Death Star: episode #11 Mount Laurel

Death Star 3

But, all these things go on at a time that others are doing things.... This episode takes us back a little but for you must know what happens. This episode takes us back to us. Finally, right.

I looked at Jaclyn. "Let's see what this guy has in store. There's' something about him. Oh, I don't know. I can't explain it."

"I know," Jaclyn says. "I feel the same way about him."

"And so do I, speaks up Cornelia.

I suddenly look at the time.

"My gosh!" I say. "We've got to get home.

Jaclyn says, "Yeah, remember your birthday was last week."

"How could I forget? You guys stay right here and keep a watch on that new janitor just to occupy yourselves. I forgot a book in my locker," I realize as I check over things.

I leave and come back with my book. When I come back and go by where I had left Jaclyn and Cornelia, I see a couple others had joined the group. Kandi, Charlie, Chris, Marcus, Laura, and Heather. It is now a group of friends. Kristen Fought also joins us.

"Wow," I say, "When did you guys all get here?"

No one has a chance to respond because the guy in orange comes over and sees us.

"What are you doing here?"

We become aware of a slurp slurp when Mr. Idiot talks. It's almost funny. Suddenly, Mr. Siesel rounds the corner and is now facing us! Now Mr. Siesel walks and talks weirdly. When he walks one shoulder goes up and the other goes down. It's really a sight to see! He also always wears shorts. He has like no sense of temperature in his legs or something. It could be snowing outside, and he'll still wear shorts, and he'll just stand outside! He walks around in circles in his weird way. AS he appears we all run. We are out of sight by the time he is by the guy in orange.

"Listen here, I know who you are!"

The guy had put on his orange suit between the time he had interviewed and now. The guy in orange looks shocked.

"How could you? Who are you?"

"I'm Darth Vader! I'm in disguise. Now I can finally kill you!"

He takes out his red lightsaber and ignites it.

"Oh crap!" says Mr. Idiot. Mr. Idiot says under his breath, "if only I knew where she was! I mean I know she's in this city...I just wish I would have had more uh time."

We can hear their commotion from where we ran. So we started heading back, not suspecting much. Mr. Idiot turned and grabbed we and Vader saw what was revealed...a black sword. Vader sort of shudders at the sight of it.

"Look at that thing!" Mark says talking about Vader's lightsaber.

We decide now would be a good time to get out of there. I'm kind of on the edge of the group as we run. Suddenly, a big wall of lights comes up directly in my path. Vader and Mr. Idiot are right behind. I have no choice but to run towards it in hopes that it's nothing…so I do. Mr. Idiot starts chasing Vader through the lights, too, and suddenly we find ourselves in a weird place. A cave is nearby. It seems to be on top of some Mount. I run to it to hide there in the cave. Mr. Idiot turns and faces Vader.

"We are now on Mount Laurel. This is the local school camp. We are on Australia, near Sydney. You are coming in with me and then I'll kill you.?

"Whatever," says Vader.

Suddenly he remembers something and puts on his black outfit and his mask. He starts breathing weirdly.

"Oper, Oper, Oper. Quiii Queeee."

Vader must do this because all the time he was in our dimension, he had a hidden breathing thing that didn't make noise. (He had it on mute.) He detached that one and put on his outfit with the noisy breathing thingy.

Vader says, "Ahh. Back to normal. Mr. Idiot you dumb, dumb. I knew about all that. Remember I got here, too."

Before anything else could happen, Vader ran into another set of these strange lights I hadn't noticed until now.

Mr. Idiot does not notice me.

"Drat! He's there. I had better search the area...I want to see some things."

Mr. Idiot, taking a certain diary/journal disappears down Mountain. I seize the opportunity to go exploring the area. I'm not sure how long Mr. Idiot will be gone, but I'm fairly sure he won't be back for a while. I take a moment to look around us. I am standing on fairly flat piece of land. A cave is nearby. Then, almost next to the cave are gray rocks and the wall of lights that Darth Vader (Mr. Siesel) disappeared into.

I say," I'm going to check out that cave."

I go to the cave. I decide to keep my guard up in case Mr. Idiot comes back unexpectedly. I accidentally drop my key. I was searching for something in my book bag when it falls out. I crouch down to pick up the key I just dropped. When I pick it up, a little piece of rock is stuck on the key. I see it.

I say, "These rocks are magnetic!"

I see something lying on the ground out of the corner of my eye. It's half buried in a thick layer of dirt, but I see a slight glow so I reach out to touch whatever it is. It appears to be some sort of hatchet or something. I hold it up. I put it next to several of the rocks.

"All these gray rocks are magnetic.

Meanwhile, Mr. Idiot goes down the mountain.

He says, "So this must have been the path they took."

He follows the sandy part down onto a beach. Mr. Idiot smiles. He steals some tools from people at their lunch break, one thing being a detector to find lost things.

"Good, it even finds wood. That's what I need,"

He runs the detector over the entire area. It beeps at one point. He digs and he sees what he wants to see...remains of an old sea ship.... He covers it back up and starts going up the mountain. I suddenly feel like something's wrong. Mr. Idiot sees me and starts running at me.

I see the lights ahead, "it's the only alternative," I reason to myself. "Vader went that way. It must be safe if he did."

I imagined Kristen saying, "That's not very reassuring."

I quickly run over to the lights. Mr. Idiot almost grabs my leg, but fails to notice a log and trips over it. I get up, and, without thinking, I keep running...through the lights...

Until next time!