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"..."- Normal talking.

''- Communication with Kyuubi.


Chapter 1: So, where the hell am I and where are my pants?

"...should be awakening... not sure how long he... he's not a pirate..." The conversation sounded like an out-of-tune radio, picking up bits and pieces of words, and not the whole thing, though his body felt as though it was on fire, which judging from how badly he was sweating, it was. Slowly he opened his eyes, as they were quite sensitive to the light overhead, and he took notice of the closest thing to him. A reindeer with a blue nose, to be exact. And it talked, which made it even more unusual.

Being the human he was, he yelled "TONAKAI(1)!" while backing away very fast. However it seemed his body didn't want to cooperate as he experienced pain unlike any other, which caught him off guard. Usually he never felt pain, or if he did it was very minimum, as his body created a sorta painkiller that ran through his veins. He'd have to ask the bastard fox at a later date what was up. Currently the reindeer (which had been considerate about his pain) was tending to him, or so he presumed. He never cared much about the doings of medics, and never wanted to, as he hated needles and those who associated themselves with them.

"You should stay still, your body still hasn't recovered yet," it said, while doing who-knows-what with his medical bag, which magically appeared beside him, or maybe he just wasn't paying attention. The other person in his other conversation entered the room. He stood about six foot, with blond hair, which covered his left eye, and was smoking a cigarette, and dressed in a black suit which seemed to work for him, not that he cared.

"Ah, our guest is awake. I'll let the Captain know so we can figure out what to do with you," and just as quickly, he left, leaving the guest and his doctor-reindeer to themselves. Though it didn't last long as he entered the room again, this time following a slightly-shorter male, with black hair, a red vest, and a straw hat on his head.

"What's your name kid?" He was expecting the Captain to ask him how he was feeling, not what his name was, so he was caught off guard by his lack of manners. His subordinates however made it painfully obvious he was rude, with 2 large bumps on his head.

"Uzumaki Naruto," back home it was his curse, as everyone knew what he held within himself, but here, he felt no one knew him, so didn't feel the need to lie.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Luffy and welcome to Mugiwara (2) Pirate crew, this-" he was cut short by another set of bumps, from the reindeer and man in black.

"DON'T ASSUME HE'S ON THE CREW!" They both shouted, causing Naruto to sweat-drop slightly, these people were more terrifying than Sakura-chan back home. At this thought they turned to something more darker, more sinister than the current events.

He had killed the person he was sent after. All for a girl. He wanted to convince himself that it was an accident, that he didn't mean for it to happen, but he guessed Kyuubi either took control of his body fully, or his anger and rage was starting to rub off onto Naruto. Starting the mission he had the mindset that if he tried his hardest Sasuke would see the error of his ways and come back to Konoha. But he hadn't and thusly when they fought, Sasuke intended on killing Naruto to gain the most advanced form of the Sharingan, the Mangekyo. Naruto knew deep down that it was a battle of life and death. Only one would emerge victorious, not to mention alive.

However being the typical person he was, Naruto believed he could just knock Sasuke out and take him back, but failed when he was impaled on Sasuke's second Chidori. The battle had truly opened his eyes, on what was going on around him. No amount of defeats would cause Sasuke to have a change of heart if he wasn't obsessed with revenge, as the defeat would only drive him further away and attempt to beat his brother, in which he would fail. Naruto wasn't sure when, but he tapped into the Kyuubi's power at one point in the battle, as it was only fair as Sasuke was using the Cursed Seal, and Naruto knew he stood no chance against the enhanced Sasuke.

The fight was one that could be used as a story, and retold for many generations and never get old, and as all hero stories end, he emerged after slaying his friend, and in a way, his brother. But what the stories never elaborated about, was the guilt he felt afterwards, about killing another sentient human being, about killing his best friend. Never once did the fairy tales explain in detail the villains relationship with the hero, sometimes it was a random person, sometimes it was someone after revenge.

'Emotions, yet another reason why humans are an inferior race. Demons have no need for them, as we prefer to just kill without abandon,' It seemed that Naruto's 'tenant' had made himself known, though he was as good at conversation as a brick was.

