"Contract dating," I looked at the man before me, this young, rich, drop-dead gorgeous man that currently had plastered to his face, a smirk.

"What?" I needed to check my ears. I thought I just heard him say contract dating.

"Contract dating... What do you say to that? Agree and I'll let you keep that old house of yours." He regarded me with interest.

"I didn't know you swung that way."

He remained silent at that comment.

"You think I'm willing to sell myself for my house?" I was starting to find this a tad bit absurd.

"Well, if you weren't, you wouldn't look me up and ask me to reconsider my offer more than ten times, now, would you."

Okay, besides that.

"Why did you borrow that fifty million yen from me to keep that little apartment?"

This guy was pushing his luck.

"Well?" He lifted his glass, taking a long, languid sip from its contents.

And after that obnoxiously sensuous gesture, he eyed me again.


"...I'll do it."

No wait, what did I just-

"That's a smart boy." He reached over the table, his smirk never once leaving his lips, he patted my head.

And if my brain was still functioning properly (I'm seriously starting to doubt this), I was at least ten years his senior.


How had I gotten myself into this mess again? Oh yes, I remember now.

My father had to go die and leave the rent to mentally deranged psychotic brother and of course, me. And being the only SANE guy left in the family, I was supposed to take care of everything. And thus, the days went by. I slaved and toiled, only to have my earnings spent like running water by my beloved (I love him, really I do. No wait, maybe I just think I do.) Family member. And so, desperate as I had become, I had so boldly ventured into the 'rich-people' district and so foolishly asked the first person that crossed my path:

"Would you please lend me fifty million yen?"

And that person turned out to be the kind of devil who knows just how to ruin your life.

Uzumaki Naruto.

You have no idea how much I feel like punching that gorgeous face of his.

Oasis Grill, one of the most expensive in town. Normally, I wouldn't even dream of stepping into places like this, but on this occasion, it was...different.

Uzumaki Naruto and his girlfriend had so kindly invited me to lunch with them.

Or maybe it was just Naruto, because his girlfriend was shooting death glares at me.

She wasn't exceptionally pretty; in fact, she looked quite normal, if you asked me. She had an upturned nose, her eyes were a deep brown and were quite pretty, her face a somewhat oval, her hair done up in a nice sophisticated bun. BUT I wouldn't know women, now would I?

The tension was killing me.

"So it's him, is it?" I turned stiff as I heard her voice, a shrill, somewhat haunting note.

Naruto didn't reply, he just continued cutting up his steak.

I looked frantically from him to her for a few moments.

The woman seemed to be spitting venom at me with her eyes.

She was so agitated, her breathing had increased its pace, and her eyes widened at least an inch. I was innocent, really! I was practically cowering in my chair. I glanced at Naruto for assistance but was brought back to look at her white, furious features with a snappy "Don't you dare look at him!"

Finally, Naruto lost interest in his stupid piece of meat.

"He can look where he wants to."

She was seething, like a pot of water that's been boiling too long. (I've been doing too much chores.)

She stood up and I sank further into my chair as she made to slap me across the table.

But the impact never came.

I opened one eye to find that Naruto had stopped that woman's hand just inches from my face.

I couldn't really explain the expression on that woman's face.

Pain, Pain, Disappointment, Betrayal, Disgust, Hurt.

And Naruto was just staring into her face with a little flair of anger in that apathetic expression he'd been wearing the entire afternoon.

"I won't let you touch him." It was said with such determination it could've fooled me.

He then did the unthinkable. He released her hand, grabbed the side of my face, and rammed his lips onto my own.


I raised a hand to slap him, which he just caught in his other hand, and pressed it to his chest.

I could feel the whole restaurant staring holes into me. And the largest hole was produced by the flaming glare of death from his girlfriend.

