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A/N: So basically, Seabreeze is going to be a collection, an ode of sorts to Haruka and Michiru. I have no plans for the actual number of one-shots. They'll come when I get the inspiration and ideas. My writing skills aren't the best. In fact, compared to some of the HM fics I've read...they suck. This first one, has a slightly different style then probably what I'll normally use, mostly to go with the light-hearted tone of this one-shot. It's a little...well, you'll see...

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By Yavapai

It had been a long day. They had woken up in the pre-dawn hours of the morning. Michiru had shot up from a dream, sweat lightly beaded on her face, nearly startling Haruka off the bed. As soon as both of them had regained their senses, they could feel their respective elements calling out to them; the oceans restless and the winds gusty. Right on cue, Setsuna had appeared in their doorway ignoring her housemates' lack of clothes. A brief conversation later and it was decided that the Time Guardian would stay home to let their eleven year-old daughter get a full night's rest for school the next day.

Never mind that they had classes themselves in a few hours. One might just raise an eyebrow at the unconventional family. Their neighbors certainly did, but they found each other all to be pleasant enough folk in the end. Except for that one teenaged boy across the street who Haruka thought must be a daimon or youma or something. If for no other reason than the fact that he was always watching Michiru and when he had friends over, which was often, they all watched Michiru too.

The communicator beeped in just as they were running out the door as Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune and a sleepy-voiced Sailor Mercury gave them any and all instructions. Really, the creature would not stand a chance against the Sailor Team. But it had to be destroyed. So destroy it they did. But not before Uranus, rather blindly rushing in with the Space Sword trying to end the battle quickly, rather stupidly (according to Neptune) got injured. Neptune paused in mid-battle, breathless at first; afraid for her partner, friend, and lover, but more chiding once she realized that Uranus was just fine. Nothing more than a scratch.

Uranus sat there, having the intelligence to look sheepish as her partner berated her on carelessness in the middle of battle. Talk about carelessness. It was Uranus who spotted the stray attack from the monster heading their way from the skirmish between it and the Inner Senshi. She sprang then, knocking Neptune to the ground, the attack passing harmlessly over them. Distantly, she could hear Sailor Moon give the final blow after the Inners pinned it with a few well-place attacks. But she was more focused on Neptune who lay beneath her looking innocent, blinking those ever gorgeous sea-blue eyes. Uranus was straddling her partner, arms on either side, a very provocative position indeed. Not that they weren't used to provocative positions…

"Look whose careless now." Uranus said, a smile gracing her features.


"I saved you."

"My hero." Neptune giggled with a roll of her eyes as their lips met. Damned Sailor fuku, they could never get it off. Obviously, both of them had conveniently forgotten their companions.


Eh…whoops…oh yes, they weren't alone after all.

"Do you mind? We're busy here." Uranus responded. Neptune abruptly pushed her off.

The Senshi of the Seas stood up, running a hand through her aqua locks, elegant and beautiful as always, despite the fact that she had just been thoroughly kissed.

"I apologize everyone; sometimes my partner gets a little…affectionate." Even Sailor Neptune winced at her words.

Uranus stood up besides her, a little more disheveled, but just as impressive. "Oh, so it's just me? I certainly felt your ton-"

"Ooookay." Rei interrupted. "Because you two would rather be making out then fighting the monster…"

"Eh, I knew you had it under control. So I thought of something better to do." Uranus smirked. And she had recognized that the Inners had the situation under control before making the move on Neptune. She was still a Senshi after all and her battle senses and skills were honed and sharpened to a deadly degree.

And so Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune left the battle site…unaware of leaving five curious, scheming girls in their wake.

And the long day had continued. Haruka fell asleep in every one of her classes. And Michiru even complained of how incredibly long and boring they felt during the day. Then after school, they picked up Hotaru and took her home. Haruka was then chased for nearly an hour by worshipping, giggling girls, which she had to admit, she brought slightly upon herself with some innocent flirting, while Michiru practiced violin with the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra. Being a young, sought after musician had its demands.

Then Haruka sped Michiru home to make dinner and get ready for her art show later that evening. As soon as they shared a brief kiss, and Michiru was in the door being greeted exuberantly by Hotaru, who waved to Haruka, the blonde was off to the racetrack for another hour, practicing and taking a good look at her car before rushing back home for dinner.

A relatively relaxing dinner, a shower later, a tux thrown on, Michiru looking even more incredible than normal in a silky smooth black formal dress (with a generous split Haruka noted with a pleased grin) that showed off all her curves and slenderness and they were out the door. Hotaru and Setsuna waved goodbye; Michiru had insisted that they did not have to come; it was some of her older artwork that she proclaimed everyone important to her had already seen.

