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I couldn't sleep.

Having someone holding me was really, really, REALLY different from what I imagined it to be.

It was...uncomfortable.

Naruto clung to me the way a child would a teddy bear, effectively cutting away any option of movement on my part.

And that was...distressing.

Thus my deprivation of sleep for the first night I moved into Naruto's 'humble abode'.

I opened my eyes to find that Naruto had somehow or other rolled off me, and was attached to the comforter, and also that the sky was lighting, the first rays of sunlight being soaked up by the curtains by the window.

I got up and headed to the fridge.

I opened it, retrieving a packet of frozen sausages.

"Warm, preferably cooked, huh?"

I smiled a little to myself, before setting to rummaging the entire kitchen to find my tools.

I jumped when I heard a voice behind me.

"Smells good..."

My heart beat quickened, but I tried to hide it as Naruto came up from behind me, slipping his arms around my waist as I deposited the sausages as neatly as I could on a plate.

"Good morning," he chirped, a little too happily.

He rested his chin on my shoulder, leaning his full weight on me, I stumbled a bit, and he chuckled, keeping his hold on my waist comfortably tight.

He glanced at the sausages and the pan that was in my hand. Smiling, he planted a kiss on my cheek.

"Are they for me? Thanks so much, sweet heart."

I blushed, and he took the pan from my hand, proceeding to wash everything up as he silently prompted me to move the plates to the table.

He sat down with me in front of the massive television minutes later, wiping his hands on the loose work out pants he sported.

And dare I say, he looked absolutely WONDERFUL in the morning.

His hair was messy (in a fabulous way, naturally), giving him a very natural feel, his shirt clung to him comfortably, but still flattering his slim yet muscular build with no complaint.

Yes, he looked absolutely WONDERFUL.

...It felt nice.

I silently prayed that I would be the only person he allowed to see him like this.

He sat down noiselessly, ruffling my hair a little as he did, before yawning and reaching behind me for the remote control.

"You know," he began, looking toward me as he reached for his fork, "I was afraid that you left."

My eyes widened a little, and I looked down into my lap, a little embarrassed and a little guilty.

And then the promise I made last night slapped me right in the face.

"Please, please don't ever leave me."

I was silent, secretly liking the smell of his hair.

"I won't..."

I knew I was going to regret it.


He chuckled, ruffling my hair again as I swatted his hand away half-heartedly.

"Don't look so sad..." He leaned closer, and I could smell the sausage in his breath.

"You're here now, aren't you?" He tilted my chin up so he could see my face, and he smiled, a smile that burned itself into my memory instantly.

I looked at him expectantly, almost waiting for a kiss when he removed his hand and continued eating his sausages.

I paused, before leaning forward a little so I could see him better.

"How do they taste?"

He smiled, before chuckling and shaking his head, turning to watch TV again.

I raised an eye brow.

"Well? How do they taste? Are they good? Do I need to improve?" He looked to me for a second, his face serious, before shrugging and continuing with his morning news, completely ignoring the glare I was sending him.


I thought I saw him stiffen, but it was gone in the next second.

"I have to work today, Sasuke." He set his fork down, his eyes lowering to the floor, and he was about to make to leave when I grabbed his wrist, without my own knowing so.


And I was right, because something in him softened, and he caressed my face before heading to the bathroom.

I spent the entire day in the apartment the next day.

Well, almost the entire day.

When I was taking the trash out, I ran into Naruto's neighbor, and I kinda figured that if I was going to live here, I might as well get along with as many people as I could.

And Orochimaru-san was a very nice person.

In fact, he had invited me into his house for a nice civil cup of tea; of course, everything would have been a lot better if he had not tried to hit on me and in the process try to rid me of my clothing.

(Is feeling a need to run into a toilet and just cry)

The whole world HAS turned gay! (Enter dramatic music)

It was near two in the morning when Naruto reached home, and I had just come out of the bathroom when he tackled me.

"What? What? What's wrong? Naruto?" I was startled, to tell you the truth, and him jumping on me and trying to strip me of my bath robe was not helping.