He finally (thank god) pulled away, pulling me towards him, (from the other side of the table, mind you! I hit a corner; I think it left a bruise.) and pressed me against his chest face first. (It was then that I realized he was about two times more powerful than me.) I had unintentionally inhaled a lungful of Egoist. I heard a frustrated squeal, and then I the venomous spitting of the words "I hate you, Uzumaki Naruto! Go ahead and date guys! See if I care!" I shuddered. Did Naruto REALLY swing that way? The arm around my waist tightened a little, (probably so it was a more convincing act...) then I heard the banging of the restaurant door followed by the spasm of bells that followed.

Then he just pushed me away.

I was thrown back into my seat by the sheer force of push, and it took me a few seconds to think coherently and absorb whatever happened just now to be a reality instead of some poor excuse for those visions you see when you sleep.

I then pulled myself together and stood up and grabbed the front of his expensive branded shirt.

"What the FUCK did you think you were doing? Kissing me like that! Chasing away your girlfriend like tha-" the glare that he sent from his deep blue eyes instantly told me that if I didn't shut up soon, I was going to-I don't know - something bad was going to happen. So I did, and I slowly loosened my hold on his shirt, and then he just stalked out the door, leaving me alone with the bill and a very bad reputation.

I was completely broke the next day, and I was in an extremely bad mood after the lecture of having 'bad friends' by my loving brother. Oh, that helped, really it did. I was surprised to see Naruto waiting outside my apartment when I was leaving for work though.

His first sentence was in fact,

"How the hell do you find your way back home every day? I took CENTURIES to find this stupid place."

I had just stared at him for a minute.

"What?" I sighed, frowning, still in a bad mood from yesterday, I just stalked past him, making sure my footsteps were heard loud and clear.

He grabbed me arm and pulled, AGAIN.

And I landed in his arms, AGAIN.

"Sasuke," his voice sounded comforting, and strangely enough, I liked it.

But I pulled myself together and pushed him away.

"What." It wasn't a question, it was more a statement.

"I-" he paused, looking down and away from me for a while, before taking a step forward and lifting his head again.

"I'm sorry about yesterday, but it IS part of contract dating."

I scoffed upon hearing that.


"Why are you here then?"



He hesitated, thinking of something smart to say. Then he smirked.

"I'm just here to warn you that much more may come, that's all. And I'm also here to give you this."

He handed me a piece of paper, and as I accepted it, he turned to leave.

"You are NOT to reject any of my calls. Do you understand?"

I just stared after his retreating figure.

I then turned my attention on the paper at hand.










I sighed. He actually bothered to think this all up?

I chuckled, almost crumpling it, but then I realized.


Or I say bye bye to my house.

Then my phone rang.

'An, an, an, tottemo daisuki, dora-e-monnn'

I flipped it open, to hear Naruto's voice on the other line.


I raised an eyebrow. He was checking on me so fast?

"'Good' what?"

"You picked up."

"You expected me not to?"

"Umm, no, not really."

"You're strange, Naruto."

"Hey, you're the person selling yourself for your house!"

"I don't seem to have a choice, doofus."

"Hey, DO NOT INSULT ME IN PUBLIC! I thought I made that a rule."

"You did, but I don't think anyone's listening in on us right now."

"You'd be surprised."


"Anyway, I had something else to tell you..."

"What? That you're going to invite me to some dinner party dressed as a girl?"

There was a pause on the line.

"Umm, dressed per-normal, but hey, that's a great idea."

I was silent for a while; I had reached the bus stop and was pondering on whether it was some sick joke or whether he really WANTED me to go to through the social gathering of high-class assholes.

"Are you sure? I mean, I'm a GUY. And that also brings me to the question that's been bugging me for days. 'Why ever did you NOT look for a girl to torture instead of me?'"

"...Okay, new rule. 'DO NOT QUESTION ME.'"

I had half the mind to just hang up on him.

"That looks absolutely stunning." His blue eyes surveyed my entire build, from head to toe.

We were shopping for clothes.