It wasn't like the art show was boring. They would be the first to say that they were never bored when they were with each other, but it seemed to go on a bit longer than necessary. Michiru's art was well received. But when wasn't it? Numerous compliments, a glass or two of champagne (everyone overlooked the fact that they were underage) and three long hours later, the two arrived home.

Hotaru had just gone to bed, they had just missed her, Setsuna told them from her position curled up on the couch reading a…of course…mystery novel. She had an image to keep up after all. She looked freshly showered, green hair damp on her shoulders, dressed in her normal sleep attire of pajama pants and camisole.

Michiru slipped off her heels, and made her way upstairs to Hotaru's room, to tell her adopted daughter goodnight. Haruka bypassed the stairs and went down the hallway to their own master bedroom.

She threw off her jacket and tie, and unbuttoned the top couple buttons of her shirt. She paused at the bedroom door, and looked back toward their large bay window. There was a nice breeze tonight; one that earlier, Michiru had mentioned carried the smell and sound of the ocean over that of city. She went back and opened the three separate windows that made up their bay window, smiling as a breeze flew in, lifting the curtains. She left their bedroom, waved to Setsuna who had looked up when she came back into the living room, made her way upstairs, and stood in the doorway of Hotaru's room watching the two within in the beam of light that escaped by her from the hallway.

Haruka stole a kiss as Michiru brushed by, finished from telling Hotaru goodnight. She felt the aqua-haired girl smile against her lips.

"I'm going to go change. Then I need to finish my paper on the relationship between music and physics. And I know that you've got some reading on your own mechanical physics."

Haruka grimaced, but put on a smile as she watched Michiru walk away with a sway to her hips. She kept the smile as she turned to Hotaru, peeking out at her Haruka-papa from underneath the covers.

Haruka joined Michiru and Setsuna in the family room a few minutes later. Setsuna was still curled up on the couch, novel in one hand, and a cup of tea in the other. Michiru, sitting cross-legged on the floor, had her books and own cup of tea spread out before her on the coffee table. She was dressed about as down as anyone ever saw her, a pair of Haruka's old track shorts and her own spaghetti-strap top with a thin blanket thrown over her shoulders.

Right now, Haruka didn't care about mechanical physics.

"Aha! Haruka-chan, I know that look! Can you two at least wait till I go to bed?" Setsuna calmly said…despite the first original outburst, which rather startled Haruka. It was this more than the expectant, raised eyebrow of her housemate that sent a pouting Haruka back to her room to get her books.

Setsuna could be…well…startling. Haruka swore it was more of her impeccable sense of timing due to being the Time Guardian than any natural surprising or scaring ability she possessed.

"Don't worry Setsuna-san. We've got work to do first." Michiru said, giving her partner a look.

Haruka plopped down besides Michiru at the coffee table with a groan. Damn mechanical physics. Often when Hotaru was up they would do any homework at the table to encourage good study habits. Okay, they were hypocrites. Contrary to popular belief, they couldn't be perfect all the time. And not to mention Hotaru was exceptionally smart for her age and they wanted it would remain that way.

Haruka noticed for the first time that evening that some soft violin music playing in the background, Michiru's second album. It was Setsuna's favorite, classical sounds, with some amazing bridged key changes. Michiru's latest album was Hotaru's favorite; still classical of course, but a bit more of a contemporary twinge. Haruka could never pick out which one was her favorite, but she did prefer the live concert recordings…mostly because they were accompanied by memories of what happened in the dressing room after those concerts.

So Haruka settled down next to Michiru, mechanical physics out. For awhile the three of them sat there in a peaceful silence, the only sounds being Michiru's violin music, an occasional page turn from Setsuna, Michiru's pencil scratching against the paper as she wrote notes, and Haruka rustling in impatience. She knew this stuff already.

Surprisingly unknown to the three rather perceptive Outer Senshi, they were being watched...

"Ugh…how long are they going to keep this up? I'm ready for something to happen!" Minako exclaimed falling back into the grass of the front yard of the Outer Senshi home.

"What exactly do you want to happen?" Rei whispered fiercely.

"Oh, Rei-chan, you know why we're here. Don't deny it." Minako replied, not all trying to be secretive, propping herself up on her elbows. Despite being dressed in black, complete with dark smudges under her eyes, her golden hair was impossible to hide, even under the black hat.

