Howl's Moving Castle Ficlet PWP - set after Castle in the Air


Howl stumbled into their room, yawning and rubbing at his eyes. He wandered through the dark, barely able to see as there was a new moon in Wales tonight. Barely discerning an outline of something, he shuffled through the dark to bang his shins against the bed, nearly swallowing his tongue to keep quiet.

Already changed into pajamas with a quick stop to the bathroom, the wizard sighed as he crawled into bed, moving under the covers to wrap a gentle arm around his wife. She remained asleep the whole time, the dark bags under her eyes evidence of the many nights she stayed up trying to soothe Morgan.

But it wasn't exactly fair Sophie should lose so much sleep over a fussy baby…

He tucked the idea to the back of his head to stew; tucking back his blonde hair to kiss Sophie's slightly parted lips, he smiled a little as he heard her mutter something about green slime and a weed killer for Flower-in-the-Night. Howl moved to press a kiss on her forehead as well, then pulling himself to curve gently around his little mouse, arm around her waist.