'I was wondering when you would show your ugly mug, bastard fox. Tell me, where did you send me this time?' Naruto was not in the mood to bicker with the spirit-wannabe, and thusly wanted him to get straight to the point.

'I do not know, though it seems the other humans are looking at you strangely, and sadly it's not because of your bad table manners,' came the foxes witty retort.

Remember what Luffy had said before his little trip down Angst Avenue, he asked, "What makes you think I want to join your crew? And where the hell am I anyways?"

"Simple, I said you're on my crew!" Luffy said, a childish grin on his face. Everyone else (Naruto included), just sweat-dropped and shook their head as if to say "I can't believe he just said that."

Naruto opened his mouth to object, but was cut off, "Don't bother kid, once he makes up his mind, he won't change it. So I guess that means your stuck with us. I'm Sanji by the way and the reindeer who nursed you back to health is our resident doctor Tony Tony Chopper," the older blonde explained.

"Excuse me, but how in the world does a reindeer talk?" Naruto asked, pointing to said reindeer to let them know who he was referring to.

"I ate the Hito Hito No Mi (3) when I was a reindeer, when I lived on Drum Island," Chopper answered Naruto.

Not knowing what a Hito Hito No Mi was, he asked the reindeer-human.

"It's one of the Aku no Mi (4), though no one knows for sure where they came from. After eating one of the fruits you gain great power, but lose the ability to swim afterwards," Sanji answered for Chopper, who was now currently tending to Luffy's 'unfortunate' head injuries.

The door to the infirmary (which Naruto figured was his current room) opened and in stepped in (in Naruto's opinion) a very pretty lady with dazzling (if a little odd) light blue hair, and was wearing a rather form-fitting t-shirt with short cut-off pants. She looked over the motley crew of 2 men, a boy, and a reindeer before saying, "Tony-kun, it looks like you have another patient, Usopp-san seems to have provoked Zoro-san, for the 10th time," she said rather blandly, as though this happened everyday. Taking notice of Naruto, she blushed lightly, obviously berating herself inwardly for forgetting the newest member of the Mugiwara crew, "I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Nefetari Vivi, nice to meet you," she introduced herself rather cheerily.

"Uzumaki Naruto, nice to meet you to," he introduced himself curtly. Something about this lady (possibly the hair) reminded him of Sakura-chan, but in a bad way. He didn't know what to think of it, except he needed to think. Being in (apparently) a new world, he would have to assume the worst, he would never be able to return, and even if he did, he would be hated for killing the final Uchiha that resided in Konoha. Even if he insisted it wasn't his fault, he would still be blamed and all he strove to achieve would be for naught. While his Nindo (5) was to never give up, he didn't know what to think of his Nindo, being on a ship with pirates. That also would require some thinking (which he detested to an extent), mainly of how he would be a pirate, and being accepted for who he was by the rest of the crew. He could only hope the other members were as kind as Chopper, Vivi, and Sanji.

"Oi, kid. You look like you could use some sleep. I would suggest getting as much as possible, as we're near Vivi-chan's home country, Arabasta, and will arrive in about a day," Sanji informed him, being the only person left in the room with Naruto. He turned and walked towards what looked like a kitchen, and looked around in the cabinets, in case he had overlooked some food, the other times he had surgically searched the kitchen.

Seeing as he found nothing (for the 13th that day), Sanji pulled out a chair and sat in it, while fishing out a lighter from his pocket and lighting a cigarette. Taking a slow drag, he turned to Naruto, "Oi, kid. What's with those clothes? Never seen someone who wore clothes like yours, in either East Blue or North Blue," he asked the younger blonde.

Naruto thought it over for a minute, on what he should tell him. On one hand he could tell them he was a ninja, but that would bring up more questions, which could end up with asking him why he was floating in the middle of a sea. His first kill was still a fresh scar emotionally for him, wasn't something he wanted to talk about, or even think about, at the moment. However, he could do the opposite, and lie. These people didn't know a thing about him, and he could afford to be carefree, for now anyways. And he didn't have to worry about others exposing him, because to his knowledge, not one ninja he had ever met left the Elemental Continents in their life, unless you count that mission to Snow country...

