. "You have no clue what Hakkuryuu liking you means do you?"

"No, what dose it mean?"

"It means that he will never do anything that would hurt you, he will never leave you, and will never love another. We dragons are very picky creatures and very loyal. He is obligated by love and honor to come and rescue his mate. He will come for you no matter how much he hates it here."

"Why dose he hate it here? Why dose he hate you?"

"Our... my father. Let me explain. Hakkuryuu is a rare breed of dragon called the white princes, due to their color. No matter what family they are born to, it is their duty to be raised by the current ruling family of what ever clan they were born to. Then when they come of age, they must take rule over the kingdom. Unfortunately my father being the greedy bastard that he is, refused to let hakkuryuu take over the throne. He declared that I was the rightful heir. Hakuryuu tried to reason with my father but my father refused to listen to Hakkuryuu. Hakkuryuu didn't think anything of my father's attitude towards him, they had always hated each other. When I refused to help him kill my father he felt as though I had betrayed him. It was a hard blow for him since I was his closest friend. He couldn't take it anymore so he left."

"Why are you coming for him now?" Hakkai asked her.

"The gods are curious as to why the white prince hasn't claimed the throne. This may be our last chance to convince my father to give Hakkuryuu the throne. If we don't the gods will wipe out every last dragon in the shadow clan. I beg you please, help me convince Hakkuryuu to stay here."

"I'll try." Hakkai said not to sure if he could.

"That's all I ask for." She said. "Now rest, it may be a while before hakkuryuu comes." She said and left Hakkai alone in the room. Hakkai wasn't all to sure weather he could trust the she-dragon. He had no choice now but to wait for Hakkuryuu.