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Can you see me? Can you see my heart breaking with your every word? You tell me my control is unnerving; you tell me my concerns are too many, but can you hear me? Can you see me, with my tears? Have you heard my gentle sobs while you so peacefully sleep in another bed? Can you see the dark circles, signaling the burden I carry on my shoulders, from the lack of sleep you give me and my broken heart?

I know you can hear me. I speak aloud and you tell me love me. But are you really there? Or is this another fantasy my mind plays over and over again? Can you give me your heart truthfully, without the cold, harsh words?

No. No I do not want those pretty words whispered in my ear. Do you not know those pretty words cut me like a knife? I want you to be in my bed, in our bed, beside me forever. Can you promise me that? Can you promise me you will love me until we die?

Of course you can. You already have. But did you mean it? Do you regret your promise, your vow to me?

I need you. I need your heart and soul, because for so long I have had it. It's not right for you to snatch it away from me so quickly. Can you understand why I need you, why I need your confidence to hold me up against the world?

Your emotions for me come and go like rain and sunshine. Can you let me feel your warm sunshine on my heart? No, no you will not let me. Your tender lips are saying those harsh words once more. Can you see my tears behind these eyes, the tears that I will cry so late at night?

Did you seduce me with your lies? Those lies that I took in as my own, trusted my heart to take refuge in. Were they all meaningless? I can see your eyes; I can see your true feelings. They say the opposite of what your lips and tender voice are saying. Are you betraying yourself? Why?

I can feel your breath on my skin. How can you make me fall for you again and again? My heart is not something I enjoy being toyed with, but can you promise me you will put it back when you were done? Safe and unharmed? Or will you shatter it with your words?

Can you see me? Your eyes are focused on mine, and the comfort that I find there creates a bed of silk for my heart. No. I don't want those butterfly kisses on my cheek, or my stomach. I want you to say the words, tell me you love me and tell me you would never hurt me.

Can you?