His mind made up and a lie on his lips, he was about to explain he was tossed overboard in a freak storm, when the door opened and admitted a man about the size of Sanji, but with 3 earrings in his left ear and green hair. Naruto also noted he wore a large amount of green, pants, sash, bandanna, but noticed his shirt was white. He also noticed the man was dragging another body behind him and threw him onto the middle of the floor.

"Here you go Chopper," he said simply, indicating the semi-unconscious body laying on the ground.

"Ooh, the colors," the body moaned dazedly, oblivious to the surroundings.

"Zoro you shouldn't hit him because he's annoying!" Chopper admonished the green-haired man while tending to his new patients body.

"No fear Chopper! This is nothing compared the time I fought 500 Sea Kings in my underwear with nothing but a rubber band and a tea-kettle!" The 'patient' said standing up swiftly, boasting his achievement for all to hear.

"HONTO (6)!" The reindeer answered, his eyes creepily filling up with stars.

Taking notice of Naruto, the previous patient asked, "Um, who are you?"

Sanji quickly introduced Naruto to the newest additions to the room he resided in (though one would wonder how 8 people fit in a medium sized room without being cramped), "Uzumaki Naruto, the newest addition to the crew. And those two dim-wits are Usopp," he pointed to the previously-injured man, "and Zoro," he pointed to the green-haired man. Zoro merely scoffed at the dim-wit comment but said nothing more.

"Oh there you guys are. I was wondering why I couldn't find anyone on deck," came another voice, from (surprise) the door. This time in the form of another female crew member, with "assets" that were just below Tsunade-baa-chan (though he wouldn't admit it), and orange hair. At her entrance, Sanji seemed to be struck with something, and instantly rushed towards her, his one visible eye a creepy hear, and spewing lines like "NAMI-SWAN!" that made Gai and Lee's comments on "The fire of youth" seem like religious mantra. Naruto shuddered at the thought of hearing something more disturbing than those lines, and focused on the current events lest he be scarred even more for life.

"Oi, Sanji. I'm hungry, give me some meat," Luffy pipped up, distracting Sanji from his adoration-fest of the newest member of the medical room/kitchen/meeting room. Sanji, hearing Luffy speak turned towards him and told him (for apparently the 22nd time that day) that they had no food, and no meat, otherwise he would give them food. Zoro then made a comment about how he would only feed Nami and Vivi if they had food, and ignore the rest. This, obviously struck a chord with Sanji, who turned to the green-haired swordsman and started insulting him.

Just because fists were exchanged, and blood spilled, Nami hit both on the head rather harshly, telling them to knock it off. Of course Sanji immediately listened while Zoro insulted both Sanji and Nami under his breath, riling both up again, to start attacking him again. Everyone sans Naruto just laughed at the spectacle, while Naruto smiled sadly at the display and snuck out of the room unnoticed. He strode the length of the deck, heading towards the bow of the ship, where he leaned over the railing and stared into the inky darkness of the night.

It was a full moon, from the looks of it, as he looked up at the stars and the glowing orb of light. He took a deep breath, he was who knows where how far from his home, and it scared him. It was the first time he had stepped off of the Shinobi continent and he was wondering if the rescue team had informed the Godaime of the Uchiha's death, and his apparent defection. More than likely the council had declared him a S-rank missing-nin, totally obliterating his chances of becoming Hokage, his dream that kept him going for his entire life. He wondered if Sakura would be sad, now that her "Sasuke-kun" was dead, probably. She would be pissed if she found out it was Naruto who had done it, the person who took it upon himself to bring him back, no matter the cost.

"It's nice out tonight, isn't it?" A voice shook him from his revere, causing the ninja to turn his head to see who spoke. It was Luffy, who had a serious, sober look on his face. One of a man who had seen much in his life, and wished to tell others of it, and what not to do.

Turning towards the calm sea, Naruto answered, "Yes it is. Calming, truthfully."

Luffy joined him at the rails, looking intently over the sea, supposedly towards Arabasta. Minutes passed in silence, though Naruto was getting nervous about it. He knew Luffy had come to him for a reason, but he didn't know why.

Finally he spoke, "You miss your home."

