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My Parent's Secret Keeper

Chapter One: The Godfather


There was nothing that Minster Arthur Weasley could do. It was Halloween 1981, and after the death of his parents young Harry Potter had defeated the Dark Lord. However, the circumstances surrounding the Potter's death were the most tragic part of the story. Sirius Black, secret keeper and best friend of James Potter had betrayed them, and later killed a street full of muggles and Peter Pettigrew. There had been no survivors or witnesses. Because of the death of Lily and James there were no traces on Sirius Black that showed that he had once been their Secret Keeper. No proof, no convection, no justice for the Potters. There was nothing to be done, the aurors had to let the murderer go free.

There was one victory for the side of light, however. Dumbledore had sent someone to retrieve the little boy-who-lived before Black could claim custody of his godson. Harry Potter had been sent to live with his muggle relatives, where blood magic wouldn't allow Sirius Black to find the infant. That's what mattered the most, Minster had to comfort himself, as well as his wife with, that Harry Potter was safe from his godfather…

11 years later…

Harry looked around the station for his aunt or uncle. He had just finished his 2nd year at Hogwarts, and after a rather exciting school year, his summer at the Dursleys looked rather dull indeed. Not to mention his relatives couldn't be too happy about the previous summer when Harry left in a flying car. Ha! There was Uncle Vernon…he didn't seem too pleased to be at Kings Cross but Harry had seen him worse. Harry walked slowly towards his uncle until Uncle Vernon spotted him and started storming over. "There you are boy," he hissed in his nephew's ear. "Can't you freaks ever be on time?"

"I'm not a…"

"Yes you are boy, now we don't have time for this nonsense," Vernon interrupted swiftly walking in what must have been the way to where the car was parked. Rolling his eyes slightly, Harry followed. The Dursleys would never change. As he started lifting his trunk into the boot of the car Harry couldn't help that just for once that he would be able to have a normal, albeit, boring summer with his relatives. How wrong he was.


Sirius Black was ecstatic. For eleven years they had kept his godson from him, but after eleven painstaking years Sirius had found a way to claim what was his. It was an ancient law, that hadn't been used for years, but it still applied. If a child born of a witch and wizard became orphaned, it was to be the closest living MAGICAL relative that received custody of the said child. The law was initially put in place to protect young children during the time of the witch-burnings for they could not perform the spell to freeze the fire and save themselves. So it was technically illegal for a muggle to have custody of a wizard child unless they were the only relation left. Because Sirius was Harry's Godfather that made him closer than an uncle or aunt to Harry, in the law, therefore he had the rightful claim on the child.

Smiling and humming to himself, Sirius gathered up his research and legal documents proclaiming that he was indeed Harry Potter's godfather. Minister Arthur Weasley was in for one big surprise.

To say that the secretary in front of the minister's office was shocked to see Sirius Black in front of her demanding to see the minister would be the understatement of the century. Sirius Black had not been seen in the wizarding world for the past eleven years, after he committed the murder of those poor muggles. He had never been convicted, but everyone knew that he was guilty.

"I would like to see the Minister at once." proclaimed Sirius Black. He had his arms folded in over his chest, lazily holding his wand in his right hand. The secretary was terrified.

" you have an appointment sir?"

Sirius laughed like a mad man. "Does it matter?" he asked in a threatening voice. "I insist that I see the minister at once, it is of grave importance."

The poor woman was shaking as she floo-called into the office behind her.

"Minister Weasley, there is a man here to see you, he says that it is very important." Sirius could hear a cheery voice from the other end come out.

"Well then send him in. Thank you Helen."

" minister will see you now."

Sirius grinned and walked into the office. "Thank you very much good madam," he said on his way in. When Sirius entered the minister was sitting with his chair facing away from the non-convicted criminal.

As Minister Weasley started to turn in his chair he started, "What can I do for…you…Black?" His tone turned from pleasant to that of disgust. "What do you want Black?"