I was desperately trying to get his hands off me, his breath seemed caught and he reeked of alcohol.

"Naruto, get a hold of yourself!"

I grabbed his hands, trying to hold them in place, but the fact that he was about two times stronger than me was annoying.



I put my ear near his face when he finally calmed down, trying to comprehend what he was saying.

"...Need Sex!"

After confirming what I heard a second time, I did what I knew I HAD to do.

I slapped him.


He shut up immediately, before collapsing on me.

Really, trust Uzumaki Naruto to just fall asleep on you after getting obnoxiously drunk and asking for H.

He was out until the next morning, groggily trying to sit up in bed while I set down the tray I was carrying (I spent the whole night watching him sleep; occasionally drifting in and out of sleep...THANK GOD IT WAS A WEEKEND.) – water, panadol and a slice of bread with jam.

He looked at me sleepily, before flinching and clutching his head dramatically.

"OWWW..." He thrashed a little, burying his face in the sheets, before just lying there.

"Sasuke?" His voice was muffled and innocent from the covers.

"Yes, Naruto. Had a little too much to drink did you?"

He groaned from his place on the bed, before waving his arm about blindly.

"Sasuke...Come over here..."

I sighed, looking down at the tray and grabbing the glass of water and the pill, I made my way to the bed side.

He caught my wrist, pulling a little too hard, I spilled a good amount of water on the floor, before proceeding to just glaring at him for the mess he made, and when he leaned up and tried to kiss me, I popped the pill in his mouth, and shoved the glass in his hand, before stalking off, remarking, "Go take a BATH before even COMING NEAR ME."

I thought I heard a whimper as I closed the door.

I settled in front of the television, on the marble floor, before hugging my knees a little, staring into space.

I didn't know what to think...I mean, I'd never had ANYONE to come home drunk in the middle of the night.

I heard the water running in the bathroom soon after, accompanied by a few curses, which made me smile.

Don't ask why, it just did.

I continued staring at the blank screen of the television, rocking back and forth now, listening to the sounds Naruto was making in the shower, secretly enjoying it.

...It kinda made me feel privileged.

A very wet Naruto emerged from the shower about ten minutes later, a lone towel draped around his slender hips, and his hair a dripping mess of blonde.

He leisurely strolled over, before ruffling my hair, unintentionally raining on me as well.

"Don't-" I pushed his hand away playfully.

"-you ever bother to wipe yourself dry?" I glared up at him and he sat down beside me, proceeding to lean against me in his half-clad state, nuzzling the side of my face, which tickled.

He smiled, pulling away, he didn't answer.

He looked toward the blank television screen, before looking to the floor, finally turning to lock his eyes with my own.

"Aren't you going to ask me why I got drunk?"

I fell silent, relaxing, leaning back against the sofa, I lowered my head.

"You'll tell me when you want to. Until then, I won't ask."

I didn't see the smile on his face when he pulled me close, his face close to mine, when he asked that question again.

"Can I kiss you?"

I blushed, letting out a small squeak as he just held us in that position for a while, his eyes scanning my face as if waiting for an answer.

And I did the most foolish thing someone in my predicament could do.

I crushed my lips against his, my arm immediately reaching behind his head, grasping a handful of dyed hair; my eyes were shut so tightly I was thought I would never open them again. He was caught by surprise, but almost by reflex, his arms went up on either side of me, and became the only things holding us up from falling to the floor in a tangled mess of limbs.

He recovered from the shock soon after and started responding. His lips were battling my own, a near desperate need for dominion, which I did not hand over easily. A probing tongue sought entrance, which I granted for the second time in all the times we had our lips locked, and he started to devour my mouth, slowly moving me away from the couch to gently lay me on the floor, not once breaking our lip contact.

I heard him moan, and he pulled away for air. He slipped a hand under the shirt I was wearing, prompting a moan out of me; he lifted it, and I looked down, trying to catch my breath.

"Sasuke," he whispered as he pulled my shirt over my head, or at least tried to. He managed to get it half-way over my head, before just leaving it there to start his ministrations on my chest.