Rei blushed, she couldn't deny why she was here. The same reason Usagi was here, and Makoto, and even Ami.

Granted, Ami kept saying this was a bad idea…but she was still here.

In fact, this had been an all day adventure for the Sailor Team.

This morning's rather charged embrace between Uranus and Neptune had aroused a curiosity of some sorts. It was Minako's idea. A Minako investigation on love she called it. Usagi had supported fully. She had always been curious of Haruka…and her relationship with Michiru. It wasn't a surprise when Makoto agreed too…she was a sucker for love as well and had also been hung up on Haruka at one point. Rei proclaiming that she had to keep Usagi in line had also agreed. But she wasn't fooling anybody, except maybe herself and Usagi. And Ami…well…with the pressure from the others and also maybe a minimal amount of curiosity herself came along too.

Of course they had to go to school themselves. But immediately after school, they met up and hunted down their query. It had been rather hard to keep up at times, but changing into Sailor Senshi had its advantages. Like increased speed, and being able to bound across rooftops with ease. And there a thrill to it too, all thought they would get caught at some point. It's hard to hide when you're a Sailor Senshi.

They had split up when their query did. Usagi, Minako, and Makoto easily blended in and were quite amused by the crowd of girls chasing Haruka. There was one brief moment of fright when Minako and Makoto thought Usagi was going to be trampled, but it all turned out okay in the end. Ami and Rei, meanwhile, had spent quite a pleasant hour listening to Michiru and the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra practice. Using Ami's computer and a bit of stealth they were able to sneak in backstage with ease.

Then there was some more bounding across rooftops and a lot of panting when they arrived at the Outer Senshi home.

Usagi and Rei had remained behind at the house with Michiru. Rei deduced that Michiru spent way to much time in the shower…but she chalked that up to the whole Senshi of the Seas thing. Disaster had almost struck when Michiru was cooking. Usagi had nearly broken through the kitchen window to get to the hibachi shrimp when the violinist had turned around. Luckily Rei, flung herself onto her princess, saving both of them. Though Usagi had let out a shriek, and there was a brief moment of fear as Michiru peered out of the window. Again, luckily, Rei had flung herself onto Usagi in such a way it left them pressed against the wall right below the window and out of Michiru's eyesight. They had decided it would be best to call the others to bring them back something to eat after that.

Minako, Makoto, and Ami, surprisingly, followed Haruka to the racetrack. Ami said something about investigating the speed and mechanics of Haruka's car. The other two let it go, long use to Ami by now. The only problem they encountered was traveling back with a rather large amount of food with them...and convincing Makoto that they didn't have time for her to cook them all something. Haruka had gotten way ahead of them, but they put faith into the fact that she was most likely going home.

The five reunited friends sat down for picnic supper in the backyard of the Outer Senshi home, hidden by bushes to be safe, just as their friends were doing the same inside.

There was a bit of excitement when Michiru and Haruka came down and left for the art show an hour later. Haruka had opened Michiru's car door and claimed a quick kiss.

"Sugoi! Aren't they just the perfect couple?" Minako exclaimed, hearts in her eyes. "They are probably going to go on some romantic date! And then there will be dancing! And flowers! And music! And then Haruka-san will propose! Michiru-san will say yes of course! The wedding! Oh it'll be marvelous! Michiru-san will be so beautiful in a marriage kimono! And Haruka-san so handsome! We'll all be invited! And there…" Minako was getting herself carried a way with the whole idea, but none of her friends put a stop to it.

Usagi echoed Minako's sentiments, tears in her eyes and hands clasped in front of her in exuberance.

Rei and Makoto just exchanged exasperated glances.

"They really do make a great couple. It's great that two people can find happiness with each other. Especially with all that they have had to go through." Ami put in objectively, computer closed and a smile upon her face. "We had our doubts about them in the beginning…but they are amazing aren't they. It's rare to find that kind love. Usagi-chan you are so lucky!"

With that, Ami gave a sad sort of smile. One that her friends didn't miss. Following that, there was some hugging and reassuring smiles all around. Then they transformed and were off after their teammates again.

(None of them were aware of the dark eyes watching them from right most living room window of the house.

"Usagi-chan, minna, I know your secret!" And the Messiah of Silence laughed.

"Hime-chan…why are you laughing?" Setsuna peered into the living room.

The Messiah of Silence coughed. "Nothing Setsuna-mama." Hotaru replied sweetly. Really, she knew she had an overactive imagination. "Just the neighbors.")

