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Naruto takes a deep breath as he stands outside of the Hokage's home. He gently knocks on the door and waits. For a moment he tries to delude himself. That maybe the Hokage had a very urgent reason for sending for him in the middle of the night, that there was some sort of super secret ninja mission that only his expertise could resolve. But since this is the third time this week that he'd received a summons in this fashion he was losing his optimism.

And when the older woman appears at the front door in a flimsy silk robe that does nothing to contain her ample breasts, all of Naruto's hopes are dashed. He knows why he's here and he knows what is expected of him.

Neither a word is said between the two of them as he enters her home. "You can pour yourself a drink," she calls after him. "I'll be in my bedroom." Naruto doesn't reply as the Hokage closes the door and makes her way to the bedroom. For a moment he catches himself watching the statuesque beauty. His eyes falls up her curved developed calves to her very full thighs, the sashaying swish of her shapely hips and the nice jiggle of her broad round bottom as she moves, especially since he knows she's not wearing panties. She seldom did these days. He sighs…

How did he end up in such a predicament?

Oh course now he remembers, because he was the one that started it, because it was he that found her one night alone in her office crying. He could have left it at that or got someone else that was probably better equipped to handle the situation, especially from all of his rocky interactions with females in the past. But he wasn't thinking about that. All he knew was his Baa-chan was upset and it was his new mission to correct it.

So he interceded into her episode and for a time they talked, just talked. And surprisingly he was able to give her the comfort she sorely needed. He held her and she allowed him to hold her, closely. They both knew this was outside the perimeters of their normal relationship but for the moment they dismissed all differences. Age, rank, it didn't matter. He was just a man, trying to give a wounded woman some well needed comfort.

And it would have remained that way too, innocent, pure, if she didn't suddenly kiss him. It also began that way again. A small peck on the side of the check, like the dozens of ones she gave him when he was a little boy. But when her lip's attention drew to his, it was then did he realize he was in new territory here, very dangerous territory.

The kissing, because there was more then just one, turned into holding and caressing. The caressing turned into heated, very heated exploration and the discarding of clothes. And before the young man knew it, she was riding him on the Hokage's hard wood (that's a pun) floor.

Naruto knew he could have stopped it at any moment, lord knowing he had more then enough power to stop her. Hokage or not, his skill and chakra reserves far superceded hers years ago, but for the life of him, he couldn't pull away. Not after he knew how much she was hurting and needed someone for her.

So he simple let go. And the two of them made love in the Hokage's office. She knew she was his first, so she showed him how. And he knew he was the first man to touch her in over twenty years, so he made sure to make her feel like a woman.

They departed the next morning each going their separate ways neither saying a word and Naruto assumed that would be the end of everything. But a week later she appeared at his doorstep, the same wounded expression of loneliness in her eyes. He couldn't turn her away and didn't. He welcomed her into his arms and into his bed.

The following day, he just received a note asking for his company later that night at her home and again the day after and another the day after that as well. It wasn't till after two weeks of continued visits did he realized she was addicted to him and he realized that he couldn't refuse her. It's been continuing ever since.

Naruto stops at entrance to the Hokage's bedroom and just watches her. He long left his glass of sake in the other room. It didn't matter much anyway he never takes any more then a few sips anyway. Despite what he was feeling, he didn't want to sully what was about to happen for either of them.

He watches his Hokage as she works. A small light on her bedside table bathing her in a gentle glow, as she casually goes over a few documents. Her white silk robe carelessly opened, exposing the soft smooth creamy skin down to her navel to be in view, but yet not parted enough to permit a view of anything more daring to be revealed. Her legs, one curled underneath her while the other one was stretched out more relaxed, exposing plenty of leg and thigh to him which his eyes couldn't help to continued to peruse over. She so much she more resembled a lounging cat then a resting kunoichi.

He couldn't prove it or anything, but he knew she practiced things like this. Or maybe it was a gift all women had to know how to lay the right way, or sit a particular way, that although seemed harmless could still drive men crazy.

