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Surprises Around Every Corner


"Mmmmm…Yuushi! Hurry up!" Gakuto whined in desperation.

"Not yet, Gaku." Oshitari calmly replied, watching his little redhead squirm in response to his oh-so seductive maneuvers. Gakuto whimpered, groaned and moaned as the tensai licked a little here and sucked a little there.

"Yuushi…please…" He begged, peering up at Oshitari with eyes of desire. "I…can't wait…any longer!"

The taller youth ignored his love's short, needy breaths, continuing his antics. He licked the creamy surface a few more times, savoring the sweet taste swimming on his tongue. A smirk emerged from the curve of his lips, enjoying the fact that he's causing the smaller boy to writhe out of control.

His tongue slid across his upper lip, relishing the taste once more. "Mmmm…delicious." He crooned, eliciting another whimper from Gakuto.

"Now, Yuushi…please?"

"Hmm…I don't know…" Oshitari teased, masking his face with an unsure look. "Should I? Or should I torture you some more?"

"Yes!...No! I'll go insane!"

Oshitari smirked. As soon as he made the sneaky move, Gakuto eagerly grasped the taller boy's clothes, pulling him down into a kiss. A battle of tongues commenced, evoking moans from both sides. Soon, Gakuto tore away, triumphant grin gracing his lips.

On the other side of the locker room, Shishido every so often took a long glimpse at the other couple. Sometimes he wondered if they talk like that on purpose.

"Shishido-san, what are you looking at?" The brunette turned to see Ohtori, who had just finished packing his things.

"Oshitari and Gakuto." His attention turned back to the said couple, now seeing Gakuto beam with so much delight that his smile could outshine the sun.

"They're not on the couch again, are they?" Ohtori asked, concerned. "Atobe-sempai wasn't too happy last time because the stai—"

"No!...No, they're not on the couch…" Shishido interrupted, not taking pleasure in having to remember that incident…that he walked in on…

The second year cocked his head to the side in confusion. "Then, are they on the floor?"

That caught the brunette off guard for sure, cheeks turning many shades of red. "What! No, they're not doing…it…" How can Ohtori be so casual about other people's affairs when he faints every time his own love life is brought up? It should be one or the other. Preferably the latter, because it's just scary to imagine innocent Ohtori be casual about anyone's love life. "They were fighting…"

Ohtori blinked. "Fighting? Over what?"

"Over…a piece of chocolate."

"Really?" Ohtori moved to take a look at his sempais. From Gakuto's expression, you can pretty much say he was in heaven. Oshitari, on the other hand, bore a sad look, muttering "My truffle…" in a remorse and defeated tone.

"Yep." Shishido confirmed, making a move for the door. "I bet Oshitari really wished he was that chocolate."

The second year had a thoughtful look on his face and said in a childlike voice, "Maybe next time, Oshitari-sempai should cover himself with chocolate."

Shishido faltered, disbelief swarming over his features.

Who is this guy and what has he done to his Choutarou?

This is supposed to be a part of the "30 moments" series, but I liked it too much, not to mention Shishido and Ohtori took up half the story. Inspired by Hyatt-chan's valentine comic (from LJ).

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