Author's Notes: Riku POV, post-KH2. Set soon after his return to Destiny Islands.

Written because people get old.

"How You Go"

by: Rosalyn Angel


Hey, Dad. I'm back. I didn't worry you and Mom too much, did I? Sorry it took so long. A lot of things happened… Maybe I'll tell you about it later. I know you like big stories. You used to tell me a lot. Remember?

… Mom's been quiet. She cleans to relieve stress, doesn't she? My room was all cleaned up. I don't think she ever let it get dusty. You know her the best... You'd be able to tell if she was okay or not. She's happy I'm back, though—I know that much. You should've seen it… She hugged me so tight I could barely breathe. You would've laughed. I know it.

Hey, Dad. Remember when you met her? You said she had daisies in her hair. Said her dress was the same color—she was out in the field picking flowers. You always put a romantic spin on it. Talked about the wind blowing her hair as she looked over her shoulder at you, and how the sky was so blue and clear, like her eyes. Mom says it wasn't all that special and that you flatter her too much, but she smiles all the same.

Dad, remember? You told me stories on the porch you built. We sat on the swing and you held me on your lap, before I got too big. You talked about Mom, and the ocean, and how wide it was. You said to me, that the ocean was so big, that it stretched on forever. That there was nothing better than sailing across it and chasing the horizon. You promised to take Mom and me on a trip one day. We'd use your boat, you said, and we'd go on a trip. Dad, can we? Can we still go someday?


We could fish. I remember the ones you caught. I remember how Mom baked them. Let's go fishing soon, okay? It's been too long since I've had Mom's cooking. I'll even help with the dishes afterward, if she wants. We'll do that soon. We can all sit in the kitchen and talk and Mom can scold you for not washing your hands before dinner. Remember that?

We need to do that soon, Dad. You'll have the entire time to tell me all the stories you want. Tell me ones about Mom, or the ocean, or when I was a little kid. What were my first words? When did I walk? Dad, you know all that. Can you tell me again? I'll tell my story after you tell yours.


Can we go tomorrow? We can bring daisies on board. Mom's favorite flower. I'll get the fishing poles and bait together, and you can ready the boat. We'll plot a course and be gone, just for a few days. You can show me how far the water stretches.


Say we'll go. Say we can. Say you'll get through this, and that you'll laugh like you used to.

You're supposed to be standing on the porch now. You're supposed to be out on the ocean, with that perfect sailing breeze you love. You're supposed to be with Mom and me at home, and you're supposed to eat dinner with us and take us on trips.

You don't get sick. You don't get old. That's not how you go.

Dad. Dad. Wake up.

I'm back…