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Summary: Scourge escapes Autobot custody with one thing on his mind. Revenge. So he seeks out a certain human boy. But after finding Koji orphaned and amnesic he takes Koji into space with him instead of killing the boy outright. A fragile bond of friendship grows between them, but will it be enough to stop Scourges plot for revenge? And what do Koji's long lost friends the Autobots have to say about this?

AN: Something I though up at a Family reunion, around the one-year anniversary of me posting Koji's son. Has no connection to "Koji's Son". It's just me going off in a new direction with my work.

Chapter 1

Klaxons sounded from the foreboding gray building, echoing across the flat metal plain it occupied. Large robots rushed about, strangely light on their feet despite their massive size. They were obviously looking for something. And from the panic on the air that was growing with each passing moment that whatever they were searching for remained not found, the object was either very important or very dangerous.

A blue Bot could be seen climbing a steep incline a good distance from the others. He was determined to find the mech he was tracking. The look on his face wasn't desperate, but angry. He could remember the pain caused by his prey. All the people that had been placed in danger, people he cared about.

He refused to let it happen again.

"Sideburn, any luck?" his brother's voice came over the comm.

The blue Bot, Sideburn, stopped and then answered the voice. "No, there's no sign of Scourge."

"Ok, keep in touch and report any suspicious activity immediately. Prowl out."

Sideburn nodded though he knew his brother couldn't see him. There was no need to remind either of them why catching Scourge was so important. They both remembered the battles on Earth very well. Scourge had been merciless his pursuit of power, betraying Megatron and using human children to control Fortress Maximus. One of those children had been Koji Onishi, a close friend of Sideburn's. Koji hadn't been hurt but it pissed Sideburn off to no end that Koji had been put in that kind of danger. Having to guard his best friend because a Decepticon decided he'd make a good tool wasn't one of Sideburn's favorite activities.

"Sideburn, come back," Prowls voice came back over the comm a few minutes later. "One of the members of team B9 was just killed near the canyon. There's no way we'll catch Scourge if he's in there."

"Who's dead?" Sideburn asked, weary.

"Offroad," Prowl responded.

"I'm headed back now," Sideburn said. Offroad had been another good friend of his.

Scourge moved silently through the canyon, each step taking him further from his Autobot jailers and closer to freedom. Freedom, and revenge.

During his incarceration all the Decepticon could think of was making Prime pay for his imprisonment. He'd had plenty of time to think up a proper recompense. Killing Prime outright wouldn't have the desired effect since it would end his suffering, not make it greater. So Scourge decided one of Prime's friends would have to pay the price. Originally he'd considered one of the three Autobot Brothers just for convenience sake, since the three were always ambling around his prison--the youngest insisting on making time to stop and glare hatefully at him. He dismissed the idea since the three were soldiers and even Prime wasn't stupid enough to get attached to those he was likely going to one day send to their deaths. Then he'd considered going after Prime's brother, but even he had to admit that Ultra Magnus was more powerful than him.

Just when he'd been about to give up he remembered a certain human boy who had held Prime's spark in the palm of his tiny organic hand. He wouldn't be expecting a visit from a Decepticon after all these years. Hell, from what he gather from the three idiots conversations the Onishi brat had been out of contact with the Autobots for upwards of three years.

He'd be the perfect target. The perfect revenge.

Optimus Prime sat tiredly at his desk, years of hard work and stress showing in his posture. The past five years hadn't been kind to him. While the major fighting had ended when Megatron had captured, the war was far from over. Megatron's remaining forces had broken down into cells of malcontents who generally liked to make life hell for the Autobots.

Three years ago they showed sings of reorganizing into a unified group. They started changing their tactics and their way of thinking, taking after Scourge's example. They started becoming Decepticons. This event was disturbing enough without Scourge's miraculous escape from the prison he'd spent the last five years in.

It was a wonder Optimus didn't barricade himself in his office more often. Reminiscing about the past was one of the few things that kept him sane.

He was currently looking through a bunch of crude drawings, most under done with a hint of latent talent. Optimus loved them all. One was of him in a dramatic pose, another of all the Autobots from the Earth mission gathered around the mainframe with T-Ai. The last one was of him standing with a human boy on his shoulder.

Optimus liked this picture best. He didn't really have any actual photos of Koji because it had honestly never occurred to him to have any taken. Koji had always been just a vid-call away.

Well at least until three years ago. Dr. Onishi and Koji's disappearances had thrown him for a loop. He'd exhausted every resource within reason trying to find them, including going personally to help with the search that had turn up nothing. Eventually things began escalating with the Predicons reorganizing into the Decepticons and he was forced to return to Cybertron.

Before he could actually make the trip back to his home planet, Dr Onishi's body was discovered in a park not far from the Onishi residence. The condition of his body indicated that he'd been tortured for a long time before his captors finally killed him.

Optimus looked down at his hand and realized it was shaking. Although there was no formal announcement from the law enforcement officers working on the case, it was obvious that they believed Koji suffered the same fate as his father.

Knowing they were most likely right, Optimus preferred to remember the boy like this, innocent and happy.

On Earth, in a small broken down room, the figure of a young man thrashed around in the grips of a nightmare. His body was covered in scars, some straight, some jagged. The walls of his damp home were covered with drawings of other worldly things, like a planet made completely out of metal, transforming cars, a glowing girl that floated in mid-air, and a kindly looking metal man with a child on his shoulder.

The figure sprang awake, his brown eyes flying open as he curled up to protect himself from some unseen attacker. Before he was fully free of the nightmare that held him, he let out a shriek "I DON'T KNOW!"

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