She let her platinum blonde hair down from it's usually style. He never once told her before, but he liked her hair this way, it made her appear so wild and free. Its golden ends curving around till they fell into the valley between her large breasts. That and the white silk robe she was wearing made her seem like a Queen of kingdom, not the head ninja of a Hidden Village.

Looking up she quickly puts away her document as she notices his presence, her thick red lips pressing together into a smile. She then slips to the edge of the bed, chocolate colored eyes watching him. She shows him an ample amount of thigh again as she slowly crosses her long legs drawing his attention. He curses himself, because again he knows she does things like that on purpose. She knows that the curves of her body entice him and she enjoys that fact.

She glances, not at him but at his body. He blushes slightly because he knows she's mentally stripping away all that he has on. Even though they have been intimate with each other more times then either of them can recall; it still doesn't discourage her from watching him. The years had been extremely kind to the demon vessel youth; he no longer wore any of the baby fat of his younger days. Many years of missions and training sculpted the boy's body into a tall, lean, athletic frame. He was now the source of adoration from all over, although currently he was only occupied with one.

The Hokage continues her gaze with him a little bit longer; then slowly parts her long milky white thighs wide, exposing herself to him. Exposing the hot, dripping moistness of her lips and even though he hated his weakness, Naruto found himself licking his lips. He wanted to taste her just as much as she wanted to give him a taste.

Despite the fact she appeared to be going over some documents when he first entered her room, from the wetness between her legs he could tell she was more than likely playing with herself before his arrival, her mind on the approaching encounter.

"Come here…" she commands with a beckoning finger. And slowly he obeys.

For a moment he goes to kiss her but she playfully moves nearly avoiding his lips, instead offering another venue to please her. The Hokage guides him down to the warmth between her legs. She inserts one finger inside herself and draws it out, placing gooey digit up to his lips. "Taste me…" she asks, and he does. His lip closes around her finger, devouring the semi-sour syrup of her pussy.

He attempted to kiss her again, but she moved again, opting to guide his head again to another area where his lip's work would be appreciated. He finally complied, his face coming in between her legs, each of his hands cupping a soft vanilla thigh, spreading her full legs even further open. The Hokage reclined back against her mattress, allowing her young lover to do his work. Her body felt an instant chill, the first moment his lips touched her.

"MMmmmmm…MMmm…Good," she purred, her eyes closed, her breathing deep, her body rocking slowly against his face. "Now use your tongue." Which he did immediately, his tongue slithered out from his lips passed the inner folds of her hot moist pussy. She was already so wet! His fervent tongue working deep inside her, she gasped. "Hmmgh! Good, so good…You're so good at this." And he should be; she'd been summoning him for this for a while now, in between his actual missions.

For a second he stopped to simply mutter, "Thank you, Hokage-sama…" but her hands found the back of his head gripping his tangled blonde hair, forcibly driving him deeper inside her. "No, don't stop!" she cried almost desperately, "I'm so close…So close…" she whimpered, her hips rising off the mattress, her mount now grinding against his face, until… "AAAAhhh…NARU…!" her climax.

Her hot pink flower spills her nectar all over his face and Naruto just endures the slightly gummy discharge. He was pleased he could give such pleasure to his Hokage.

"Naruto…" He looked up. He was almost startled seeing the slightly adoring face his Hokage was giving her. Her face flushed from his passion, a gentle smile eased onto her beautiful face. Her vision was absolutely only on him. She reached, guiding her hands around his face. His lips are wet, drenched with her climax. She wants to kiss his lips and she does. Joy flows through her as she tastes herself in his mouth.

Naruto rises; joining her on the mattress and for a time they simple kiss like two lovers. If it was ever possible, he wished they could be locked together like this for all eternity. He didn't fool himself to believe he truly hated the direction his relationship with her has taken. The part of him that was a man, screamed that although she was several years his senior, she still was a highly attractive beautiful woman. And another part of him, a more baser part, desperately needed and wanted someone in his life, even if it was only to be used in this manner. Not to mention the fact, he was truly falling for her too.

The innocence of simple kisses was soon broken. Naruto could feel his Hokage's new attention, her feathery-light fingers traveling down his chest, to undo his trousers. Her thick full lips nibbled on the edge of his neck, while her expertly trained fingers wrapped around his manhood, with a delicate touch.

