Tidus says I talk to myself. He said that ever since I got back I've had a multiple personality disorder. That really hurt my feelings.

He doesn't understand though, no one seems to understand. Well, except Kairi, but that's because she at least partially knows what it's like. She has Namine to talk to in her head, so she knows what it's like to have a sentient being sharing the same body.

But no one else understands at all!

I blame the three Good Fairies in Yen Sid's tower for my issues. While those drive forms were really useful, they've messed up my head, and I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't exactly the brightest crayon in the box to start with. (I'd like to hope that I've wised up a little since then) Now, however, after innumerable shape changes, from Valor, to Wisdom, to Final, to Anti, to Master, compounded with Roxas, I feel like I've got bits and pieces of several different people all chattering in the back of my head. Maybe that's what drove Roxas insane and made him leave me? It's driving ME insane now that he's not here to buffer it. I could ignore the other voices when Roxas was there to talk to, but now that he's gone, I'm hearing Auron's voice alternately telling me that this is MY story and griping about his sins. And then there's Mulan with all her self conscious doubts like, "these shoes make my feet look really big, maybe I should wear the other pair?"

However, it's Goofy and Donald's voices that are the loudest. I like them, they're good friends, but I didn't NEED to know about Donald's earring fetish. And Goofy actually has some woman he's seeing that none of his other friends know about - and that I wouldn't know about if it weren't for those darn drive forms!

So now I'm screwed up mentally and my teachers and friends (other than Riku and Kairi) think I belong in the loony bin because of that stupid memoir assignment, and Tidus is kicking me off his Blitzball team because I TALK to myself!

Why can't anyone understand...?

I don't have a multiple personality disorder. I've just got multiple persons.