Minako had been rather disappointed when they arrived at Haruka and Michiru's destination.

"Nani? What is this?"

"I do believe this is an art gallery Minako-chan. Michiru-san must be displaying some of her artwork tonight." Ami replied.

"Do you think we can get in?" Usagi asked.

"Probably not. Do you see how everyone is dressed up? And we're still in our school uniforms!" Makoto replied.

"We could try…" Rei said, almost hesitantly.

"I'll do it!" This came from Minako, confidence back in her voice and pose as she gave the Sailor V sign. And before anybody could stop her, she was off. The others watched her from across the street, as she walked up and cut right in between an elderly couple and two official looking men. For a second they thought she had made it inside.

Then all four of them heard a loud voice. "Black tie attire only! I don't care if you say your friends with Kaioh-san! Go home little girl!"

They could easily see the standoff between the apparent security guard and the self-proclaimed Goddess of Love. The guard wasn't all that tall, but he was board and heavily muscled, and he loomed over Minako.

"Oh this is trouble…" Makoto said. And the four friends sprung into action.

"L-Little girl?" Minako sputtered angrily. Her fists were clenched at her sides, and all could see that she was not going to budge. Luckily, they got their before their friend could say anything else.

"Ah Mina-chan! There you are!" Rei said brightly as Makoto grabbed Minako's upper arms.

"We've been looking for you everywhere Mina-chan!" Usagi also said, with a brilliant smile.

Both Minako and the guard raised their eyebrows at this development.

"I'm very sorry sir!" Ami began, confronting the guard. "Our friend here…she got hit a little too hard in the head today at school, and she's just been acting rather strange the whole day. I can't believe she thought she was friends with Kaioh-san. We're really very sorry about this."

Usagi, Rei, and Makoto all kept nodding their heads and maintained bright smiles, even as Rei started to help Makoto drag a still sputtering Minako away.

"Well…" The guard began, looking upwards briefly, as he debated his next course of action. "Just make sure…Hey!" And when he looked back down, all five girls were gone, leaving only a few staring citizens in their wake.

After this incident, and calming Minako down, they decided that they would all go home and change into dark "stealthy" clothes as Usagi put it to better follow their query without being seen in the dark.

So this is where it leaves are unwitting spies…rather disappointed with their findings of the day. Haruka and Michiru had done nothing like they had this morning. The only inclination of any sexual activity was the brief kiss before getting into the car.

Now they were watching their companions do homework with Setsuna reading on the couch. They all became acutely aware at this point of the fact that they still needed to do homework themselves…except for Ami, who said she'd been doing hers this whole time on the computer. It was weird to them though, to actually see Haruka and Michiru do homework…kind of unnatural after the kind of day they had witnessed. But both Haruka and Michiru were rather uncommon people.

"This is rather anticlimactic." Ami put in, surprising her friends with her statement.

"You would have thought this morning that they do stuff all the time." Makoto added.

"Should we go on home?" Usagi asked.

"Usagi-chan! You're not abandoning me in the ever noble pursuit of finding out about true love are you!" Minako cried out loudly standing up. Her friends reacted violently, pulling her down and Rei placing a hand over her mouth.

There was a brief bit of squabbling between the two until Ami's voice cut through it. "Setsuna-san is going to bed, I do believe."

Just like that, everyone's attention was back onto Haruka and Michiru in the living room…

Haruka turned the page of her mechanical physics book. Setsuna had gone to bed approximately two minutes ago. She couldn't focus anymore on any of the words in her textbook. Michiru was humming along with the current song playing from the CD, tapping her pencil against her cheek in thought. Her aqua locks were falling perfectly around her face and shoulders. Intelligence gleamed in her sea-blue eyes and her lips were drawn up into a rather unknowingly sexy and contented smile. The fact that she was wearing a little less than normal combined with the vision of her in that little black dress (with the oh so generous split) was all about to drive Haruka crazy.

Now they were alone…everyone else was in bed…Michiru was smart enough to know what she was doing without reading those last few pages…

Michiru knew Haruka was getting anxious. She emanated impatience and longing. 'Just a few minutes more, my love...I just want to finish these last couple of notes for my paper.' Michiru thought, refusing to look at the handsome face of her partner. Of course an image of Haruka danced across her mind, distracting her from studying. Windswept blonde hair falling across her green eyes, a strong yet still feminine profile, and that damn attractive smirk that often pulled at her lips; all beckoned Michiru. Lost in her thoughts about Haruka, she was quite surprised when an arm snaked around her waste and pulled her close.