"Now that I came for you, I want you to come for me," she purred into his ear, her fingers traveling up the length of his shaft. He hardens instantly. "Oh? You like this Naruto…" she asks while stroking him, not caring if he replies or not. Her hot tongue flicks along the side of his neck, chills race down the boy's spine, as he can feel his Hokage's ministrations to his cock increasing.

He could feel her hands warming slightly, making the feeling in his cock increase tenfold. It was a med-nin trick she developed a few years ago, that was supposed to help with muscle rehabilitation massages. Now she carelessly used it whenever she jacked him off. Naruto really wondered sometimes who really was the bigger pervert, Jiraiya or his Hokage-sama.

"Are you close to coming, Naruto?" He didn't comment, too lost in the sensation, he merely grunted in approval. "That's good, then I want to do something extra special for you tonight…"

Naruto nearly panicked when he felt the attention to his rod receding, but it was only for a moment, when next he looked his hard cock was pillowed in between her massive tits. "Now, I'll show you my extra special technique…" the older woman grinned while pressing her breast together and stroking them up and down his pulsating member. Every so often her tongue would flicker out, getting a delectable taste of the precum that was leaking from his head.

Needless to say, Naruto was ill-prepared for such a barrage and soon unleashed his load all over his Hokage, his seed coating her breasts and a few drops hitting her cheek. She couldn't have been more delighted. "My, my, my, what a mess you've made Naruto. You're such a naughty boy…" she chastised, while scooping the strands that hit her face with a single finger into her mouth. She loved the taste of his cum.

"Gomen, Hokage-sama…" he breathlessly responded.

Her silk robe felt to the floor, while he answered her, leaving her tall curvy body bare to him. "Well you know what you have to do, don't you," she asked, while motioning to her breast that was still caked with his semen.

"Hai," he answered, while climbing towards her, this tongue snaking out again; roaming over her pink large areoles, over her very stiff nipples, all over her breasts, cleaning all of his cum off of her. In minutes her chest was clean again, slick only from his saliva. But he wasn't finished, he took her nipple into his mouth and started to lick and suck them hard, his other hand working her other breast. "Oh god, yes!...Yes!" she shouted. "...Pitch my nipple…Ah! Ah!...Oh, god, I'm gonna cum again," she cried, pressing him to her bosom. He then moved, giving her other teat his attention. And that simple motion delivered his Hokage, her second orgasm of the night.

She noticed; that is after she was again able to attain conscious thought, that after just coming not too long ago Naruto was still very ready and hard, then again the boy was always hard. It was a fact she learned amount a month ago when Shizune was out on a med-nin mission and Tsunade summoned Naruto to be her substitute. She fucked him a total of eight times in her office that day, in between all of her meetings. Right before her last appointment he unloaded so much into her, she could feel its sticky hotness running down her thighs while she was meeting the Wind Country's representatives. She felt so hot then and there, as soon as the door closed behind them, she snatched the boy up so he could properly eat her dripping pussy out. Then she ultimately ended up straddling him on top of her desk for another hourly bout.

It was a good thing she was passed her birthing years, or Tsunade was sure Konoha would have had a battalion of Uzumaki children by now.

"Naruto…" her voice coming out brisk and panting as she was coming down from her orgasmic high, "You have to fuck me now…" And for a moment he hates this.

He hates the fact he's less to her. He hates the fact that she calls him here only for this. For a moment he doesn't even know why he subjugates himself to her every time she summons him. There are so many other, younger, women that would be willing to accept his charms.

He knew that Sakura always looked his way, now and then, especially now. It was a widespread rumor that the last surviving member of the Uchiha, might end up being the last of the dying clan after all. With all the Cursed-seal, different drugs and experiments he participated in while in Orochimaru's company, it seemed Sasuke was now pronounced impotent, much to the disdain of many females all over, especially Sakura-chan. And Naruto knew his sources were good, he was getting ready to fuck the person that did the Uchiha's medical examination. Oh well, I guess there is justice in the world after all.

