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Epilogue 2: I Bump into the Origin of my Troubles

The thin woman behind the counter glared at me over her spectacles with mild curiosity as she recognized me. "Hello, kitchen maid," she croaked dully. "I see you've decided against being a traveler and a princess."

"Yep," I nodded. "I've decided to let my dear sister Alyce have the prince. Aren't I generous?"

Her eyes widened and she sputtered a moment before huffing, "Indeed!"

"I thought so, too," I sighed, pretending to be amazed at my kindness. "Well, anyhow since my dear sister is too busy with her darling prince, I've come to acquire one more thing for her wedding gown. Do you have any white silk?"

While she fumbled around in the back room muttering to herself, another costumer stamped into the room. I did a double take when I saw who it was, and I nearly grabbed my jaw to keep it from dropping to the floor and rolling away. The gnarly old woman was just as surprised as I was because we both cried at the same time, "YOU?!"

It was indeed the freaky racist witch.

"I hate you," she grumped.

"You hate me?" I retorted. "I was the one with the curse! I would be tearing you to pieces if I weren't afraid of being cursed again."

"I can only do one curse per person," she humphed. "I hate you because you gave me the hardest time. I have cast only one another spell since the day I cursed you; I've been spending all my energy in trying to get your curse to work out."

"What do you mean?" I asked, puzzled, yet pleased that I had actually caused her grief and that I was safe from any other enchantment.

"You were so hard hearted, and so biased against romance, that it took forever for the enchantment to take effect on you. You just would not fall in love! When you finally did, you kept fighting against it. You were not supposed to do that. Not only that, but guys don't naturally get attracted to you, so my plan of having half the men in the city fall in love with you didn't work. Humph. Charles was one of the hardest. He was truly in love with Alyce, so I couldn't do much on him, even though he does have a weak heart. Just when I thought I had you good, that Beric fellow came home." She shuddered and I glared.


"Well, I certainly didn't want you to fall in love with another Evifian add to the fact he is the most hated soul of my good friend Lord Corey Harvey whom you have destroyed. So I had to throw in some hate. You don't hate very well either. But I did get you frustrated. That was satisfying. But BERIC!! He hardly noticed the spell at all! He didn't hate you in the least! He didn't hate anyone! He was just so . . ."

"Bericish?" I supplied.

Her glare deepened if that were possible. "Whatever. I was only able to confuse him about his feelings for you. That was about the time I finally decided to disguise myself so the spell would be stronger and work better."

"You're Aradia." It wasn't a question. I always knew that fake kitchen girl was witchy and I had recognized her from somewhere.

"Yes, I am Aradia. I had the brilliant idea of making everyone reject you. Ha, I had a good laugh at that. But I could not get you to hate the Evifian. I tried and tried and tried, but finally I just had to let go. However, I got a good load of revenge when my patron, Harvey, told me to cast a spell on the Prince to get back at that infuriating Evifian knight!" For a moment of evil glee filled her eyes.

"You put the spell on Charles!" I declared. She nodded with satisfaction.

"Aye, I did. However Harvey was the one who demanded it, so it was in his control. When he was murdered by Beric the spell was immediately broken."

No wonder Charles was so normal once Harvey was dead.

The witch's eyes suddenly turned hard. "I could have saved the whole day, but I was too busy fuming over your stubbornness. I had been watching your process, or lack thereof, and was so angry I took off the spell even though you had three months left."

I remembered the sudden realization I had when confronted by Charles in the library and smiled. The witch noticed my smile and growled, "What are you laughing at?"

"Nothing. I'm just suddenly glad that I had that curse."

Her eyes widened. "What?"

"If I hadn't been cursed I probably would have never bumped into Beric again, and therefore wouldn't be as perfectly happy as I am now."

The witch was miserably dumbfounded. The thin old woman had returned with the report that there was no white silk, but that a shipment was sure to be there by the end of the week.

I smiled sweetly at the witch, or Aradia, and said, "So thank-you so much from cursing me. Beric thanks you too. I'm sure our Evifian children will thank you some day too."

I lifted my skirts and bounced from the room leaving Aradia steaming with ire. I would have loved to stay and talked to her more about old times, but I really couldn't keep my sweetheart waiting.

The End

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