Haruka pulled her between her legs, Michiru's back pressing closely against Haruka's front. Haruka buried her face in her Michiru's hair, smelling the clean ocean scent that she associated with her and the salt beneath. She wrapped her arms tighter around Michiru, one possessively across the flat stomach, the other hand on a breast.

"Haruka…I have work to do…"

Haruka kissed her earlobe; she let the hand on Michiru's breast slide down, searching for the hem of her shirt. She moved from her partner's earlobe, to her neck, kissing, biting, and sucking on the skin, eliciting a slight moan in response. Michiru placed her hands over the arm holding her across her stomach, even as Haruka's other hand traveled its way up underneath Michiru's shirt, across tantalizing skin to her breast.

"Haruka…oh screw it…"

Michiru then rather aggressively turned around, using her momentum to pin her partner down and straddle her. Their lips met in a passionate kiss. Lips connected, then tongues. Michiru used her position to work her way down Haruka's neck, kissing the collarbone where Haruka had unbuttoned her shirt earlier.

"Michiru…bedroom." Haruka managed to get out.

Michiru paused, and Haruka took that moment to sit up, taking Michiru with her. She brushed her partner's aqua locks out of her face, before resting a hand against her cheek. Haruka leaned in and gave Michiru a gentler, promising kiss before standing. She pulled Michiru up against her for another brief embrace. Then she intertwined their right hands, and pulled her toward the bedroom, leaving the violin music playing and books spread out on the table.

Once inside the confines of their bedroom, the door closed behind them, they immediately met again in a passionate embrace; Michiru's arms thrown around Haruka's neck and Haruka's about Michiru's waist and hips. The blonde felt Michiru press herself even closer against her and in an immediate reaction she had lover pinned against the closed door. Michiru's hands were working on the rest of the buttons of her white shirt, as Haruka kissed her way down her partner's neck, her own hands unconsciously pushing Michiru's shirt up and out of the way.

Michiru had her eyes closed, but they fluttered open as Haruka bit rather hard on her skin. Her feelings focused on her partner, but her eyes briefly looked over Haruka's shoulder to the window that was letting in the combination of their elements. Nothing but a dark sky, a pleasant breeze, the smell of the ocean, and five pairs of eyes staring back at her.

Michiru actually screamed, extremely startled at their sudden realized lack of privacy.

"Shimatta!" Was the response from the window, followed by a shout and what sounded like numerous bodies hitting the ground.

Haruka reacted quickly at that. That damned boy from next door. She was going to rip his face off. Quick as the wind, before anybody could move, open shirt fluttering to reveal a modest white bra, she was at the window with a fierce scowl on her face.

"Oh! Well…this is a surprise! Michi-chan, come see our visitors." Haruka replied, turning to grin at her lover, who had by this time, had already composed her self.

"Haruka-san, Michiru-san…eh…hello…?" Usagi replied, a blush upon her face, from atop of a pile of human bodies.

Michiru appeared at the window, leaning gracefully and propping her head on one hand with one thin eyebrow arched.

"Hello Usagi-chan. Ara, and everyone else too." She said calmly.

"Minako-chan, Rei-chan, Makoto-chan, even Ami-chan. Wow, looks like we're popular tonight Michiru." Haruka teased, a smirk gracing her lips, not bothering to button her shirt up.

"Michiru-san, Haruka-san..." Rei tried to begin, but trailed off.

"Oh, I think you can drop the san at this point Rei-chan." Michiru still looking coolly composed, but there was a hint of a smile on her face.

"It's amazing how we didn't sense them Michiru. Look at this," Haruka gestured to their black outfits. "they planned this."

"Probably because they didn't have any malevolent intentions, Ruka-chan" Michiru replied thoughtfully.

"I feel so embarrassed." Ami's voice was distinctly heard despite being shamefully mumbled under her breath.

"It was Minako-chan's idea!" Usagi put in, hoping to redeem herself, missing the mood and tone of her two older friends completely.

"Hey!" Came Minako's indigent reply.

"Odango-atama, you supported it!"

"And just what are you doing here then Rei-chan?"

Usagi and Rei stared each other down and there was brief moment of silence.

"Hey, 'cause you all are here and all…do you want to join in?" Haruka asked with her most charming grin on her face.

This was followed by five collective face faults and a sigh from Michiru.


A/N: And there you have it, the first one-shot. Granted, having Usagi and the others follow Haruka and Michiru around all afternoon and not being caught is probably highly improbable. But this is fiction. And we'll just say they're lucky.