Naruto didn't answer at first, even though he knew it was rhetorical. "Yes," he said simply.

Luffy scoffed at the answer, "Bullshit," this offended Naruto, but he continued, oblivious, "I saw the look in your eyes kid, you're glad you no longer have to be there. While you're not happy about your current placement, you would gladly take it as this is a chance to start over, with a clean slate."

Again, Naruto didn't answer right away, caught off-guard with how accurate Luffy's observation was.

Undaunted, he continued, "No matter what secret you hold, no matter what past you lived, we will not abandon you. Do not think otherwise. We have proven it time and again, that we stick with our nakama through thick and thin. We just wish for you to be comfortable with us first before explaining even the smallest bit about yourself," he pushed off of the railing, leaving a speechless Naruto staring blankly in the dark.

He had just been given a chance to live a live with people willing to lay their lives on the line for him, till they died. This was what he strode towards in Konoha, people who would accept him no matter what, and willingly lay they're lives and dreams on the line for him, for even the smallest of reasons. Tears slowly made their way down Naruto's face. It had been many years since he shed tears of sadness, and not once had he shed tears of happiness.

Composing himself quickly, he snapped to attention, saluting Luffy and shouting, "YES SIR!", causing the Straw Hat to scratch his head sheepishly, slightly embarrassed.

"Get some sleep, we'll arrive in Nanohana tomorrow," Luffy told him over his shoulder, while heading towards the Galley, supposedly to join the others.

Naruto nodded, his mind adjusting to the new twist Fate threw at him. 'These people. These kind of people I wish existed in Konoha, the kind of people I wish to protect till I die,' the newest announcement brought a smile to his face. It seemed he had just found a new dream to strive towards.

His enemy thrust swiftly at his heart, intending on running him through with his glowing hand, however it was stopped when the intended victim grabbed his hand, and ran him through with his own glowing hand, swiftly ending his assailant's life. He had done it, the inevitable. He had killed his best-friend, plain and simple. Some would argue it was in self-defense, which it was, but most would gleefully state that they had been right in the fact he was it despite others protests that he wasn't, never was, and never would become it

In his mind, he knew things might not have turned out like they did in his mind, or that's what he had hoped for anyways. To most he would give them the impression he'd go back straight after killing his best friend, just to spite everyone else, and continue with his self-proclaimed dream of becoming Hokage. However inside he knew there was no chance they would allow him to become Hokage. Even if he had protection and support from every ninja, both active and inactive, he knew inevitably the people would revolt, and either hire outside ninjas to assassinate him, or would attempt to do it themselves. They wouldn't be happy, and probably wouldn't stop until he was dead and his ashes spread throughout the far-reaches of the world, no matter how hard he tried. And inevitably they would succeed, as he wouldn't wish harm upon his own subjects, he cared to much about them, as did every Hokage before him.

"Cut the angst, weakling, it doesn't suit you," a voice broke through his trip down Depression Lane, causing a blonde boy look around in confusion in a large room with an even larger cage standing before him. "Ah, the human finally decides to grace me with his presence, I feel so flattered," sarcasm was the beasts best friend, or at least that's what he wished to give the impression.

"What do you want fur ball? You never call me to exchange witty banter, so get straight to the point," the blonde replied sharply, not in the mood for the foxes sarcasm or corner-cutting.

"Exchanging witty banter with you is like Sasuke actually having a loving relationship with a fan girl of his. Painful, a waste of time, and not fucking happening," he retorted pointedly. "As for you being here, well it's obvious isn't it? You wished to know why you're in your current location earlier, and I pondered on it and my knowledge of the geography, and have come to a conclusion," he announced with superiority when it came to the geography comment.

"Ok, so what do you want in return? Cause if it's asking for occasional control of my body, it ain't fucking happening, so you might as well keep that shit to yourself fur ball," he harshly said, venom seeping into his tone on his supposed 'requirement' for getting the information.

"I'm offended, you seem to have mistaken me as someone with something to gain from sharing this information. I have nothing to gain, or lose for that matter, with this information, and am offering to give it for free, from the goodness of my heart, nonetheless," he replied haughtily, giving the impression he really was offended by the blonde's comment.