No, wait, HE was shopping. I was just wearing what he told me to.

Naruto was dressed in one of his expensive plain white button-up shirts, with sleek black leather pants to accompany the pricey top. To top it all of, his all-famous shades, now pushed over his head like those hair-bands girls adore now-a-days.

And hell be damned, did he look HOT.

He had put me into a handful of different outfits, and I was currently in a creased sky-blue shirt, complemented with a gray coat and pants that hung far too low on my hips, a single pale silver chain found its place around my neck, and another silver chain around my wrist, with a checked piece of metal dangling from it.

Naruto WOULD NOT stop staring.

He grabbed one of my arms, turning me around; he smiled a sincere, beautiful smile. It lightened my heart in seconds. I felt as if a very large load had been lifted off my chest as I watched him smile, a childish expression that I believed suited him very much. With that, he shoved me into the changing rooms to revert me back to my original state. He then waved for the sales girl, who was ALREADY worshipping the ground he walked on, and when she arrived at his side, all too ready to help him, he smiled at her and then bent over to whisper in her ear, "Would you be so kind as to pack this up for me? That's a dear."

The teenage salesgirl stared at me for a moment, her hazel eyes filled to the cornea with envy and jealousy; she packed it up for him.

"Naruto-kun! Don't you look absolutely breath-taking, as usual, of course! It's been such a long time!"


"Naruto-chan You said you would contact me! How have you been?"

Or even,

"Naruto! WHO IS THAT GORGEOUS HUNK beside you! You MUST introduce us!"

I felt like hiding in a hole and never coming out again.

Naruto had his arm around my waist, (that shameless bastard), his free hand entertaining his many friends and associates.

There was, currently around us, a group of high-end bimbos, fawning over his highness like there was no tomorrow, like he was some god-sent angel that would give them a blessing just by looking their way.

What stupidity.

However, (much to my disadvantage,) they seemed to notice that languid arm around me, and had in fact, started to give me looks that clearly proclaimed, 'who the hell do you think you are? How dare you have his arm around you!' causing me, being me, to squirm and try to pull away, only causing the situation to get worse, because Naruto had tightened his hold on my waist, in fact, pulling me closer and RUBBING NOSES with me. I bristled like a cat, if bristling like a cat was possible.

I felt like hiding in a hole and dying in there.

"Would you be a love and get us drinks, Sasuke?"

I nodded stiffly, a small fake smile playing on my lips, and my movements were strange even to myself (my bones had suddenly turned into sticks-CURSE YOU, UZUMAKI NARUTO!), for I stalked over to one of the waiters that were walking around holding those absurdly tiny little trays, and relieved him of two glasses of champagne.

I returned to see him talking animatedly with another man, one I've never seen before. He seemed absolutely taken with him, and suddenly I felt this tugging at my gut that I shouldn't interrupt them and most probably take my leave from the party entirely, but unluckily for me, Naruto, being Naruto, had caught me trying to slip behind the evil drink table and to the exit.

"Sasuke!" He floated over to me, his mood very much better than when I had left him, and draped an arm over my shoulders.

"I'd like you to meet my friend, Neji."

He was tall.

Correction, VERY TALL.

He was decent looking, and he was smiling, one of those rich, kind, smiles that rich people have learnt to perfect since childhood. His eyes were the strangest shade of light gray. He was dressed in a black over coat with a pastel pink shirt on the inside, his pants were just the correct length for someone of his stature, and deep inside I could feel my mind alerting at me, ('go steal his growth hormones!': saith my brain.) that he was a very, very attractive man. This took a few moments to register though, and in that few moments I could faintly hear Naruto trying to snap me out of my reverie, (a hard thing to do, come to think of it.)

The tall, tall man stretched his hand out.

"Pleased to meet you." I panicked, somehow, Naruto had relieved one of my hands of champagne when I was orbiting in (hot guy, hot guy) la la land.