"My godson." Sirius replied simply. Arthur Weasley remained cold.

"And what makes you think that you have any legal claim over him? Harry Potter will remain with his only living relations. Don't fight the same battle that you lost eleven years ago, nothing has changed since then."

"Au contraire," the smug man slapped the ancient law book down on the table in front of the red-haired minister. "Look at the law number 35 Section B."

Arthur looked down and began to read aloud, suspicious. "No child born of magical birth, in the event of the death of said child's parents, shall be in the custody of muggles when a magical guardian still remains."

Sirius grinned. "It is an old law, but still valid. I am said magical guardian Minister Weasley; I was officially named Harry Potter's godfather upon his birth on July 31st, 1980. James and Lily Potter had me stated as his legal guardian in the case of their death. I expect my godson to be present in the Leaky Cauldron at noon in a week's time so I can gain my rightful guardianship over the boy. No ministry presence is to be there. If these requests are denied I will take more serious action against the Ministry. Good day Minister, give my best to your wife and children." With that Sirius swept out of the room leaving behind a stunned Minister of Magic.


"But Arthur there must certainly be a way…a loophole…" Molly Weasley argued with her husband, the Minister of Magic. The red-haired man sighed.

"I don't think so Molly, there is not a single loophole that I could find and old laws are just as valid as the new ones, if not more so. There is no way that I could get the law changed in time to save Harry."

"Have you talked to Dumbledore?"

Arthur snorted. "He can't do any more than I can. Sirius Black is indeed the legal guardian of Harry Potter."

"Dad?" Arthur whipped around to see his youngest son standing in the doorway of the kitchen.

"How much did you hear Ronald?"

"Something about Sirius Black having custody of Harry…" Molly Weasley burst into tears.

"I'm afraid it's true Ron," Mr. Weasley said while comforting his sobbing wife. "In one week Harry will no longer live with the Dursleys."

Ron's face went white. "But Dad…you're Minister surely you can…"

Mr. Weasley rubbed the temple of his head. "No Ron, Black has managed to get complete custody of Harry, legally."

"Can we hide him? If Black can't find Harry then…"

"That would do more harm than good Ronald, it would get us all in trouble with the law, as Minister I am not above law, and something like kidnapping a minor from his legal guardian could get me kicked out of office. And then I couldn't even make sure that Harry was being checked up on."

"But he killed 13 muggles! Shouldn't that count as something?"

"He was declared innocent, you know that Ron, there was no proof."

Ron had now gone from white to ash gray. "Poor Harry…"


Harry sat in his room, rather bored. The Dursleys were well…being the Dursleys. He ignored them, and they returned the favor. The result of this had been extreme boredom on Harry's part, so extreme, that he had already finished most of his summer work in the first week of summer. But now he didn't feel like doing his homework. The sky looked very appealing, and Harry wished that he could go out flying. He sighed deeply before there was a knock on the door, and his Uncle burst in.

"Yes?" Harry asked in a bored voice. Vernon spluttered.

"Aunt Marge will be arriving here in three days time, I want all your freakishness cleared out by then is that clear boy?" Harry shuddered. He hated Aunt Marge. There was no point in making a big deal out of it though; it would just make his uncle angry.

"Yes Uncle Vernon."

His uncle looked slightly surprised that Harry didn't fight back, and opened his mouth to speak before closing it again. He left the room muttering to himself.

Harry sighed and looked over to where Hedwig was perched. "I guess I better send you to Ron's house." Hedwig hooted, somewhat angrily.

"I know, I know, if I had any choice in the matter I would keep you here with me, or better yet go with you." An idea clicked in his head. Maybe he could stay with the Weasley's. That would be far more preferable to being at the Dursleys, especially if Aunt Marge would be coming along. It couldn't hurt to try.

Dear Ron,

I know that this is sudden, but I just got news that my Uncle's sister, Marge will be arriving in three day's time, and I was wondering if I could possibly come and stay will you instead…