...I can't believe I'm telling you the details.

He was skilled with his hands, his lips now attending to my ear, and with the touch of an exceptionally sensitive area somewhere down there, I couldn't help but cry out, his ministrations clogging my senses.

"!" I gasped as he latched himself to a nipple, almost completely shoving him off me in panic and surprise. He groaned, before pulling away to glare at me.

"Ouch." He got off me, moving into a sitting position, and he crossed his arms, his expression a playful pout.

"If you want me to stop, you can just SAY SO, you know?"

And I just stoned for the next five seconds.

"What in HELL just happened?"

He shrugged, before crawling over me again, gently running his fingers up my sides.

"Well? Do you WANT me to continue?"

I stoned for another five seconds.

He sighed, getting up.

"Wait, w-where are you going?" I sat up, my eyes following his every movement.

He frowned, turning to me only to say, "You better wear your shirt properly, or I'd lose control of myself and just jump you."

I jumped, finally realizing my state of undress, but I didn't do anything about it.

"Naruto, I didn't ask you to stop."

Oh. My. God.

Did I just say that?

"...I didn't ask you to stop."

I think I did.

He paused in his steps, turning around so he was facing me; he looked straight into my eyes.

"I don't want to do anything you're going to regret, Sasuke."

He looked to the floor, and a pregnant silence took over the room.

"I love you too much."

My eyes widened, and I made to stand.


He eyed me expectantly, his body language still relaxed.

"I won't regret it."

He was silent for a moment, his eyes on the floor, before he pushed himself off the wall and moved towards me.

"You're ABSOLUTELY SURE?" I tensed as he came closer, but I willed myself to relax.



"You won't regret this later?"

I shook my head as he walked behind me.

"If you're sure..."

He pulled, and my shirt came off, and I gasped as his arms encircled my waist, pulling me against him, he rested his chin on my shoulder as he tucked a hand into my pants.

...This was SUDDEN.

I struggled a little, (I mean, COME ON, you can't honestly say having SOMEONE ELSE'S HAND IN THE FRONT OF YOUR PANTS was ANYWHERE near NATURAL.) And he chuckled before I felt a wetness on my ear, which was really TICKLISH, and I shuddered.

And then he brushed something in my pants.


I sincerely thought my face was going to burn off.

"Shh..." He whispered, rocking a little, from side to side as he led me to the nice wing chair he sported just beside the window.

I was making such EMBARRASSING little noises, and I just KNEW Naruto was enjoying them IMMENSELY.

He turned me around, kissing me full on the lips, muffling anything I was going to say pretty efficiently, instead forcing a moan out of my already abused throat.

He continued his exploration beyond the waist band of my pants with little reservation.

He pushed them past my hips, allowing them to pool at my ankles as I just shut my eyes and prayed that I could just die of embarrassment so everything would end.

Naruto seemed to notice my anxiety, because he ran a soothing hand through my hair, planting a small kiss on my cheek, he breathed, "I'll be gentle."


He turned me over again, and he sat us down, and when we got comfortable, I was frightfully aware of something hard against the small of my back.


I should have just READ the bloody yaoi novels my brother shoved in my face.

He laughed, and he pulled me closer, and that THING was more evident against my tail bone.

"You feel that?" His grip on my arm tightened a little, before he continued to say, "That's how you're making me feel right now."


I moaned as he continued to touch me, (in very inappropriate ways) OH MY GOD.

I tensed as he pulled away, this time to push me down, and as he climbed over me, I noticed how happy he looked.

...Was this all he wanted?

He brought me back from the secret realm of my thoughts by nipping at my collar bone.

"Ow!" He smirked, apologetically licking the bite mark.

"You're not allowed to space out." He made his way lower, reaching the dreaded little nubs of flesh, causing me to squirm uncontrollably and bring my arm over my face so he couldn't see the mad blush I was sporting, which in turn made him laugh in fits.

"Stop moving!" I glared down at him, letting out a prolonged intake of breath as he ran his tongue down the entire length of my chest to my stomach.