"P-Pleased to meet you too."

He smiled, ah, yes, that wonderfully pleasant smile.

He leaned closer to me, tilting his head slightly to the side, he said,

"You're very cute."

Naruto was apparently sipping his champagne when he heard that, and he nearly choked on it, his arm suddenly tightening around my neck to keep himself in balance. This move was very smart.

This move cost me a trip to the laundry.

Naruto's arm caused me to move sideways in an awkward position, his attempt at recovery knocking the champagne glass out on my hand and onto my shirt, in the process causing its silver gold contents to make itself evident on my shirt.

Great move, Naruto.

And besides, that reaction WAS a little big.

I stared at him as if he was a crazy teddy bear molester.

(And I had a gut feeling he WAS.)

He smiled his best smile and muttered apologies, solemnly, (surprisingly), and offered to take me upstairs to get a change of clothes.

He looked to Neji, who nodded kindly, before turning to me and winking (enter: hyperventilation) as Gackt's strong arms guided me out into the hallway.

(I had the creepy feeling we were being stalked.)

He ushered me down the marble hallway, to the large white lobby, his eyes never once meeting mine. The lift door opened, and he stormed into it, his hand finding my wrist and tugging on it hard enough to pull me into his embrace.

The lift door closed.

His hand found its place between my ear and cheek, his fingers clipping my ear gently, he pushed my face to meet his, his other hand was on my hip, (a rather sensitive place), one of his legs were thrust between my own.

His face was SO CLOSE.

He was leaning against the railing, I was pulled against him, an extremely awkward and compromising position, and then I heard that all too familiar 'Ding'.

The lift door opened.

He pushed me away.

This was starting to get old, really.

He stepped out of the lift, with me in tow; the pressure he was exerting on my wrist was strangely comfortable. He led me into one of the exclusive suites, (rich bastard.), he shoved me into the bedroom, accompanied by a blouse before he slammed the door and left me to some privacy.

I examined the offending material, another one of those evil shirts that cost at least ten bowls of GOOD ramen. It was a light orange tinge, almost pink. I moved to unbutton my shirt, my eyes darting to the door every five seconds to make sure that Naruto was not going to burst in and make everything more awkward than it already was.

I finished undressing, catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I just stared.

I'd considered myself as not even remotely attractive, a man who needed to grow a bit more, and maybe needed to trim his hair, but as I ran all this over in my head, the remark Neji made earlier managed to stealthily creep in.

"You're very cute."

I tentatively touched the side of my face.

'Cute, huh?'

I was startled by a very unceremonious clearing of throat.

Uzumaki Naruto stood at the door, leaning against the door-frame in all his rich-kid glory, his arms crossed and his eye brow raised.

"I never knew you were such a narcissist." A smirk followed his remark, and I sent him of the best glares I could muster from the depths of my deprived little heart.

He let his eyes give me a once-over, and finally said,

"Do you know how to put on a shirt, or do I have to put it on FOR you?"

I bristled again, this time like a hedgehog, if hedgehogs DO bristle.

He completely ignored me, (the nerve!) and snatched the light orange shirt and grabbed one of my arms. I struggled, protesting and explaining to him in very CIVIL terms that I could very well put a shirt on on my own. My pleas reached deaf ears as he slid one sleeve half-way up my arm, before grabbing my other arm from behind me and making the obnoxious remark that I was LUCKY he even CARED. I raised an eye brow as he spun me around to face him, his hands adjusting the collar of the cursed article of clothing. He reached up again, to push the hair away from my face and behind my ears, an almost affectionate gesture, before trailing downward to my first button.

"I can do this on my own, you know."

He didn't reply as he made his way down, his fingers deftly manipulating the buttons with speed and grace.

"Are you even list-"

"Shut up, will you?"

I watched him as he finished off the last button, surprised.

There was a pregnant silence as he smoothened out and tucked in my shirt.

"...wanted to do it."