It's been the case for a while now that Naruto drew a good number of the women of Konoha's attention. But he would never admit it. Because…Because…He only has eyes for one woman now.

That was why…

And then he remembers. It's because he's in love with her. He knows he can never be anything more to her then this, because of the difference in age and rank. So, if this is the only way he can have her, then so be it.

His thoughts drift back to the present, it seems the rest of his clothes were discarded to the floor and his Hokage was lying before him, her legs open, waiting for him to take her. She waits for him only a second longer, and then changes her mind, deciding to instead to drag him down to the bed with her standing above him ready to mount his rod. Which wasn't too surprising, she always liked to be on top anyway.

It was for a second, and only a second when their two eyes met, his piercing electric blue ones to her irises of deep rich brown. And Naruto, he had to be mistaken, but did he see a lingering trace of something in her eyes? Sadness or maybe regret… He wasn't given a chance to reach a conclusion though; the moment was broken when she turned away, sinking onto him, enveloping him in her warm tunnel.

She pauses in her actions; it always takes her awhile to get adjusted to his length because Naruto was not meager in his endowment. And even after over six months of their relationship, the size of his girth still sometimes overwhelmed her. She could feel his hot thick cock riving inside of her, filling deep inside her. Then she starts to move her body. Her ass rising and falling onto him, he takes her bouncing tits into his hands increasing her pleasure.

It had only been a few minutes and she was already saying, "Ah fuck! You're so fuckin' good! Shit, I'm gonna cum again!" she screamed, while bucking hard up and down on him as if he were a stead.

And then something weird happens. Something somehow snaps. And things that should be routine take a far different turn. It's because at this moment, marks the birth of the Hokage's mask crumpling. Because Naruto isn't supposed to stop her, he's not supposed to show any defiance at all, he's never had in the past. But tonight he does. Because over the course of the last few minutes, Naruto has come to a decision, things between him and his Hokage will never again continue as they were before. Because tonight Naruto finally, going to defend his heart.

The young boy first breaks their rhythm by rising from the bed meeting his hovering Hokage, to say she's shocked is an understatement, she's literally speechless. A fact Naruto uses to his advantage because his lips crush onto hers, placing a very heated deep kiss on her. Adjusting to the change in tactics Tsunade tries, as in the past, to dominate his efforts, their wet tongues duel feverishly in their mouths. Both emitting soft moans as they continued.

Naruto caresses her face, his fingers run through her hair as he starts to nibble on her lips. They seek further down, and all of his Hokage's actions are halted as he captures her exposed neck with his kisses, she releases a silent scream of pleasure.

His fingers travel down the curves of her body. Down her smooth stomach. Down her seductive hips. He mischievously gives her soft butt a nice squeeze, before he lays her down onto the mattress. She tries to give protest, but is silenced when he plunges into her.

Instinctively her legs wrap around his body, as she blissfully endures his thrusting. His name echoes throughout the room with each stroke. And yet he's never emitting pain to her, his actions are strong and determined, but there's something behind his caresses, the soft kisses, the tenderness of his eyes. Whatever the source, all Tsunade knows is it makes her feel so good. God, it's making her lose her control.

Tsunade has always battling her emotions from the start. Not, to allow her feelings to ruin and run things. Just to take the relationship for what it was sex, and leave it at that. It would do no one any good if emotions came into place. That was the rational argument her mind presented, when any conflicting issues came up inside of her.

But Tsunade, though might be one of the more intelligent women in the world, isn't ruled by reason. So she finally does what she's been dreading, what she's been wanting, abandoning herself to her feelings.

Her kisses to him are passionate now and needy, not dripping with wanton lust like before, like a part of her would die, if she doesn't claim his lips at this very moment. Because she honestly wants him and isn't afraid anymore to show it.

"Tell me I'm beautiful…" And he does. "Tell me you want me…" he tells her that and more. She then takes a breath and looks to him. "Tell me you love me…" What he tells her is not poetry, it's merely the truth. The truth he'd been hiding from him self and her for so many months now and she couldn't help but to find her self in tears. Then everything is enveloped in white.

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