"Feel any good?" I was desperately trying to control my breathing, because I was sure if I didn't, I would die of lack of oxygen.

"...'es." He scoffed, before craning his neck closer to my covered face, before asking in that SMUG tone of his,

"What did you say?"

I groaned, trying to turn over so that I was on my side, but his arm kept me from succeeding.

"...yes." I could just HEAR him smile.

I felt his weight shift, and I heard the rustling of clothing.

I peeked out from under my arm.

He caught me do it, and he flashed me one of those drop-dead-gorgeous smiles, before pulling the towel off his hips, revealing a Naruto who as naked as the day he was born.

...and OH MY GOD.


I whimpered as he resumed his place hovering on top of me, feeling a little afraid and a whole LOT of embarrassing, I returned to hiding my face behind me arm.

He made little of my boxers, he continued touching me, STROKING me, and I couldn't help but vocalize my pleasure.

"Aren't YOU loud?" I glared, I mean, I TRIED to, but what he was doing to me was really too much for my poor senses to comprehend.

And when I felt something warm and wet cover THAT part of me, I seriously thought I was going to faint of bliss.

And again, as if he knew what was going on in my head, he pulled away (I whimpered at the loss, not that I'd EVER admit it) to move my arm and kiss me full on the lips again, whispering, "Don't faint on me, love."

He returned to doing whatever he was doing that felt DAMN GOOD, and when I felt a hand try to spread my legs I nearly yelped.

He looked up from what he was doing, which I could not see very well due to my arm being over my face, when I heard him speak.

"Are you regretting it?"

I tensed, squirming awkwardly.

"Because I can still stop, I think."

I completely betrayed my conscience.


I looked at him from the under my arm, shaking my head.

"Don't stop."

His face bore a serious expression as he gently nudged my legs apart, never once breaking eye contact with me.

I willed myself to relax, to calm down, but the intense drumming I heard that I knew was my heart did not help things.

"Try to relax, it'll feel better."

I gasped when I felt something wet and cold probing my...

...Umm. Yes.

(It was LUBE, YOU PERVERTS, LUBE. Don't ask me WHEN he put it on, I have NO GODDAMN IDEA.)

He slid a finger inside, which was a little painful and VERY FOREIGN; he slid it in and out, trying to loosen the bloody ring of muscle.


I mean, why in the WORLD would you want to read something like this anyway?

Okay, okay, I'll continue...

...Damn bullies.

He added another finger, and this felt even more uncomfortable than the first, and he scissored them, which HURT, VERY MUCH.

Of course, the fingers were NOTHING compared to the real thing.

He went VERY, VERY SLOW, the pressure of his fingertips on my thigh was comforting, and I didn't know I was tearing until he asked me if I was alright.

He cursed, before adding,

"Sasuke, you're too tight, RELAX."


I desperately tried to relax, and Naruto tried to help, trying to distract me, he held my am away from my face, kissing me and leaving me as breathless as he could.

...Which didn't help very much.

He kissed my tears away, his other hand entwined in my own, our breathing caught and a thin film of sweat covered our skin.

He was finally seated to the hilt.

Naruto didn't make any movement, as if he was waiting for me to adjust, which was a little difficult to do, but I nodded anyway, and he started to rock against me, pulling out before thrusting in again, and the sheer sensation of everything was a little too much to swallow.

Every time he pushed back, I couldn't help but let out some noise.

It started with pain, and that pain slowly melted into pleasure, as he repeatedly hit something inside me that made my blood burn like fire, and I said requested of him something I knew he would mock me for the rest of my life.

"Naruto, HARDER."

He smirked, grunting a little as he complied, and I could feel myself coming to my limit, and I think he could feel so too, because the hold on my hips had tightened to almost skin-breaking.

I -ahem- came not too soon after, and he followed, thrusting a few more times, emptying himself in me, (Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God!) he slumped over me, not pulling out yet, he leaned closer, kissing me deeply, he nuzzled the side of my face, smiling a little.

"Want to go another round?"

I felt a serious need to just KILL HIM.

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