"You, do something good with no strings attached and have a heart? Bullshit," the blonde spat, not believing a word that the fox had spoken.

"Yes, it is quite hard to believe that someone like me would actually care for something other than existing long enough to decimate the pathetic village you just fled from, very hard indeed. Especially since I saved your sorry ass against that traitor, not to mention numerous other times where your death was inevitable, very hard indeed," again, the fox flexed his sarcasm muscle (if there ever was such a thing), obviously taking much offense to the blonde's unneeded attacks on his (seemingly good) character.

"Tell me what caused your sudden change of heart? Months ago you would have simply sent me back to my dreams, and not bother with this invigorating banter," he replied, attempting to be sarcastic with the last few words, and failing badly.

"For starters, your sarcasm was pitiful at best, if you're going to be sarcastic, then learn from the master, me. And despite popular belief, I'm not hellbent on taking over your pitiful body, Kami knows where it's been," he shuddered at the thought, "However, that doesn't mean you will see me crying over your dead body, actually I'd be the first person dancing on your grave, Kami knows how much of an unbearable container you are. First with your horrible fashion sense, then your idiotic outlook on life (which as come close to getting you killed numerous times), and finally your pitiful, ignorant dream, thinking that everyone will accept you if you become Hokage. Ha, how pathetic can you truly get? Just because you're the best at something doesn't mean people will like you for it, more times than not they will despise you, simply because you're better than them. Add to the fact every civilian assumes you're me (which is embarrassing, truthfully. I mean anyone with eyes would clearly see how much of an idiot you are), and you have the perfect combination for a truly idiotic container for the most powerful (and currently ashamed) demon lord to grace this planet."

"You know, you are so full of a shit, it's not funny. But, I can't exactly deny any of those charges, as they are 100 true... Or were anyways," the blonde didn't retaliate like the fox had expected, shocking him considerably.

"What do you mean, 'were'?" he questioned

"Well, if said things were true, I would have interrupted you, or thrown a temper tantrum, no?"

The fox was silent for a minute, then spoke, "I believe the title of 'Number One Most Surprising Ninja' fits you well, Uzumaki Naruto. You are correct in the point you would have done said things, and have surprised me, however don't let it go to your head. I'm not a 1000 year old demon for nothing, and you have quite a way to truly gaining my trust, but, you've made a nice dent in the required distance of doing so. But back to my original intention of bringing you hear, where and how you got here," Naruto nodded, indicating for the fox to continue, "Okay, after extensive thinking of possibilities including things you've never heard of, and would never understand, I've come to the conclusion that you aren't on another planet, or in another world, or universe for that matter. You're still on the same planet, however no where close to the Elemental Continents."

"So in other words, it's possible for them to send Hunter-Nin's after me, and those creepy Akatsuki guys, correct?" he questioned.

"Yes, and no," seeing Naruto raised a questioning eyebrow (When had this child grown up, and where was I?), he explained, "Yes, it is possible for them to send those Hunters and the Cultists, however it's not likely for quite a while."

"How then? There's more that you're not telling," Naruto snapped.

"Okay, I'll give you a briefing on basic geography for this world. Where we currently are is a strip of ocean humans refer to as the Grand Line. However it's different than most oceans, while most are predictable, the Grand Line isn't. It can be looking like the Apocalypse one minute, then the next it's calm and peaceful. Now, on both sides (North and South) of the Grand Line, is another strip of ocean, known as the Calm Belt, which as the name implies, is always calm. There is no wind blowing on the Calm Belt, making it ideal for weeding out the weaklings, and protecting others on the Calm Belt. To my knowledge, there are very few islands on the Calm Belt, and seeing as it hasn't been invaded by so-called pirates, or even visited, I can deduce that it resides on the Calm Belt. As for how you got to your current location, your guess is as good as mine, there is no wind, and the technique's weren't strong enough to warp you in some remote ocean over 1000 miles away."

"This is kinda hard to believe, and I still don't believe you have a heart, or can do some good, but I'll think it over. Who knows, maybe this will turn out to be a misunderstanding and we'll become bestest buddies," Naruto commented after the lecture, though he was grateful for the enlightening.

