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Notes: I honestly have no idea where this came from. I know I had been reading a large number of AU stories before I wrote it, but that's the only excuse I have. So I hope you enjoy.


In a universe of infinite possibilities Fate had tried her hand at a number of different scenarios. She played with them all, curious to see how each would be resolved. She had no favourites among them, but she did bestow better and worse chances to each universe on a whim. Just to see what might happen.

She had already spun out an endless pattern of possibilities for Atlantis.

In one, the Lantians' had won their war with the Wraith.

In another, they had taken their great city and left the Pegasus Galaxy – abandoning the planets and people they had seeded to save themselves.

In yet another, Atlantis sank to the bottom of her ocean in pieces.

There were universes where Atlantis lay dormant at the bottom of her endless ocean – and would remain there until the deep currents and tides eventually made her apart of that eternal deep.

And there was a woven pattern where the Wraith possessed the great city and found their way into other galaxies – expanding of the limitlessness of the possibilities.

In many tugs of the thread, the Expedition Team that came from the Milky Way Galaxy failed to secure the sleeping city. Sometimes they all died under the weight of the ocean. Sometimes they found other planets to escape to. In a few instances a small handful managed to escape in one of their puddle jumpers only to become stranded in space with few supplies and even fewer places to escape to.

In the instances that the Expedition Team managed to save the city that they had come searching for – Fate had found new obstacles to place in their way.

Once, she took them and tore them, ripped them apart, and broke them, and left them drifting in their own confusion about what they had become.

On the flip side, she set them up as gods. Gave them everything they could need. Took away the Wraith, spun out history to create the perfect setting. She watched them rise. And then she watched them fall.

In some cases, she took only a few lives.

In others, she left only a few to survive.

Sometimes she played with them hard – challenging them and pushing them with the possibilities their universe presented.

Sometimes she was completely indifferent.

It didn't really matter to her what befell one of the handful of realities where the Expedition Team managed to survive their first year, or their second, or their third.

Because there were always more in that infiniteness.