Spoilers for season 2 of Battlestar Galactica

My Sisters Keeper

"No!" Starbuck slammed her hands down onto the table, not even noticing the dent her fists left in the thick metal, "I don't care what Doc Cottle says: I don't have a little sister. Not now, not ever!"

"Kara, please sit down." Commander Adama looked up at the woman who he thought of as the daughter he'd never had, "The DNA test is conclusive: You have the same parents. Dawn is your sister."

"It's got to be some kind of Cylon trick." The young pilot shook her head defiantly, "They've got my DNA from Caprica..."

"That doesn't explain Dawn: she's been a crewmember on the Cloud Nine since before the attack. If it wasn't for the fact that she came forward as a blood donor, we'd never had known that the two of you are related."

"But I don't have a younger sister." Starbuck collapsed back into her seat, "My parents could only just get along well enough to have me! I know I fell out of touch with them after I left for the Academy, but I'm sure that even my mom would have mentioned if I had a kid sister."

"I won't even pretend that I can comment on your family history, but based on all the evidence at hand, I have to say that Dawn Summers is your biological sister." Adama shrugged, unsure how his subordinate would react, "There is also one minor complication: she was in sickbay the same time as our, guest..."

"What?" Starbuck was shocked by the strength of her reaction, "If that Cylon bitch hurt her..."

"No, she didn't hurt her, but she seemed very interested in who she was and what she was doing there." Adama did his best to sound reassuring, "I asked her what it was all about, and she told me to look up a certain section of the Scrolls. Have you ever heard of the Prophet Xander?"

"Heard of, but I don't think I ever read the book." Starbuck looked more than a little confused, "What does it say?"

"It's hard to tell: the Book of Xander is one of the oldest, predating the exodus from Kobol, and it has been translated and re-translated many times since. He talks at length about something called The Key." Adama pulled an old leather-bound book out from a draw in his desk and opened it at a marked page. Slipping his glasses on, he leaned closer to read the faint text, "In every generation, there is a Chosen One..."

The End

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