Nanao sat and brushed Kenpachi's long black hair. she'd spent the better part of ten minutes trying to get the remnants of the day's gel and sweat out of his tangled locks. it had taken five shampoos to counteract the residue. She sprayed it with leave in conditioner; she had suggested a hot oil treatment to condition his ratted ends, but there was no talking him into it.
"Geez," he said. "I'm not a girl." It was a simple statement she had to acquiese to, for there was nothing girly about Zaraki Kenpachi. "And make sure you count all my bells."
He wore 12 bells in his hair. Each night when she unpinned the spiky mess, she had to put each bell in its proper place in a sectioned container. The elastics he used to hold the spikes went in their own section in a separate container, though those were often broken and had to be frequently replaced. Extra hair elastics were in his bathroom drawer.
His hairbrush, a wooden natural bristled flat brush, had his initials carved into lest someone like Yumichika think they could take the liberty of brushing their hair with the captain's personal hairbrush. Not that Yumichika didn't have 15 different hairbrushes of his own, but his were no where near as nice as Zaraki's.
As she brushed his hair, she quietly hummed to herself. She ran her hands through it, almost lovingly, with every brush stroke. This was her favorite part of her day. By day, he might be a warrior, a killer, a fighter, but at night he sat in the floor in front of the common room armchair, and she sat in the chair behind him, and for a couple of hours he just sat still. He never complained that she brushed too hard, though she was gentle and tried not to pull. He just talked. He spoke not just about violence, swordplay, or death either. Most of his chatter was about daily life in the 11th squad building and about Yachiru, whom Nanao believed was the only person he truly loved in the world.
"Baby girl told me today she wants to go to the Academy. She's already vice-captain, what more could she get from that place?"
"I think she just wants to learn some basic skills. Not just death god powers. I think she saw kids going to school on TV yesterday and got it in her head she wanted to go too."
"Aren't there TV shows that teach kids stuff like that? You know readin' and junk?"
"There are plenty. I can help you too, if you'd like. I've been an academic advisor at the academy for years, and in life I was a governess." Nanao smiled. Now she would have even more reason to hang around the brawny captain and his pink-haired charge.
"Yachiru'll be happy to know you'll be teachin' her. She likes you."
Nanao blushed a little at the compliment. "All done," she said.
She did something unexpected at that moment. After she put down the hairbrush, she threw her arms around his neck and hugged him to her, for just a moment and laid a soft kiss on his cheek. "Goodnight" she said and then exited to place his things on his bathroom counter for the next morning.
He smiled for a moment to himself, though he'd never let her know he liked her. He didn't want to scare her off just yet.