"I SAID, ...just wanted to do it."

This was getting annoying.

"Have you dropped your glib tongue on the floor somewhere? Here, let me help-"



I was still absorbing him 'just wanting to do it' when he tackled me and pinned me again the bed, his eyes full of determination and an emotion I hadn't really seen in him before.

He let go of me, and before I could recover from the shock, he pressed his face to my stomach, his arms finding their place around my hips.

I struggled for a while, though futile, I still struggled, his weight and arms holding me in place.

I gave up after about five minutes.

"Get off me, Naruto." I was tired, and he really wasn't helping.

His arms around me tightened, and he muttered something against my stomach, which kinda tickled.

"Just let me lie here, okay?" His voice wasn't its usual mocking and superior tone, this one was much softer, almost like a child seeking shelter.

"...What's wrong?"

He didn't reply, he just lay there, using my stomach as a pillow, and hesitantly, VERY hesitantly, I put my arms around him too.

There was no reaction, he remained still, relaxing a little more in my embrace, almost like I was that guardian angel he prayed for every night to protect him from his nightmares.

It wasn't long before I felt a certain wetness against my stomach, it was excruciatingly uncomfortable, and I was fairly disbelieved at the source of it.

Uzumaki Naruto was CRYING.

"Naruto," I was anxious.

I didn't think it possible for Uzumaki Naruto to cry!

"Naruto, what's wrong?"

He didn't look up, and I desperately tried to coax him to stop crying, running my hand through his hair like he was a child, and patting his back gently.

"...just hold me for a while."

I froze.

Uzumaki Naruto just asked me to HOLD HIM.

I panicked in my head, but he seemed as though he needed it pretty badly, so I did.

I held him the entire night.

I opened my eyes to see Naruto still latched on me, his head still resting on my stomach. So we had spent a night like this, in each other's embrace. Soft sun light seeped through the curtains, a soft, almost unearthly light form. I looked down, giving into the temptation of finally being able to study the features that got girls worshipping him, and so I did.

His eyes were closed, and his eye-lids were smooth, his lashes a contrast to his perfect complexion. His jaw bone was broad, but only slightly, granting him that ever masculine look. His nose was perfectly sculpted, his lips full and soft-looking.

I found myself staring.

His hair fell onto the side of his face in a fabulous way, and from my angle, I could fully appreciate the perfect state his skin was in. Even up close it was like tanned porcelain.

I couldn't resist stroking his hair, the seemingly spiky blonde hair soft under my finger-tips. I was surprised he didn't wake. I ran a finger across his cheek, tracing one of the whisker-scars, and it felt soft and taut at the same time.

He stirred, and I froze, hazel brown eyes meeting mine, eyes unhidden by those obnoxiously fake contacts.

"Sasuke?" It was an innocent question, as if he couldn't believe that I was still in the same room as him. I didn't answer, I just nodded, awkwardly, and he responded by pushing his face against my stomach AGAIN, (this time with added nuzzling.)

I patted his head lightly, almost as I would a child, my back crying out in pain as I executed the gesture, I was a bit stiff from staying in that position for the entire night.

Naruto seemed to notice my discomfort, releasing his hold on my hips and supporting himself on his elbows, he crawled up the length of my waist, his body pressed fully against mine, his hands cupping my ears, he brought his face so close to mine, and he did it again.

He kissed me.

His lips were softer than I remembered, and it was slow, a light, gentle pressure. I was stunned, I didn't know what to do: to shove him off or let him continue, or even maybe...respond.

A probing tongue sought entrance, and a hand slipping under my shirt caught me by surprise, and in that time I was recovering, I realized that I had already granted him access, and was in fact, and I couldn't believe I was doing it, responding.

Our tongues battled, a slow, languid dance, and someone moaned, I couldn't really think straight with Naruto's talented tongue up my throat and his hand currently exploring the realms beneath my shirt.

Then the door opened.