The fox chuckled at his sarcasm, then replied, "Once again, you live up to your title of 'Most Surprising Ninja', though we should change it to pirate, no? I mean, you did give up on being a ninja rather quickly, without thinking, like you usually do. But, after considering your options, it was the lesser of two evils, and probably the only chance you'll get to start life over with people ignorant of my existence," he concluded, faking a yawn. "But I think it's time you emerge in the world of the reality, Uzumaki Naruto, as I do need to catch up on my sleep you stole."

"Whatever...Bastard fox," he muttered as he was awoken and noticed he was in the Galley, on the medical bed Chopper tended to him at. "Guess they found me sleeping on the deck this morning. Speaking of them, where the hell are they?"

Hours passed and Naruto found himself to an older clone of his captain.

"So, you're the captains older brother?" he asked incredulously.

"Yep. Portgas D. Ace, nice to meet ya," he replied politely. "Who, may I ask, are you?"

"Uzumaki Naruto," the blonde answered nicely, not quite believing Luffy had an older brother with manners of all things.

"Ace! You want to join my crew?" Luffy called out from across the deck, making the captains lack of manners glaringly obvious.

"Baka! You asked me that already!" he shouted, shaking his head sadly at being related to the captain.

"I just figured you'd changed your mind and was too nervous to change your answer," the captain replied dumbly, scratching his head nervously.

Ace just shook his head sadly, "I know he can be a pain, but take care of my brother for me. He can be somewhat of a dimwit," at this he looked at Luffy, who was somehow choking on a bone with meat still attached to it, "and a burden at times."

"Will do," Naruto replied, before Vivi cried out that Billion's ship was blocking their path.

Ace took that as his cue to leave, and jumped over the railing, landing on his small raft-ship. "Don't worry about them, I'll take care of them," he called up to Naruto and the others.

Without waiting for a response, his ship took off, playing a pseudo game of Chicken with the Billion's ships (there was 5 blocking their path). Jumping suddenly, he did various acrobatic moves and landed on his ship behind the the fleet, before unleashing his trade-mark move.

"HI-KEN (7)!" he shouted, a large blast of fire erupting from his fist, and pierced not one, not two, but all five of the Billion's ship, obliterating them and everyone on board.

Everyone on the Going Merry stood in shock at the show of power. They had heard he was powerful (except Naruto of course), but they didn't expect him to be that powerful. Guess it proved his standing as White-Beards 2nd Fleet Commander.

After re-boarding the ship, Ace retreated to a secluded rail on the bow of the ship, while everyone else went to various other parts of the ship to relax as they wouldn't arrive at Elumaru until the morning.

Naruto leaned against a segment of railing on the stern, admiring the calmness of the sea, and wondering how he lived without seeing the sea even once. When he was in Wave Country, there wasn't much to look at, with it being considerably cold, creating a mist over the sea, blocking the sight. Snow country was similar, however instead of a mist, it was a snow storm, unsurprisingly. Now, however, he had an untainted view of the sea, and for once in his life, things started to look positive, both presently, and in the near-future.

Morning came, and they could clearly see the other side of the Sandora river, meaning Elumaru was not far from there. However, they ran into a few minor problems.

Problems in the shape of oddly-formed sea-creatures. Usopp, thinking they were pathetic, jumped down eagerly, intent on taking it down. Less than a second later, a badly beaten Usopp lay at the feet...err fin of the creature. Vivi took that chance of humility (who in their right mind got their ass kicked by a less-intelligent creature? Well, besides the whole Tora-Trauma incident...) to explain about Kung-Fu Dugongs.

Luffy being Luffy decided to avenge his fallen comrade, and by the time it took Vivi to finish her lecture (a whole 20 seconds), Luffy had bested all the sea-critters, who looked a lot like the "Youthful" Duo back in Konoha. After some translating courtesy of Chopper, and losing more than half their food supplies (as a bribe to have the Dugongs not follow them), they made their way towards Elumaru, where they were all shocked (except Vivi) to see what lay ahead...

1: Reindeer

2: Strawhat

3: Man-Man Fruit

4: Devil's Fruit

5: Way of Ninja

6: Really?

7: Fire Fist

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